In a nutshell

A great value bedside travel crib, perfect for parents who want to keep their baby close at night, although the less-than-premium feel may make this more suitable as an occasional travel cot rather than for regular use

What we tested

  • Ease of assembly
    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.
  • Portability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 3.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.
  • Quality
    A star rating of 3.6 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.


  • Great price, good value for the money, folds easily, easy to store, lightweight, suitable for newborns, drop-down side


  • Mattress very firm, materials feel basic

Red Kite is a UK company renowned for its practical baby products at an affordable price point. The brand’s “old favourite”, the Dreamer bedside crib, has been given a refresh to include a drop side for safer and convenient bedside sleeping. Taking it beyond a simple crib or travel cot, this feature adds a new dimension to this budget offering, while still keeping the original easy assembly and fold features, that make it ideal for travel.


Costing just £59.99, the Dreamer bedside crib is certainly targeting those on a budget or those looking for a convenient travel cot at a low price. It’s not designed as an everyday bedside crib, however offers a budget option for travel, compared to other popular (and pricier) travel cots like the Bugaboo Stardust, £199, or the Micralite Sleep & Go, £175.

Tested by

Danny, dad of 9-month-old Olivia, tested out the Dreamer bedside crib while on holiday in the Peak District to check its travel credentials, as well as occasional use at home.

What are your first impressions of the Dreamer bedside travel crib?

The packaging and box opening process was standard fare which is expected at this price and, ultimately, it is what inside that we’re really interested in.

I was initially impressed at how compact it was considering this is quite a large crib when assembled. But this was quickly overcome by a powerful chemical smell coming from the crib and box. This was quite off-putting, but I assume it will go away after airing.

How easy is the Dreamer bedside travel crib to build?

Very easy. I was able to assemble the crib in under 10 minutes without needing to refer to the manual – surely, the ultimate achievement for any dad!

Red Kite Dreamer travel cot

How easy is it to fit and remove the newborn bassinet?

We didn’t need to use this as Olivia was 9 months old when we tested the product, but I managed to fit the bassinet without any trouble so this should be fine for parents of newborns.

Fellow tester Bridget, who tested the cot with their 5 month old, says: "The bassinet element of the cot feels slightly wobbly and with a 5 month old who likes to kick their legs in their sleep I did worry it wouldn’t hold him, but he was absolutely fine."

How does the Dreamer bedside travel crib compare to other travel cots?

We have previously tested the Silver Cross Voyager, £199, which acts as a very decent bedside crib first, but has exceptional travel cot qualities. The Silver Cross is far better in terms of materials, build quality and comfort, but then again it is around double the price.

The Dreamer is just as easy to collapse and, because it folds in on itself to allow you to carry it, I actually preferred this element to the Silver Cross Voyager which was a bit of a faff to get into its travel bag. Also, weight-wise, the Dreamer comes in at a lightweight 7.4kg, compared to the Silver Cross’ 11kg.

If I had to choose, though, comfort for my baby and overall quality will always trump features that I find convenient, so I would opt for the Silver Cross Voyager or similar if budget allowed.

What age range is the Dreamer bedside travel crib suitable for?

Red Kite says it’s suitable from birth up to about 15kg, which should mean it is okay for use with young toddlers. This is pretty standard for most travel cots , that tend to fit up to the 15kg weight range.

How firm is the mattress?

We found the Red Kite Dreamer Bedside Crib mattress incredibly firm. This was a concern of mine after we had set it up, but we had only realised just how uncomfortable it must have been when testing it on our family holiday in the Peaks.

Olivia woke up a number of times during the night, which is unusual for her. It was our first family holiday away for her, plus the weather was warm, so it is hard to say for sure whether Olivia experienced disrupted sleep due to the unfamiliar surroundings or the firm mattress.

The Silver Cross Voyager’s mattress was far softer and I ended up feeling quite guilty for placing Olivia on the hard mattress that came with the Dreamer.

George at Asda parent reviews also mention how hard the mattress is, with many opting to purchase a separate Mamas & Papas mattress to use with the Dreamer. However, on the manufacturers website it does state only the supplied mattress should be used with the cot.

However, fellow tester Bridget felt the mattress compared favourably with other models, saying: "As travel cots go this is one of the comfiest mattresses I’ve seen. It feels nice and padded and had a solid firm base underneath to secure into the cot."

How easy is it to access your baby in the Dreamer bedside travel crib?

When set up for children other than newborns (in the additional basinet), the mattress is quite low to the floor which makes it a little inconvenient to pick up your baby, but not a big deal if you’re using it occasionally for travel.

Red Kite Dreamer travel cot

How easy is it to see your baby?

If you position the crib the right way around, then you’ll be able to see your child through the mesh panel just fine. Likewise, you can still view your baby through the mesh on a baby monitor, if you can’t position it high enough to get a view down into the cot.

How portable is the Dreamer bedside travel crib and how easy is it to store?

It’s very portable. The Dreamer crib is easy to collapse and light enough to move around. We had no issues putting it into our car boot and transporting it into the holiday home we were staying in. This is particularly important when you’re unloading luggage and your baby – the last thing you need is a heavy crib to lug around and for it to be difficult to set up. Luckily the Dreamer performs really well in this regard.

It doesn’t fold flat, as some competitor products do, but the Dreamer is still nice and compact when stored away, measuring L:72cmxW:21cmxH:21cm – similar to the Micralite Sleep & Go at L:88cmxW:34cmxH:17cm and pretty compact compared to the Silver Cross Voyager at L:101cmxW:61cmxH:14cm.

Red Kite Dreamer out of bag

How comfy is this travel cot for your baby?

This was the part of the crib we were most disappointed with. The mattress is very firm and undermines the product overall, which is a shame.

If the mattress was improved, then the Red Kite Dreamer would be a serious consideration for a travel cot or a second crib that family can use when babysitting.

How robust and durable does the Dreamer feel?

While it doesn’t use the most premium of materials, the Dreamer felt well put together and there was not anything that would suggest it wouldn’t stand the test of time.

How easy is it to keep clean?

All of the materials and the frame are easy to wipe down should any accidents occur.

Are there any useful design elements?

In the bassinette mode there was a decent amount of storage underneath for blankets and other essentials, which I can imagine would be very useful on holiday. However, as we were not using the bassinette, we weren’t able to take advantage of any storage as this is not available in ‘full crib’ mode. Still, it’s a nice feature for a budget buy.

Collapsing and folding the Dreamer is made really easy thanks to the central foot which doubles as a handle. Pulling this upwards starts to collapse the crib and is extremely easy to do. This was our favourite feature when it came to transporting the Dreamer.

Red Kite Dreamer in Bag

What’s in the box?

  • Crib/bassinet
  • Mattress
  • Protective cover

What would we have wanted to know about the Dreamer bedside travel crib before purchasing?

Although the crib was mostly as I had expected, the mattress was disappointing. I would definitely have liked to have known quite how firm it was before buying.

Who would this travel cot be most useful for?

The Dreamer is ideal for those looking for a budget travel cot option, which is built to last.

Is the Dreamer bedside travel crib worth the money?

Even though it is low budget and quite basic, the Red Kite Dreamer crib did an acceptable job for us. So, for the price I think it is a good travel cot option.

How does it compare to similar travel cots?

Product NameAge suitabilityDimensions when foldedWeightRRP
Red Kite Dreamer Bedside CribBirth to approx. 15kgH:21cmxL:72cmxW:21cm7.4kg£59.99
Silver Cross VoyagerBirth to 6 monthsH:14cmxL:101cmxW:61cm11kg£199
Micralite Sleep & GoBirth (with bassinet) to 3 yearsH:17cmxL:88cmxW:34cm7.5kg£175
Red Kite Sleeptight Travel CotBirth to approx. 15kgH:25cmxW:80.5cmxD:27cm8.7kg£30

Where can I buy the Dreamer bedside travel crib?

Available at Red Kite, Argos and Kiddies Kingdom.


MadeForMums verdict:

Combining a travel cot with a drop-down side is a great idea for parents keen to travel with their young baby and keep them close by. With its attractive, low price, the crib functions well overall, but the mattress is disappointingly firm and lets down the product overall. If Red Kite could improve the mattress so it is softer and more padded – or at least offer an option to upgrade the mattress for a small cost – then I think this would be an extremely good product. As it stands, the Dreamer still does the job and is worth considering for occasional use on family holidays.

Product Specifications

BrandRed Kite
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:72cm W:93cm D:60cm
Dimensions (folded)H:21cm W:72cm D:21cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)From Birth
Child weightUp to 15kg
Sleep height positionsMulti-position
Drop down / Removable sideYes
  • Dropside to allow for bedside co sleeping
  • Easy to attach and remove bassinet
  • Padded mattress base to fit both crib and bassinet
  • Padded and quilted top rails
  • Storage pockets
  • Carry handles
Accessories included
  • Protective cover
Mattress includedYes