All-terrain pushchairs do exactly what they say on the tin – they are designed to tackle all and any terrain, from smooth tarmac to rough, uneven and bumpy ground. Most models have special features, such as sturdy suspension and large puncture-proof types, making them an ideal choice if you live in the countryside or regularly take your pushchair off-road. There’s a whole range of 3- and 4-wheelers on the market made with this purpose in mind, we have chosen the very best across a wide range of prices and features.


For more buggy options, take a look at our best lightweight buggies and strollers. Plus, the best compact-folding buggies can help you save space if you're limited with it at home.

Best all-terrain and 3-wheeler buggies at a glance

  • Best value all-terrain stroller: Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon, £319
  • Best compact all-terrain buggy: Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, from £489
  • Best all-terrain buggy for uneven terrain: UPPAbaby Ridge, from £819.99
  • Best 4-wheeler all-terrain pushchair: Bugaboo Fox 5, from £1115
  • Best lightweight all-terrain stroller: Out'n'About Nipper v5, £425
  • Best all-terrain buggy for active families: Thule Urban Glide 2, £799.99
  • Best all-terrain buggy for all weathers: Noordi Fjordi travel system, from £1049
  • Best all-terrain buggy for city and country living: iCandy Core, from £995
  • Best slimline all-terrain double: Mountain Buggy Duet V3, £709
  • Best for colourful pattern choices: Roma Atlas, £450

What to consider when buying an all-terrain pushchair

Wheel size – The general principle is the larger the wheel, the better it will handle rough terrain. Many regular pushchairs have two larger wheels at the back and two smaller ones at the front. All-terrains with large wheels both front and back will give you and your baby the easiest ride and lightest push even over very rough terrain.

Tyre type – Air-filled tyres give the smoothest of rides on the bumpiest of grounds, so if you’re looking for a really tough all-terrain or a buggy you can jog with, these are a great option. However, they are prone to punctures and you’ll need to carry a repair kit. Increasingly, we’re seeing all-terrain pushchairs designed with foam- or gel-filled tyres, which handle rough terrain very well but can add weight.

Suspension – Good suspension will also help to make off-road pushing easier and the journey more comfortable for your baby. Some all-terrains feature adjustable or heavy-duty suspension and shock absorbers.

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Number of wheels – A 4-wheel pushchair offers stability and often a bigger shopping basket, as they don’t narrow at the front. However, 3-wheel models tend to be easier to manoeuvre over rough ground (particularly lumps and bumps, such as high kerbs and tree roots) due to the single steer at the front.

Weight and size – All-terrain pushchairs tend to be quite heavy and bulky compared to standard pushchairs. Think about how often you’re going to be lifting your pushchair when folded (e.g. loading it into a car boot or carrying up stairs). Often, 3-wheelers have large back wheels, which can make the pushchair quite wide. While you can also use an all-terrain pushchair for walking around town, it is worth noting that the width of some models can make it difficult to navigate the smaller spaces and aisles inside shops.

Accessories – The joys of UK weather mean that we can encounter rain all year round. If you’re out on long walks a rain cover will be essential, so check if this is included in the price or if you have to buy it separately, along with other accessories such as a footmuff for winter or a cup holder.

Fabric – Are the fabrics waterproof? If you plan to take your pushchair off-road, then you will certainly have to factor in getting it muddy and damp, especially with 3-wheelers being closer to the ground, so check if the fabric is water and mud resistant.

Do I need to buy an all-terrain pushchair?

Yes – If you regularly encounter bumpy terrain, especially if you live in a rural area, a standard pushchair or pram might not have the features to help you tackle this with ease. For example, regular pushchairs that have small wheels at the front can quickly get clogged up with grass, sticks and mud that may prevent the wheels from turning.

Probably not – If you’re looking for a buggy that will be able to handle occasional country walks and regular trips to the park. A regular pushchair is likely to be able to handle these kinds of terrains, as long as it has reasonable-sized rear wheels. The only buggies that really struggle with very rough terrain are strollers with small front and rear wheels and little suspension.

Are all-terrain pushchairs suitable from birth?

Most of the pushchairs on our list are suitable from birth, either with a separate carrycot or a lie-flat seat. However, according to standards that assess whether a pushchair is suitable from birth, "lie-flat" only has to be 150°, not 180°.

Given the scientific evidence behind keeping your newborn baby lying flat in a pushchair, we recommend that if you’re using this pushchair on a frequent and regular basis with your newborn, you use either a carrycot or choose a model with a full 180° flat recline.

How much does an all-terrain pushchair cost?

Depending on your budget size and how much you are willing to spend, prices can vary significantly. All-terrain pushchairs tend to start in the mid-range market and go up to higher-end models – we have highlighted models starting from £199 to over £1,000.

Consider how much you are willing to invest, but leave some wiggle room in case you want to buy extra accessories such as a newborn carrycot or raincover, which sometimes don’t come included.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best all-terrain pushchairs and 3-wheelers:

1. Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon, £319

— Best value all-terrain stroller

Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon tester picture and product shot

Suitable from: birth (with newborn cocoon) to 22kg | Weight: 12.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H107.5cm x W60cm x L118cm | Folded dimensions: H40cm x W60cm x L90cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Raincover included: Yes | Awards: Gold — All-terrain pushchair, MadeForMums Awards

With a strong and robust chassis, large air-filled tyres with reflective trims, a self-locking front wheel and wrist strap — the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogger stroller is a high-performing all-terrain option that truly offers excellent value for money. Thanks to its great all-terrain features, it handles really well when going over rough ground and is a dream to push. "I can't fault the steering of the pushchair," said MFM reviewer Alice (pictured above), who tested the all-terrain stroller with her newborn baby. "On our walks across the local bumpy football field, it handles the terrain with ease. My 5-week-old happily sleeps through the bumps."

The newborn cocoon is included in the price and, according to reviewer Alice, it's "padded, breathable, cosy and warm," making this a great all-terrain option for newborns. However, the cocoon is narrower and smaller than most traditional carrycots and it can be fiddly to remove from the chassis. The seat unit is roomy, padded and ventilated and should be comfortable for your baby or toddler, even when going off-road thanks to its impressive suspension. There is also an adjustable handlebar and an easy-to-access roomy shopping basket.

Once your baby is old enough, you can also jog with the pushchair. Parent tester Michaela tried jogging with it with her 10-month-old baby: "we have used this buggy for everyday use as well as for running and enjoy pushing it as it is super smooth on all terrains. I will 100% be recommending it to anyone looking for one either in the running community or for general use."

The Venus Prime Jogger also has one of the most compact folds in our list and, to make it even smaller, the large wheels are easy to take off. Parent tester Michaela said "the stroller is compact when folded, it took up hardly any space in the car boot or whilst storing at home, Once folded, it's easy to pick up and carry whilst being fairly lightweight."

Pros: Stylish, very smooth ride, great value, compact when folded, good basket, able to jog with, accessories included
Cons: Larger babies might outgrow the newborn cocoon, only one colour option

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Available from: Ickle Bubba, Jolly Tots, Lily Cuddles

2. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, £489 (+ £244 for carrycot)

— Best compact all-terrain buggy

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 tester picture and product shots

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 10.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H112.5cm x W65cm x L105cm | Folded dimensions: H26.5cm x W65cm x L78cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 8.5″ | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: No | Awards: Silver — All-terrain pushchair, MadeForMums Awards

Proving that all-terrain pushchairs don’t have to be large and cumbersome, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is a streamlined design that offers lots of all-terrain handling in a smaller package.

Despite having relatively small wheels for an all-terrain buggy, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 boasts all-wheel suspension that allows you to negotiate any terrain with speed and ease. “It glides across all surfaces, giving your child a smooth ride,” said MFM reviewer Becky (pictured above). “Its agility makes it a great option for those who like rugged family adventures off the beaten track.”

But the real standout feature for our MFM reviewer and testers was its super simple one-handed fold – you just pull on the 2 separate loops located on the seat. One of our testers did note that the seat fabric is left exposed on the outside once folded which “could easily get muddy/worn when in storage/being taken in and out of the car boot”. However, this is where the freestanding fold comes in handy, making it easier to keep clean and store.

Another popular feature is its hand-operated brake on the right-hand side. “Although I found the handbrake a little hard to get used to, its position means there is no chance of kicking the brake by accident while walking along,” commented MFM reviewer Becky – particularly useful when pushing across uneven ground.

Pros: Compact size, one-hand fold, puncture-free, hand-operated brake
Cons: Seat left exposed once folded, not as smooth off-road as bigger all-terrains

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Available from: Amazon, Boots, Very and John Lewis

3. UPPAbaby Ridge, £819.99 (+£239.99 for carrycot)

— Best all-terrain buggy for uneven terrain

UPPAbaby Ridge tester picture and products shots of carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (with additional carrycot) to 22kg (approx. 4 years old) | Weight: pushchair 13.2kg; carrycot 4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H120cm x W66cm x L104cm | Folded dimensions: H92.7cm x W66cm x L47cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 40.6cm | Suspension: Two-stage suspension | Raincover included: Yes

UPPAbaby's all-terrain offering, the Ridge, has a host of brilliant features that make handling a range of terrains easy and will provide a comfortable ride for your baby or toddler. As well as large, foam-filled tyres and great suspension, it also has an adjustable handlebar, an easy one-handed fold and generous storage space — including a large, covered basket and a handy zipped pocket on the pushchair's hood.

Whether you're nipping around town or headed on a muddy, woodland walk, the responsive suspension system with variable coil springs allows the Ridge to tackle either terrain with ease. The impressive suspension, along with a deep, padded seat means that your child should remain comfy and secure no matter what surfaces you're tackling. Parent tester Aisling, who tested the pushchair with her 15-month-old son (pictured above) really rated how comfortable the Ridge was for her child, saying "the seat is very well padded and the harness is very secure. My child seemed very content, he normally hates going over really rough terrain but I didn't hear a peep out of him while traversing the bumps when heading into the forest across large rocks and fallen branches."

Its ease of steering and handling is really one of the pushchair's standout features. MFM reviewer Hayley, who tested the Ridge with her 7 month old, particularly rated how easy it is to push: "the incredibly light steering is one of the best things about the Ridge, it feels really nippy and agile. It's very easy to manoeuvre around tight corners and easy to go up and down kerbs." Christy, head of Consumer Content at MadeForMums, tested the Ridge with her 21 month old on bumpy woodland and long grass and was also really impressed by how well it handled, particularly across trickier surfaces: "the large wheels and good suspension meant I felt confident putting the Ridge through its paces on rougher ground, and it coped well, even when going over large tree roots on a slope."

You can easily lock the front wheel with a push of a button and the foam-filled never-flat tyres means you're not at risk of getting a puncture. All 3 testers did note that the rear wheels are considerably large which can make storing the pushchair (especially when folded in a car boot) quite tricky. The wheels do click off easily which will make it easier to store, but do bear in mind that you may need to do this when the wheels are dirty.

The seat unit is world-facing only and is suitable for babies from 6 months old, however it is compatible with an UPPAbaby carrycot, or you can buy car seat adaptors and attach a compatible infant carrier.

Pros: Sleek, robust, exceptional steering, large basket
Expensive, bulky wheels

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Available from: John Lewis, Very and Pramworld

4. Bugaboo Fox 5, from £1115

— Best 4-wheeler all-terrain pushchair

Bugaboo Fox 5 pushchair tester picture and product shot with carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 10.4-12.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W60cm x L93cm | Folded dimension (one-piece): H90cm x W60cm x L44cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 30cm | Suspension: Central joint suspension | Raincover included: Yes

For a pushchair that suits both city and country life, Bugaboo’s popular Fox 5 has impressive all-terrain features including smooth suspension, a robust chassis and large puncture-proof wheels. Plus, there's some great parent-friendly features as well, such a generous 10kg basket, a one-handed fold and a one-handed adjustable handlebar.

MFM reviewer Alex (pictured above) tested the Fox 5 with her 8-week-old son and 2-year-old daughter and thought the buggy was a joy to push, saying "it feels very light to push with both the baby and toddler inside." She was also impressed by how well the Fox 5 handled on difficult different terrain: "on pavements, wooden decking and roads, it glides along, and I didn't have a problem going through water or muddy/boggier areas. Uneven ground including tree roots and stones were, of course, less smooth, but my baby didn't complain. Going up an down kerbs is a dream."

The Fox 5 is definitely one of the pricier all-terrain buggy options on our list, but the carrycot comes included in the price, which reviewer Alex really rated: "it feels very spacious... my eight-week-old baby was content inside and slept happily in it on walks out an about," making this a great all-terrain option for a newborn. The carrycot is also suitable for overnight sleeping when used the additional Bugaboo carrycot stand. Once your baby has outgrown the bassinet, it then easily converts into a toddler seat, which is a brilliant concept that saves on money and space. The seat unit can both world and parent face and impressively grows with your child, with its highest setting being 59cm from floor to seat.

We also like that you can adapt the fold depending on your storage space. The most compact fold comes from removing the seat and storing it in 2 pieces (however, it can be quite tricky to fold this way). You can also fold it with the seat (and even carrycot) attached and leave it free-standing. Alex said that when folded, "the buggy doesn't take up much space, picking it up is very straightforward and we found it fitted easily inside our car boot."

Pros: Excellent suspension, spacious carrycot, eco-friendly materials, responsive
Cons: Expensive, tricky to build, tricky fold

Read our full MadeForMums Bugaboo Fox 5 review

Available from: Bugaboo, John Lewis and Mamas&Papas

5. Out ‘n’ About Nipper V5, £425

— Best lightweight all-terrain stroller

Out n About Nipper v5 product shots

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat seat or carrycot) to 22kg | Weight: 9.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: H97cm x W61.5cm x L116cm | Folded dimensions: H42.5cm x W61.5cm x L94cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 12″ | Suspension: Front and rear suspension | Raincover included: Yes

Out 'n' About has a well-established reputation when it comes to all-terrain pushchairs and the latest version of their Nipper pushchair is a worthy addition to the range. There’s no denying that the Nipper is ideal for long walks over multiple terrains and it's a great option if you're looking for a multi-purpose pushchair that can also handle going off-road and jogging. Its 360 swivel lockable front wheel, air-filled tyres and great suspension will make going over rough ground a breeze and it's also suitable for jogging with, once your baby is old enough. Other great features on the new V5 include technical water-resistant fabrics, a large extendable hood and a new one-handed fold.

The seat is world-facing only and does recline flat so can be used from birth, but you can also attach a carrycot or car seat. The seat itself is spacious and padded with an improved 5-point harness so your baby or toddler should remain comfortable and secure as you navigate off-road. For an all-terrain buggy, the storage options are impressive too. There's a reasonably-sized removable shopping basket, zip pockets in the hood and a pouch on the rear of the seat unit which is great for keeping essentials to hand.

It's one of the lower priced options on our list but its quality is clear — it's a great off-road buggy that will help you navigate rough ground and muddy walks — plus, accessories such as a bumper bar and raincover come included.

Pros: Smooth ride, lightweight, able to jog with, one-piece and one-handed fold, accessories included
Cons: Long length

Available from: Out'n'About, Amazon and Very

6. Thule Urban Glide 2, £799.99

— Best all-terrain buggy for active families

Thule Urban Glide 2 tester picture and products shots with carrycot and seat unit

Suitable from: birth (carrycot) to 22kg (approx 4 years old) | Weight: 11.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: H101.6cm x W68.6cm x L104.5cm | Folded dimensions: H87.5cm x W69cm x L34cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 16″ | Suspension: Rear only | Raincover included: Yes

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is a sleek option in the all-terrain market, especially if you're looking for an option you can run with. There's an ergonomic handle, the front swivel wheel can be locked to provide greater control over rougher terrain, it has large 16'' air-filled rear wheels, great suspension and an integrated twist handbrake. Plus reflective rims on the wheels and canopy are useful if you're out and about in dark or low light conditions.

MFM reviewer Kath, who tested the Urban Glide 2 with her newborn and 3 year old (pictured above), was really impressed with the buggy when she put its terrain-tackling capabilities to the test: "it navigates well over grass, bumpy pavements, cobbles and dirt tracks and I found it easy to get up and down kerbs." She also found it quite pleasant to jog with, saying "the 16″ rear wheels and lockable ‘swivel’ front wheel, make for a stable jogging experience. The tyres are inflatable so need pumping every now and again, and the stroller has built-in suspension, making it a smooth ride for anyone on board." For extra comfort for your baby or toddler, there is integrated ventilation in the seat (that can be reclined using one hand) and there's even 2 mesh pockets on the inside of the seat that can be used for snacks or toys.

If you're looking for an all-terrain option that will still be useful day-to-day, the Urban Glide 2 has some great features that help it go from hills to the high street — the standout one being its storage. As MFM reviewer Kath said, "this buggy is blessed for storage space" — it has a spacious basket with a zip-top cover, a rear mesh pocket handy for keeping essentials like your phone and keys, plus the 2 smaller mesh pockets on the inside of the seat unit.

However, although the large wheels make this a great buggy for jogging with and for tackling tricky terrain, it does mean that the buggy's footprint is quite wide and it may struggle to get through some more narrow spaces. This is something to consider when it's folded too — although the fold is relatively compact for this type of buggy, you may need to take the wheels off (which is easily done) to get it to fit in more compact spaces like a small car boot.

Pros: Stylish, great manoeuvrability, good storage, able to jog with
Expensive, large width

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Available from: John Lewis

7. Noordi Fjordi travel system, from £1049

— Best all-terrain buggy for all-weathers

Noordi Fjordi travel system tester picture and product shots of carrycot, pushchair and pushchair folded

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) | Weight: pushchair 8.8kg; carrycot 4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H114.5 – 121cm x W60cm x L102.5cm | Folded dimensions: H106cm x W60cm x L99cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Real-Gel | Suspension: Four-wheel shock absorption system | Raincover included: Yes

Inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle, the Noordi Fjordi travel system focuses on keeping children comfortable in all types of weather. For £1049 you get an all-terrain pushchair, carrycot, infant car seat and adaptors, as well as a changing bag, raincover and cup holder – representing great value for money. Parent tester Rachel, who tested the pushchair with her 4 month old, found that all parts of the travel system worked seamlessly with each other and said that "each attachment feels built to last and all connect together really well."

When you are walking over bumpy trails and footpaths, an important consideration for an all-terrain pushchair is the quality of the suspension – especially if your baby is sleeping! The Fjordi doesn't disappoint. It boasts adjustable four-wheel suspension and puncture-proof gel wheels. MFM reviewer Sadia, who tested the travel system with her 5 month old (pictured above) and 3 year old said that it "was a joy to push around. It handles beautifully, can be steered easily with one hand and veered between pavement and indoor shop floors without so much as a bump, navigating cracked pavements and tree roots rising through paving slabs with ease."

Our testers were also impressed with the buggy's ergonomic features, such as the height-adjustable handle. Parent tester Verity, who tested the travel system with her baby and toddler added, "well made, gorgeous to push and stacked with clever features, the Noordi offers a comfortable place for both my baby and my toddler and it’s held up in good condition on our many (many) lockdown walks!"

Pros: Adjustable suspension, all-weather fabrics, robust
Cons: Bulky to fold

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Available from: Johnston Prams, Pram Centre and Pramworld

8. iCandy Core, from £995

— Best all-terrain buggy for city and country living

iCandy Core tester picture and product shots including pushchair folded and with different wheelbase

Suitable from: birth (carrycot) to 25kg | Weight: 11.5kg with urban wheelbase, 12.6kg with rural wheelbase | Unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W61cm x L68cm | Folded dimensions: H75.5cm x W61.5cm x L69cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Suspension: All-wheel suspension | Raincover included: Yes

Although not a traditional all-terrain pushchair, the latest offering from iCandy — the Core — has a range of features that make it a worthy contender if you're looking for a pushchair to use on multiple types of terrains such as woodland walks or strolls on the high street.

One of the standout features of the Core, and what makes it a great all-terrain option, is the multi-mode wheelbase. The pushchair comes with two sets of wheels: a 'rural' set which is a longer, more substantial wheelbase for handling tricky terrain and an 'urban' set which is shorter and lighter, transforming the Core into more of a lightweight, compact stroller. MFM reviewer Tara, who tested the pushchair with her 5 month old (pictured) and 3 year old, says "it's simple to adjust the chassis from country to city mode and swap to the smaller wheels."

The rural wheelbase, whilst offering larger wheels that, according to MFM reviewer Tara "perform really well on the open forest, grass, gravel tracks and market town cobbles," understandably doesn't handle as well on rougher ground as some of the other options on our list with larger wheels. However, if you're looking for a compact or lightweight pushchair that you can transform to take on woodland or forest walks, the Core quite efficiently ticks both boxes.

There's also a host of other impressive features such as an adjustable handlebar, integrated toddler ride-on board, spacious basket with drainage hole, large padded seat unit as well as the game-changing LED Visibility lights located on each side of the buggy. The lights are easy to use, rechargeable and really help to improve visibility if you're out walking in dark or low light conditions.

The Core has a sleek and stylish design and knitted jersey fabrics that will keep your baby or toddler comfortable. Although one of the more expensive options on our list, the features and various ways of using the buggy really make it stand out — plus for the price you get a range of accessories including seat elevators, a bag for the wheels, car seat adaptors and a raincover.

Pros: Interchangeable rural and urban wheels, LED hub light, large and comfy seat, stylish
Cons: Expensive, tricky to fold, won't perform as well on rougher terrain

Read our full MadeForMums iCandy Core review

Available from: John Lewis, iCandy and Mamas&Papas

9. Mountain Buggy Duet V3, £709 (+ £189 per carrycot)

— Best slimline all-terrain double buggy

3 Product shots of Mountain Buggy Duet V3

Suitable from: birth (lie-flat and carrycot) to 4 years | Weight: 14.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H115cm x W63cm x L115cm | Folded dimensions: H63cm x W89cm x L31cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Air-filled | Rear wheel size: 10″ | Suspension: All-round suspension | Raincover included: No

Mountain Buggy has designed the Duet to be the slimmest side-by-side double on the market at 63cm, taking up the same footprint as a single. “Despite the seat’s narrow width both my 3- and 4-year-old girls fit into the toddler seat very comfortably,” commented MFM reviewer Sybilla.

Patience is definitely needed when trying to assemble the Duet, taking our reviewer around 45 minutes to put it together. However, once assembled its suspension and the air-filled tyres make steering this a breeze over bumpy terrain. “You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb,” said Sybilla. “Not only is it light, but it’s also easy to steer and you can change direction at the drop of a hat.”

The hand-operated brake also gives a little more control going downhill or over uneven ground, which can be a welcome addition when pushing 2 children on steep ground.

Its 1-piece fold removes the hassle of having to take off the seats, but this also means it doesn’t offer the most compact of folds. Although it’s light to push, at 14.7kg, it’s not so light to lift once folded as one MFM user found: “It’s quite heavy to lift into a car.”

Pros: Ultra-slim, lighter weight for a double, easy to manoeuvre
Cons: Narrow seats and bassinet, difficult to assemble

Read our full MadeForMums Mountain Buggy Duet review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Amazon and Mountain Buggy

10. Roma Atlas, £450

Best for colourful pattern choices

Roma Atlas product shots

Suitable from: 3 months to 15kg (approx 3 years old) | Weight: 10.4kg | Unfolded dimensions: H110cm x W67cm x L90cm | Folded dimensions: H35cm x W67cm x L90cm | Car seat compatible: Yes | Wheel Type: Foam-filled | Rear wheel size: 10″ | Raincover included: Yes

If you're looking for a buggy you can use everyday but can also handle rougher ground on all-terrain walks, the Roma Atlas is a great option. As well as great features such as an easy-to-use and responsive brake pedal, adjustable handlebar, a generously-sized sturdy basket and a large, extendable 50+ UV hood, it also copes really well on tricky terrain.

Parent tester Rebecca thought that the standout quality of the Roma Atlas was how well it performs as an off-road buggy, saying "it moves smoothly and easily, turning corners nimbly and goes up and down hills without working up too much of a sweat. It glides over pavements, leaps over grass and tackles cobbles and woodland paths happily." Parent tester Kayleigh, who also tested the Atlas agreed that it is "an absolute breeze" to push on pavements even one-handed. She continued, "the stroller tackled mud, grass, gravel, woodland and rocky pathways in the park all without any difficulty in steering."

The large, puncture proof tyres are robust and durable, plus you can easily lock the front wheel to help tackle tricker terrains. However, Rebecca noted that they are very wide: "they stick out well beyond the width of the handlebar and chassis. This size might cause struggled down narrow paths or tracks and it would not fit through the back door from my garden without removing the rear wheels." The wheels, however, are easy to remove and the pushchair is relatively compact when folded, as parent tester Kayleigh said, "it fits into the boot of our small Skoda Fabia with only one rear wheel needing to be removed (which is easily done)."

The Atlas is also great if you're looking for something that will stand out — there's a choice of reversible seat liner options with bright and colourful patterns such as Khaki Leopard, Sunflower and Dalmatian. The seat liner itself is thick, padded and comfortable and helps to absorb some of the bumpiness of rougher ground.

Pros: Great basket size, sturdy, good hood size
Heavy to lift, not ergonomic, not carrycot compatible


Available from: Roma

How did we choose our 10 of the Best?

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

For this list, we considered wheel type and size, suspension and handling, comfort for child and parent, pushchair size and weight, as well as extra features and value for money.

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