In a nutshell

A compact and stylish jogger suitable for city and countryside and for walks or runs. The bundle is affordable without compromising on durability, functionality or style

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 3.0 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.1 out of 5.


  • Very easy to assemble, stylish design, smooth ride, excellent value for money, compact when folded, good basket size


  • Front-facing seat only, difficult to find buttons to collapse, larger babies may outgrow the newborn cocoon, only one choice of colour

Ickle Bubba's new Venus Prime Jogging Stroller is a high-performance sports pushchair that offers quality features at an affordable price, earning it the Gold award for 'Best All-Terrain Pushchair' in the MadeForMums Awards 2023. This is one of the hallmarks of the Ickle Bubba brand, which celebrates its 10th birthday this year. Founders Fran and Veronica Vaughan recognised a need for durable baby products that don't break the bank. Retailing at £319 for a bundle that includes a newborn cocoon, the Venus Prime provides excellent value without scrimping on design.


The Venus Prime is marketed as durable and ready for adventure, with three thick-tread wheels that allow you to traverse all terrains, as well as jogging with your baby from when they are 9 months old. Additional safety features include a lockable front wheel, wrist strap and extendable hood with SPF50+ protection. The bundle also includes a rain cover, a pump for the tyres and a cosy cocoon to keep newborns snug.

Tested by:

Alice Bull put the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller through its paces with her 1 month old. She was helped by her older children (10 years and 12 years) and their granny, who loves running. They live by the sea on the south coast where the terrain is mostly smooth – although they did have the odd bumpy field to traverse at their local park. Fellow parent tester (and runner) Michaela tested the stroller with their 10 month old baby.

What were your first impression of the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller?

Good! I thought the black chassis, seat and newborn cocoon make the pram look classy and stylish. The black cover also gives baby a welcome 'black-out' effect, so he drifts off to sleep quicker. Paired with the grey hood, this is a good-looking and quality-feeling pram. The packaging is fairly standard – sturdy and effective, much like the buggy itself.

2 pictures of Ickle Bubba Venus pushchair

How easy is the Venus Prime Jogging Stroller to build?

Unpacking the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime took a super-speedy 15 minutes, and the instructions (both guide pictures and text) were simple to follow. It took three hours to do the same with the carrycot pram I’ve otherwise been using so this was a treat! All that was required was to simply click the chassis into place, and add the supports to the newborn nest.

How easy is it to take the carrycot on and off the stroller?

The newborn nest clips into the pushchair with straps so it is a little fiddly to remove and you definitely cannot do this with your baby inside. If you're happy and have the space for your baby to stay asleep inside the stroller, this won't matter. The nest is not to be used for overnight sleeping, anyway, as advised by the manufacturer.

Does the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller have a good carrycot?

My 5-week-old baby sleeps through all our walks in the comfy newborn cocoon, which is padded, breathable, cosy and warm and has an all-weather zipped apron included. He enjoys his naps in the Venus so much he continues to sleep even after we're home. I can’t comment on how long it’ll last as we’re not there yet, but I imagine it’ll suit him until he’s ready to sit up and transition to the chair. The newborn cocoon is narrower than most traditional bassinet prams, though, so larger babies may struggle if they're not quite ready to sit up but are too big for the cocoon.

Ickle Bubba Venus carrycot

How easy is it to fold the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller?

The buggy collapses in one quick motion using the black buttons on the side of the chassis. This was a little niggle for me, initially, as I found it tricky to collapse and erect the Venus. I find when you’re in the sleep depravation fug of newborn life it’s easier for the buttons on a pram to be a different colour so they easily stand out when you need to find them in a hurry, whereas the Venus’s are the same colour as the chassis.

How compact is the buggy when folded?

The buggy is fairly compact (around the size of a Bugaboo Bee) when folded. If you're using the newborn cocoon this must be removed first, meaning it is essentially folded in two parts. Despite this, I found it easy to store at home when not in use.

The Venus can be further reduced in size for storing if the bumper bar is removed (an easy task) and stored in the seat of the buggy. Likewise, you can remove the larger side wheels, which are easy to take off.

With three kids, space in the car is a premium so we need a buggy that folds easily and to a relatively small size. I could easily pop the Venus in the boot of my car (an Audi Q3) without removing the bar or wheels.

2 pictures of Ickle Bubba Venus pushchair folded and in field

How easy is the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller to push and steer?

I can't fault the steering of the Venus jogger. On our walks across the local bumpy football field, it handles the terrain with ease. The pram feels very secure in my hands and there's a handy wrist strap for extra reassurance. My 5-week-old happily sleeps through the bumps.

Steering on uneven pavements and flat/tarmac surfaces is just as seamless, with the front wheel pivoting with minimal effort – even when navigating with one hand (with a coffee in the other!). Kerbs are handled with ease and I haven't experienced any of the front wheel wobble I’ve seen before with other pushchairs.

Can you run or jog with the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime stroller?

The Venus is a jogger buggy, although for safety the manufacturer recommends you wait until your baby is 9 months old before you go faster than a walk – so we remained at a brisk walking pace while my baby was in situ. However, testing the buggy empty on a couple of practice jogs both myself and my mum found the running-speed handling and comfort to be fantastic.

Fellow parent tester Michaela, who tested this with their 10 month old baby, says: “The buggy was very easy to set up and use, also taking up hardly any space in the car boot or at home. We have used this buggy for everyday use as well as for running and enjoy pushing it as it is super smooth on all terrains. I will 100% be recommending it to anyone looking for one either in the running community or for general use.”

What's the chassis like on the stroller?

It's strong, durable and, so far, hasn't scratched easily. As far as joggers go, I would say it’s an attractive and stylish design with a minimal monochrome appearance.

How do you rate the handle on the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller?

The handlebar is easily adjustable and suits both the tall members of my family (my husband, at 6 foot 3 inches), and the smallest (my 10-year old). It’s comfy and easy to hold, feeling durable and solid in my hands.

What do you think of the seat unit and hood?

One negative I found with the Venus Prime is the carrycot/seat orientation is not switchable, so your child will always be facing outwards. I would always prefer to have my baby facing me. That said, there’s a window in the hood that allows you to peek and talk to your baby whenever you want to.

The hood is easy to use, sturdy, and covers baby well; it has a window in the back so you can check on your little one as you're walking. And, my favourite feature, it has a handy zipped pocket in the hood, just the right size for your keys/phone/wallet.

I can’t comment on how well the seat suits a toddler as I didn't have a small child to test it with.

What are the wheels like on the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller?

Exactly as marketed! The wheels are large, have thick treads and feel really high quality and ready for anything – plus, I really like the fact the treads are in the shape of hearts when looked at from my pushing vantage! As they’re air-filled, the pram comes with a tyre pump if needed (though mine have remained well-inflated throughout the testing period).

Handle and wheels on Ickle Bubba Venus pushchair

And how good are the brakes?

I found the brake took a little while to get used to as it was stiff on its initial few uses, but once I did it was easy to flip the mechanism on and off with my foot and it felt very safe and secure. It didn’t get in the way when walking or jogging.

Does the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller have a good basket?

The basket on the Venus is surprisingly roomy and carries all the essential (and non-essential!) baby bits you'd need for a day out. Nothing fell out of it when in use, yet it was easy to reach in and out via the back of the buggy.

What's in the box?

  • The stroller chassis and seat
  • Co-ordinated hood and footmuff
  • Newborn nest
  • Tyre pump
  • Full-length rain cover

Do you have to buy a lot of additional extras?

No! The bundle includes everything you need. A parasol is available to buy from the manufacturer priced at £15 (it is compatible with all Ickle Bubba pushchairs), however, the hood included offers excellent coverage and SPF50+ protection. With the caveat that I tested the buggy during a soggy (but occasionally sunny) British winter, I'd say the parasol would likely be surplus to requirement.

Is the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller good value for money?

Very! I think £319 is excellent value for the appearance, benefits and usage this stroller provides. It would last well as either an everyday or jogger buggy, from newborn all the way through to toddler.

How does it compare to similar pushchairs?

Product nameWeightFolded sizeAge suitabilityRRP
Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller and Newborn Cocoon12.3kgL90cm x W60cm x H40cmBirth to 22kg (approx 4 years)£319
Out 'n' About Nipper Sport V49.8kgL90cm x W48cm x H29cmBirth to 4 years£355.99
Cybex Avi10.6kgL89cm x W58.5cm x H25cm6 months to 4 years£479.95
Thule Urban Glide 211.5kgL34cm x W69cm x H87cmBirth (with carrycot/cocoon) to 3 years£699.99

Where can I buy the Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller?

It is available from Ickle Bubba, Jolly Tots and Lily Cuddles


MadeForMums verdict

The Ickle Bubba Venus Prime Jogging Stroller is a stylish sports pushchair that delivers a high-quality performance at an affordable price. It may not suit everyone as a primary buggy, due to the limited size of the newborn nest and the fact baby is always facing outwards. However, it is a nimble, lightweight, versatile stroller that can be used for exercise and for everyday local walks, making it a good choice for active parents who don't want to compromise on comfort, quality or price.


Product Specifications

BrandIckle Bubba
ModelVenus Prime Jogger Stroller & Newborn Cocoon
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:107.5cm W:60cm L:118cm
Dimensions (folded)H:40cm W:60cm L:90cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth (with carrycot/cocoon) – This pushchair is not suitable for jogging if your child is under 9 months of age
Child weightUp to 22kg
Travel system compatibleYes
Seat facing directionParent facing (with carrycot/car seat)
Front wheelsLockable swivel
Tyre typeAir-filled
Recline positionsMulti-position
  • Air-filled tyres with tread and reflective trim
  • UPF50+ extendable hood
  • Hood viewing window
  • Wrist strap on handlebar 
  • Large, quilted seat
  • Self-locking 360 deegree swivel front wheel
  • Quick-release rear wheels
  • Adjustable height handle
Accessories included
  • Footmuff
  • Rain cover
  • Tyre pump
Optional extras
  • Parasol (£15)