10 of the best travel cots for babies and toddlers

Top travel cot and travel cot bassinette options to provide your baby or toddler with a portable sleeping space


Getting the right travel cot will certainly aid a good night’s sleep for your baby. It can also cut down on what you’ve got to pack!


Before buying a travel cot, you should check a few things like age suitability, weight, size, mattress type, stability – we explain everything you need to know about travel cots here…

How to choose a travel cot…

  1. Age suitability – this varies from model to model, and it’s important you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  2. Weight – if you’re going to carry your luggage far, you’ll want a travel cot that’s as light as possible. If you’re travelling by car and got a bit of boot space, the added features of a heavier cot option may be worth the extra weight.
  3. Size – once folded down, is the cot really travel-friendly? Again, this will depend on your mode of transport.
  4. Mattress – do you need to buy one? If one’s included, is it thick enough? Our buyer’s guide to baby mattresses is the place to head if you need to purchase one.
  5. Stability – once erected, does the travel cot feel like it can cope with the various midnight movements of your baby?
  6. Ease of assembly – if you’re a family that’s barely in one place long enough to sit down, a more involved assembly process will drive you mad. This also goes for those of you who tend to arrive at your destination past bedtime, needing a sleeping spot for your baby rapidly.
  7. Cost – the more often you travel, the easier it is to get your money’s worth out of an expensive travel cot. If you’re a homebody who ventures out rarely, don’t go spending the earth on a travel cot that’ll see the light of day just once.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best travel cots for babies and toddlers…


1. Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, £30

Suitable for: Newborn – 15kg

Weight of cot: 8.5kg

Modern travel cots are generally easy to fold, waving a fond ‘farewell’ to grappling with stray legs and suffering clipped fingers. The Sleeptight is easy to use and has the mesh sides and padded rails, is a fairly lightweight 8.5kg and comes with a carry bag.

So far, so normal; but the standout feature here, has to be the price. At just £30, it does the trick of providing baby with a short-term bed without you having to take out a loan. It might not have a raised compartment, like the Zip & Go, or space age tech, like the SpaceCot, but it is a great price.

“I think this is a good, robust travel cot,” says our mum reviewer, Jessica. “It fits compactly into any car boot, which is ideal when travelling anywhere with a baby and all the extra things you need to pack.” Although, must point out, it has been noted that the mattress might not be the comfiest, so you might consider buying an alternative one for longer trips.

Read our MFM full review of the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot 

Available from: Asda and Kiddies Kingdom


2. Chicco Zip & Go Travel Crib, £130

Suitable for: Newborn to 24 months

Weight of cot: 7.3kg

All parents appreciate a ‘two for one’, whether that’s at the supermarket or when it comes to buying baby essentials. The ‘Zip & Go’ is a two-in-one crib and cot that lasts from birth to approximately 24 months.

It features an expandable zipped section, that acts as a crib initially, when zipped up, which is great as it allows you easy access to your baby, (especially useful if you have had a C-section and can’t bend easily) and means your little one is not too close to the floor. Once baby can sit up, you simply unzip it to make a deeper space for your growing child – no escaping allowed. It weighs in at just 7.3kg – very lightweight. And if that’s not enough, it also has a rocking mode, which is great for a travel cot, as many parents rely on this in the early months to help baby to sleep.

Our mum of 1 tester, Lollie, discovered: “This was great to take onboard the plane, as it was compact, and also fit well in our hotel room. My daughter found it very comfortable as she would often just sit in it playing with toys (we also used it as a play pen), and would fall asleep quite quickly. It’s also really easy to fold up when not in use.” Pricey? Maybe, but that’s due to the usability and features, although do check out the Cuggl Deluxe for a cheaper comparison.

Available from: Amazon, John Lewis and Mothercare


3. Cuggl Deluxe Travel Cot and Changer Unit, £59.99

Suitable for: Newborn – 24 months

Weight of cot: 11.8kg

If you are looking for a multitasker (and who isn’t?), the Cuggl Deluxe is a great all-rounder. It easily converts from cot to playpen, has a bassinet level for younger babies, (similar to the Chicco Zip & Go), with the added bonus of a removable cot top changer.

The lockable wheels are also very useful to move the cot around easily, and the fold is relatively straightforward – all in all a good value, versatile product, if a little fancy; but much heavier than the Chicco cot.

“The changing station and bassinet options are great additions and for me is what really set this travel cot apart. We have enjoyed using this cot and would definitely purchase again or recommend to a friend,” says MFM judge, and mum of 1, Jenn.

Available from: Argos and Amazon


4. Joie Kubbie™ Sleep, £99

Suitable for: Newborn – 15kg

Weight of cot: 11kg

Here’s a sweet sleeping idea – a travel cot with a drop-down side for co-sleeping and ease of night feeds.

The Kubbie Sleep shares similarities with the Cuggl Deluxe and Zip & Go, with its removable bassinet and deep playspace, and is priced between the two.

It doesn’t rock, but if you like to side-by-side sleep with your baby, this could be the travel cot for your family. Want to wheel it out of the way? It has two integrated wheels for just that purpose.

Available from: Boots, Very and Argos

5. SpaceCot Travel Cot, £140

Suitable for: Newborn – 3 years

Weight of cot: 6.7kg

Just about matching the SleepSpace in terms of weight and age suitability (but beating it on price), the SpaceCot’s unique point of interest is that it folds and unfolds in 3 seconds without the need to faff or bend down; it truly does – tried and tested!

It also includes a detachable upper level crib for younger babies, which allows you to lift and put down baby without ease, similarly to the Chicco and the Cuggl models. It goes back in the bag!” says MFM judge and mum of 1, Chloe. “Everything else is brilliant, too, the fact that it is so quick and easy to set up and put away. But the best part is that it fits back in the bag, perfectly!”

Another unique quality is that the SpaceCot is so called because it uses space technology materials to create its super light travel cot. However, our tester did find that although it folds easily, it doesn’t fold small, so it is a little bulky for travelling outside of the home if not using a car.

Read our MFM full review of the SpaceCot

Available from: Hippychick, John Lewis and Amazon


6. Phil & Teds Traveller, £139

Suitable for: Newborn – 34kg

Weight of cot: 2.8kg

The Phil & Teds Traveller wins the prize for the lightest travel cot, at a teeny tiny 2.8kg, making it super portable. But don’t be misled – it’s as big as a cot once erected.

Its other claim to fame is that it has a self-inflating mattress, to make things really easy – and comfy. MFM reviewer, mum of 1, Tanya, says, “A great travel cot that’s up to any situation, whether camping or staying on someone’s floor. Worth the asking price.”

It also has a small amount of suspension from the ground built into the design, as the mattress ‘hangs’ from the four posts at each corner, keeping your baby away from the cold floor.

You can buy the bassinet accessory for an extra £49, which then makes it more comparable to the other travel cots with that feature, at a similar price.

Read the MFM full review of the Phil & Teds Traveller

Available from: Phil & Teds, Amazon and Uber Kids

7. Koo-di Travel Bassinette, £39.99

Suitable for: 0-6 months, or when baby can sit unaided

Weight of cot: 798g

Ok, so THIS might actually be the lightest product on our list, but it doesn’t quite grab the title of ‘lightest travel cot’ as it is indeed just a bassinet. This pop-up travel cot bassinette is simple to erect, very light (1kg) and easy to transport.

The Koo-di Travel Bassinette is compact when folded and when assembled, offering a neat travel cot solution for babies from birth to 6 months. MFM mum of 1, reviewer, Sarah, says, “As other reviewers have noted, the mattress is flimsy and thin.

“However, when you consider that this product when folded, including the mattress, fits into a petite carry bag and is incredibly lightweight, it’s a criticism that’s possibly worth overlooking.”

Read our full MFM review of the Koo-di Travel Bassinette

Available from: Amazon and Argos


8. BabyHub SleepSpace Travel Cot & Teepee Pack, £179

Suitable for: Newborn – 3 years

Weight of cot: 6kg

This cot is one of the lightest of the bunch and is also one that will last the longest – up to 3 years of age (same as the SpaceCot, and potentially the Traveller). The snag? It is the priceiest.

However, the SleepSpace is a fantastic, multi-purpose travel item for the adventurous parent, thanks to its fitted mosquito net cover. “I love the versatility of this product, says MFM judge and mum of 1, Gayle. “A bed, a playpen, a little cocoon. It comes with its own bag making it that much more portable. The mattress is quite firm and thick.”

As not only can it be used as a travel cot, it is also designed as an insect-free safe playtime space to put little ones, as well as a great play teepee for older kids. At 6kg it is truly portable, has an extra padded mat, and mesh sides so parents and child can see each other. All that’s left is to pack the suitcase!

Read our full review of the BabyHub SleepSpace Travel Cot & Teepee Pack

Available from: Amazon and BabyHub


9. Inovi Cocoon Folding Moses Crib Travel Cot Grey, £115

Suitable for: Newborn – 6 months

Weight of cot: 4.12kg

Very lightweight, but this is in fact a travel Moses Crib rather than travel cot, in the truest sense. This is a lovely little crib for your newborn, whether at home or travelling and has a great compact design, raised on legs, so that you have easy access to baby.

It’s a portable alternative to the traditional Moses basket, and folds so compact that it complies with international aviation standards sizes to take on a plane as hand luggage and stow in overhead lockers.

Great if you are taking a holiday with your newborn, but perhaps consider the Koo-di as a cheaper alternative? At £115, it is expensive for six months use on a travel product – although potentially more usage if it is going to be used as a second basket downstairs or at grandparents. It features mesh panels to encourage air circulation and a pretty dome to protect from sun and insects.

Available from: Amazon, Uber Kids and Kiddies Kingdom



10. Hauck Sleep ‘n’ Play Center Travel Cot, £89.99

Suitable for: Newborn – 15kg

Weight of cot: 7.7kg

Creeping up just behind the SpaceCot and SleepSpace in the race for lightweight travel cot, is the Sleep ‘n’ Play.

The versatile Hauck Sleep n Play  folds down enough to easily take along on trips, and comes with a fasten on/off changing pad, to make nappy changes easy work. Like a few others on our list, the Sleep ‘n’ Play also has an elevated newborn sleeping platform.

For ease of moving about, it has two wheels when folded up that means you can pull it along like a suitcase – genius! It also doubles as a playpen, with a zip side, that only unzips from the outside, allowing older children to crawl in and out.

Available from: Mothercare, Asda and Very

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