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10 of the best travel cots for babies and toddlers

Our pick of the best cot and bassinet options to provide your baby or toddler with a portable sleeping space, put to the test by parents

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Travel cots are portable, safe places for babies and toddlers to sleep when away from home. They’re lightweight, have collapsible sides and fold into a portable format with a carry handle, so great for holidays, breaks and overnight stays.


We’ve analysed the travel cot market and rigorously tested a range of different models. Each of our recommended travel cots has been used regularly by a journalist with a young baby or toddler. We’ve combined these results with feedback from mums to bring you our pick of the very best travel cots available to buy now.

For each item on our list we’ve considered age suitability, weight, size, price, stability, mattress, ease of assembly and various functionalities to help you when looking to buy a travel cot.

Why do I need a travel cot?

One of the main benefits of travel cots are their portability. Regular cots are often made of wood and to disassemble and put in a car or suitcase would be quite a task! With a travel cot disassembly is usually a matter of a few minutes (or even seconds) and some of the travel cots on our list fold small enough to fit in a suitcase or overhead locker.

Travel cots are an on-the-go sleeping option that means you won’t have to rely on sleeping arrangements at your destination. For frequent travellers they can be as familiar to little ones as their regular bed; helping to aid sleep in a different environment.

What to look for when buying a travel cot

Portability – Travel cots have lighter-weight components and are designed to be easily carried and stored. They do fold into different shapes so look for the folded style that suits your needs. Some of the travel cots on our list fold small enough to fit in a suitcase or an aircraft overhead locker.

Weight – Travel cots vary significantly in weight – we found some that are under 3kg and others that weigh in at a hefty 11kg. Think about how often you’re going to use it, and if you’ll be lifting it up and down stairs or in and out of a car. If you want frequent use, a super lightweight travel cot may suit you best. Of course, a heavier cot is likely to feel more sturdy and offer more functionality. 

Ease of assembly/disassembly – Once you have the knack, putting a travel cot up and down should be a very quick process – a matter of minutes, if not seconds. 

Age suitability – Age suitability really varies for travel cots. Most can be used from birth – we’ve specified the manufacturer’s instructions – but the travel cots that have a built-in bassinet offer a cosier, elevated sleep environment for newborns. Some cots can only be used for a few months while others are suitable up to around 3.5 years.  

Mattress: Travel cot mattresses tend to be thinner and harder than normal cot mattresses. This is partly to enable a compact fold and easy storage. Remember, a firm mattress is important for safe sleep for your baby, and doesn’t mean your child won’t enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep (even if you don’t fancy sleeping on it yourself). 

Extra functions – Travel cots that can serve as a handy playpen once babies can sit up.  Some also have a changing station, which could be useful if you’re frequently travelling with a baby. 

How, when and where will you use your travel cot?

Do you plan to use the travel cot frequently during the year, or do you need it for a particular holiday? The frequency and location of where you’ll use it will help when considering weight, functionality and budget. For example, if the travel cot will be used for overnight stays at relatives or friends every month, you won’t need to worry too much about weight and the ease of assembly – especially if it can remain constructed.

For holidays in hot climates, a breathable mattress and all-around mesh panel are factors to consider. These help with air circulation and will provide a more comfortable environment for your child to sleep. Some travel cots include or offer the option of an insect net and sun protection.

For travel involving flights, it’s worth investigating your airline’s baggage allowances. A light, compact-folding model with easy assembly could be your best solution. 

How much does a travel cot cost?

Our list covers travel cot prices ranging from £30 up to £200 – so quite a wide scope. For items at all price points, we expect a safe, comfortable and stable sleeping environment.

When looking at budget options, our reviewers found that they certainly did the trick and functioned well as a travel cot but were quite basic with limited added extras. For example, you shouldn’t expect a changing station included on a lower priced travel cot.

When considering more high-end travel cots we still expect good value (not overpriced), premium components and extra thought on a design that will make traveling with kids a breeze. Also, the more often you travel, the easier it is to get your money’s worth out of a more expensive travel cot.

The mid-range options on our list – priced under £100 include many great benefits and may tick quite a few boxes but without some of the lush extras of more expensive models.

Here’s our pick of the best travel cots…

1. Joie Kubbie Sleep, £99
– Best hybrid travel cot and bedside sleeper

Suitable from: birth (with bassinet) to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 11kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W59.5cm x H80.5cm| Folded dimensions: L27cm x W25cm x H80.5cm| Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.8 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Travel cot – Gold

The Joie Kubbie Sleep stands out from the other travel cots on our list in being the only one that doubles as a side sleeping cot with a lift and lower side panel. A really useful feature especially during the early days of parenting, when night feeds and nappy changes may be frequent. Bleary-eyed parents will appreciate the elevated bedside sleeping arrangement being so close at hand!

Suitable from birth through to 15kg – which is the approximate weight of a 3.5 year old – the Joie Kubbie truly does grow with your child. Once the bassinet is removed, older babies and toddlers can use the Kubbie as a sleep space and a play pen.

When it comes to value for money, MadeForMums reviewer Dominic, who tested the Joie Kubbie with his newborn daughter commented, “My wife and I feel the Joie Kubbie Sleep has matched – and even exceeded – our expectations. We wanted a co-sleeping cot that could be used every day at home, but one that was also lightweight enough to take away with us.”

Our testers loved the user-friendly fastenings – however some did struggle with dismantling the Kubbie. They also praised the easy transportation with its handy travel bag and (most importantly) how well their child slept. Also, the Joie Kubbie Sleep has two integrated wheels should you need to wheel it on your journey.

Pros: Multi-functional side-sleeping cot and play pen, wheels
Cons: Complex dismantling process

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Joie Kubbie Sleep

Available from: John Lewis, Argos and Boots

2. Venture Roma Travel Cot, £59.99
– Best budget buy with quality mattress

Suitable from: birth to 3 years | Travel cot weight: 6kg | Unfolded dimensions: L85cm x W55cm x H66cm| Folded dimensions: 57cm x 50cm x 14cm | Newborn bassinet: No | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Travel cot – Silver

At a budget-friendly price point, this travel cot is not only affordable but also very lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry. It’s available in three colours, Slate, Silver and Blue, and features mesh panels on all sides. The mesh means that you can get a great view of your baby or toddler, while also ensuring good air circulation at night time.

Travel cot mattresses are often the feature that parents are least satisfied with, as they are often thin and flimsy. However, the Roma travel cot has a better quality, more luxurious mattress than you might expect for the price.

Although this cot doesn’t have an all-in-one pop-up assembly, it’s still easy to put up and down, so much so that some of our home tester parents didn’t need the instructions. “It was very easy to remove from the carry case and put the cot together.” said MFM tester Sarah. “It was also easy to take apart and put back into the travel case. No fiddling or spare parts. The easiest baby item I have actually put together.”

The Venture Roma Travel Cot is suitable from birth, but it doesn’t come with a bassinet, something that you might prefer for a newborn. Offering a good amount of room, the travel cot can also be used as a play pen, and offers a comfy night’s sleep for babies and toddlers.

Pros: Easy to build and collapse, mesh design
Cons: No newborn bassinet, can’t be used as playpen

Available from: Amazon and Venture

3. Micralite Sleep & Go, £175
– Best for stylish 3-in-1 design

Suitable from: birth (with bassinet) to 3 years old | Travel cot weight: 7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L112cm x W80cm x H67cm| Folded dimensions: L88cm x W34cm x H17cm| Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Travel cot – Silver

Minimalist with a modern twist, Micralite is a luxe brand for the Instagram ready parents who like eye-catching designs. Its Sleep & Go is a multi-functional travel cot option which can be used a newborn crib (although the sloped design means it doesn’t sit snug against the bedside), infant cot bed and playpen.

At 7kg the Micralite Sleep & Go is a whole 8kg lighter than the Joie Kubbie Sleep – yet it costs £75 more. This high price point is a factor to consider if you just need a travel cot for a single occasion. However, there’s value to be found as you can also use this travel cot at home with its multiple uses.

The Micralite Sleep & Go doesn’t fold up as small as some of the others on our list, however it will still fit in a car boot and has a comfortable carry strap. MFM reviewer Vita tested the travel cot with her baby daughter and noted that, “The bag is not small (88x34x17cm) but given the robust all-in-one frame, it actually feels quite compact. At 7kg, it’s a good light weight, and the shape and handles make it comfortable to carry.”

Beyond the good looks, our judges found the Micralite Sleep & Go one of the easiest in the category to fold up and down. Our MFM reviewer Vita said it took her just 2 minutes to assemble the whole travel cot. The mattress rates highly as well – our reviewer said it felt “firm” but that her “little one had no problem falling (and staying) asleep on it”.

Pros: Multi-functional, minimalist design, easy to fold up and down
Cons: Bassinet can be fiddly to connect

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Micralite Sleep & Go

Available from: AmazonJohn Lewis and Jojo Maman Bebe

4. Littlelife Featherlite Travel Cot, £149.99
– Best lightweight travel cot

Suitable from: birth to 2 years | Travel cot weight: 3kg | Unfolded dimensions: L111cm x W66cm x H79cm| Folded dimensions: L72cm x W19cm x H19cm| Newborn bassinet: No | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Travel cot – Bronze

LittleLife were not joking when they said Featherlite! At a miniscule 3kg, this is just 200g short of being the lightest on our list and when folded it will fit inside a suitcase. If you’ve limited baggage allowance or don’t want to do a lot of heavy lifting this is an excellent option.

You’d think that its light weight would mean a lot of compromising, but this travel cot still ticks a lot of boxes. We were also impressed by the roll-up front access panel with locking tabs which MFM tester Naomi also found useful: “I loved the opening on the side so that my child could also use it as a play pen and crawl in and out when he wanted to without having me to lift him out.”

One potential hurdle is the high-end price of the Littlelife Featherlite Travel Cot, so worth considering if you will get value from your purchase. However it does come with substantial mattress and included removable, washable fitted sheet – a thoughtful addition for the high price point.

Pros: Super lightweight, multi-functional, compact fold
Cons: Expensive

Available from: Jojo Maman BebeBoots and LittleLife

5. Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot, £30
– Best budget buy for occasional use

Suitable from: birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 8.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L99cm x W59.5cm x H80.5cm| Folded dimensions: L27cm x W25cm x H80.5cm| Newborn bassinet: No | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

The cheapest cot on our list, the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable but sturdy option. However, you may need to spend a little extra money as many of our users have found that the mattress is not substantial enough and that they’ve needed to buy another.

Where this travel cot does excel is the ease of assembly. “Once you have pulled up the handle in the bottom and un-assembled the cot, it is very easy to fold shut and put into the carry-bag,” stated our MFM reviewer Jessica. “Hassle-free and very quick.”

Its purse-friendly price point doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality – you’ll find plenty of useful design features like a full padded top rail and mesh sides to provide visibility. Our MFM reviewer and users also found it felt robust once built. One MFM user said, “It feels secure, with the side bars locking in place, and is sturdy enough to accommodate a lively toddler.”

Pros: Affordable, easy to assemble
Cons: Mattress may need replacing

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Red Kite Sleeptight Travel Cot

Available from: Amazon and Argos

6. Bugaboo Stardust, £199
– Best for ease of use

Suitable from: birth (with newborn insert) to 2 years| Travel cot weight: 6.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: L64cm x W98cm x H85cm| Folded dimensions: L 65cm x W14cm x H85cm |  Newborn bassinet: Yes

Blink and you might miss it! This pop-up style unfold mechanism on the Bugaboo Stardust takes just a second by pulling the cot open from both sides. It’s perfect for a hassle-free bedtime when you’re not in the comfort of your own home.

And it conveniently folds back up in just a few seconds by using the white buttons on the side of the cot. The built-in mattress means this travel cot can also fold with the mattress in place when the newborn insert is not being used, making it even quicker to collapse down.

The mattress is not only comfortable but can be adjusted to two height positions making it easier to lift out newborns and babies not yet sitting up unaided. This is particularly handy if you’re prone to back problems or have just had a C-section.

The Bugaboo Stardust doesn’t fold up particularly small – it’s the size of a flat medium sized suitcase. But it’s lightweight and the included carry bag makes it still easy to move around with.

Although one of the priciest travel cots on our list, the Stardust can still deliver great value if you’re using your travel cot regularly with your baby.

Pros: Quickest to assemble, two mattress height positions
Cons: Quite large when folded

Available from: Natural Baby ShowerMamas & Papas  and UberKids

7. Nuna Sena Aire, £180
– Best for increased air flow

Suitable from: birth (with bassinet) to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 10kg | Unfolded dimensions: L73.5cm x W107cm x H74.5cm| Folded dimensions: L24cm x W28cm x H86cm| Newborn bassinet: Yes | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5 stars

A focus on air flow is one of the main attractions of the Nuna Sena Aire. As well as 360-degree mesh lined air flow on the crib and bassinet, the mesh mattress also has two levels of airflow via layers of ventilated padding. This will ensure that baby has plenty of fresh air circulating and there’s good visibility for parents too.

With a centralised pulley system, it’s super easy to assemble and our MFM reviewer Katie found it could be done one handed. “Like many new mums, I have suffered from problems with my back and I love being able to use the crib as I don’t have to reach down as far to pick up my baby.” She said. “There is absolutely no stress involved.”

The Sena Aire travel cot is one of the heaviest on our list and perhaps for that reason we saw that customer reviews on Very and John Lewis were mainly written by grandparents who kept the cot assembled for when their grandchildren visit.

Although the price point is at the higher end, you do get high-quality design features which our MFM reviewer found “sets it apart from cheaper versions”. She adds, “it has extensive padding and it’s raised off the ground with wide, skid-proof feet too”.

As an added extra, you also get a certified organic cotton sheet included which many travel cots do not come with. If there’s more room in your budget there’s a changing unit and insect nest available at extra cost too.

Pros: Great air flow, one-handed assembly, skid-proof feet
Cons: Heavier frame, expensive

Available from: John LewisVery and Natural Baby Shower

8. Hauck Sleep’n Play Centre Travel Cot, £89
– Best for versatile features

Suitable from: birth to 15kg (approx 3.5 years) | Travel cot weight: 8.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: L125cm x W68.5cm x H82cm| Folded dimensions: L22cm x W21cm x H76.5cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes

The Hauck Sleep’n Play Centre Travel Cot has all the bells and whistles for under £100. This includes a changing mat that can stay attached but out of the way, high and low sleeping positions (reducing back strain), a zip-down side panel for a fun playpen adventure (crawl in – crawl out) and a fun design with pops of colour.

For ease of moving about, it also has two wheels when folded up that means you can pull it along like a suitcase – genius!

With an extremely impressive 4.5 stars out of over 7000 reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say the German brand has come out on top. Customer reviews repeatedly mention good value and great quality. “It is quite heavy but that gives it the stability, we also purchased the extra mattress for when we need to use it for a bed,” said one parent review on Amazon. The heavier weight and insufficient mattress were echoed by other reviewers too.

Bargain hunters will be happy to hear that despite the £89 RRP, we’ve seen online deals for less than £60 – which would make this option a superb return on investment.

Pros: Changing table included, can wheel along when folded
Cons: Needs an additional mattress

Available from: AmazonVery and UberKids

9. Phil & Teds Traveller, £159
– Best for outdoor travels

Suitable from: birth to approx. 2 years (can climb out or 89cm tall) | Travel cot weight: 2.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: L 117 cm x W63cm x H79cm| Folded dimensions: L20cm x W65cm x H20cm| Newborn bassinet:Yes (sold separately) | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2stars

New Zealand brand Phil & Teds’ know all about the great outdoors and with that in mind this product – the lightest on our list – is a great travel companion. This travel cot fits comfortably into a small bag and is a sure way of ensuring little one sleeps well while the family are out and about.

“The joy of having a travel cot that doubles up as a playpen means you can have it in the tent, outside, next to the camp fire or on the beach – and you can buy a sun shade (£19) to go over the top which also keeps the mosquitos and midges locked out,” said our MFM reviewer Tanya.

Another great feature is that the self-inflate mattress is suspended a little from the ground – keeping the mattress away from any uninviting or cold surfaces. For newborns a bassinet accessory is available for an additional £49 and provides a really nice, elevated sleep surface. Once folded, the Phil & Teds Traveller is about the size of a yoga mat and can be carried easily with the shoulder strap.

Its lightweight and portability make the Phil & Teds Traveller such a versatile option. Easy to take to the park, beach, visits to family, holidays, living room and the list goes on. It’s worth noting our MFM reviewer did find it tricky to disassemble the first few times but said it was “a tiny niggle in an otherwise great product”.

Pros: Lightweight, self-inflate mattress, compact, shoulder strap to carry
Cons: Expensive, tricky to disassemble

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Phil & Teds Traveller

Available from: Baby Planet, Amazon and Natural Baby Shower

10. Inovi Cocoon Folding Moses Crib, £115
– Best travel cot designed for newborns

Suitable from: Birth to 6 months | Travel cot weight: 4.12kg | Unfolded dimensions: L86.5cm x W54cm x H85cm| Folded dimensions: L 71.5 cm x W 55.6 cm x H16cm | Newborn bassinet: Yes

This is in fact a travel moses basket rather than a travel cot – but unlike a traditional moses basket it’s foldable. It folds small enough to comply with international aviation standards sizes to take on a plane as hand luggage and stow in overhead lockers. Suitable for overnight sleeping, it’s perfect for travelling with a newborn.

Side mesh panels allow for great air circulation and the cocoon canopy can provide total coverage of the sleeping area to protect from insects and sun rays.

If you’re doing a long drive on a trip away, remember you’ll want to take your baby out of their car seat as soon as you arrive (check out the 2 hour seat rule). The Inovi Cocoon Folding Moses Crib fits compactly in a car boot, so you can squeeze it in with all your other baby holiday essentials.

One parent review on Amazon said “We used this from the day we brought our baby home until he was 6 months old. It was used instead of a moses basket in our living room initially but came into its own when we took it travelling around Australia for a month. So easy to transport and approved size for cabin baggage.”

One important consideration is the cost which is quite high for an item that will only last up to 6 months old. For a cheaper travel moses basket option check out our MadeForMums review of the Koo-di travel bassinet.

Pros: Moses basket design, mesh panels
Cons: Expensive for limited lifespan

Available from: Precious Little OneUber Kids and Kiddies Kingdom


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