Have baby, will travel…

Heading away with a baby or toddler might involve more preparation than your trips away BC (before child), but it’s not impossible. Plenty of parents do it.. and yes, they even enjoy it!


There are loads of products out there designed to make travelling with a baby or toddler easier. We’ve tracked down the best to help you, from a lunchbox-sized steriliser and flat packed baby bottle, to feather-light travel cots and a travel-friendly baby swing. Here, we reveal 10 of the best for a happy holiday.

If you're planning to travel, also check out our easy-to-follow guides to help you buy the right gear:


Philips Avent Steam Steriliser Bag, £11

This brilliant product is fantastic for traveling as it allows you to effectively sterilise all your equipment in a microwave without having to pack a larger, bulky travel steriliser box. The Philips Avent Steam Steriliser Bag is easy to use, has step by step instructions and allows up to 20 uses per bag, or 100 uses per pack.

Other design features include a SafeZone that indicates where the bag can be safely grabbed when removing it from the microwave, and check boxes to keep track of number of uses.

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The clear window in the bag lets you check you’ve position everything correctly. A really well-thought-out, simple solution to on-the-go sterilising - super handy!

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Philips Avent Steam Steriliser Bag:

“A great travel product and easy to carry around when out.” Mum of 2, Claire

“I think a product like this is definitely a must-have. Especially if you are going away for the night or on holiday. Rather than carrying your big steriliser with you everywhere, these bags are the perfect replacement. For convenience when not at home, these are perfect.” Mum of 1, Sofia

You can buy the Philips Avent Steam Steriliser Bag from: Amazon and Mothercare


The Gro Company Groegg2, £29.99

The new incarnation of the popular Groegg has the same qualities as its predecessor - and more. It offers a soothing light at night-time with a digital thermometer and different colours to warn parents when the room is too hot or cold.

We also love the Groegg2’s sleek new silicon design. It’s 33% bigger and brighter than the original. It now also offers 4 levels of brightness to provide more adjustability.

All in all, some lovely improvements to this perennial favourite among nightlights, making it our deserved MadeForMums Awards 2018 Gold Award winner.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Gro Company Groegg2:

“This really appeals to me. I like the different levels of light that you can choose, plus the design would suit any nursery. The temperature indicator and change in the light colour to alert parents of different levels of temperature is reassuring, and it's pretty good value too. This would be a good baby shower gift.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

“This nightlight is extremely easy to operate. It’s lightweight and portable, it looks cool, and I love the idea of it having a built-in thermometer with linked colour-changes, so you can see how hot your child's room is. I would definitely recommend this nightlight for parents with young babies and also for those with older toddlers as it's so lightweight it would be ideal to take on holiday.” Mum of 2, Maxine

You can buy the Gro Company Groegg2 from: John Lewis and Amazon


Aldi Nappy Sacks, £0.99

These nappy sacks from Aldi are thick and fragrant and come with a handy clip-top lid as an added safety feature.

Even contained in nappy sacks, most poos can still clear a room with their smell. The Aldi sacks, however, use a fragrance that has been developed to not only mask, but actually neutralise the odour of stinky nappies - certainly worth a try.

What our MFM reviewers say about Aldi Nappy Sacks:

“In general terms a nappy sack is a nappy sack. Does what it says it will. Smells pleasant and is simple. Fits well into changing bag and is also ideal for bringing home soiled clothes. I also caught my mum sneak some for picking up dog mess. I would buy these again for out and about.” Mum of 1, Natalie

“I love the idea of the odour-neutralising scent.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy Aldi Nappy Sacks from: Aldi


Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap, £49.90

This is a lovely wrap from leading baby carrier brand Ergobaby. Wraps are great, particularly in the early months, as they keep baby close and comfortable in a well-supported, ergonomically correct position - and they usually scrunch up very small for super easy travel.

The Aura is wonderfully versatile, suitable for babies from birth to 13.6kg and wearable by anyone - from petite to plus size. It has a handy integrated pocket and travel handle that you can fold the wrap into when not in use.

Its gliding edge reinforces the tying instructions therefore making it that bit easier to tie. It is also made from a supportive material, from 100% viscose of eucalyptus and acacia, and machine washable, which is always a plus, as wraps can take a bit of a battering from tiny ones.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Ergobaby Aura Wrap:

“Good quality material. Takes practice but my baby is comfortable in it. Instructions are clear on how to tie and what position to put the baby’s head is helpful.” Mum of 1, Anna

“I found this wrap really comfortable to wear and will definitely use it again. I do the school run and wearing my daughter makes it much easier to get out the door on time. It’s easy to use for the most part. I needed help to adjust the shoulder to make sure my daughters face wasn’t covered. I love how supportive it is and found that my daughter was happy to be in it. She fell asleep within minutes of being put in. It is a perfect first timer wrap which is easy to tie and comfortable to wear. The price is very reasonable.” Mum of 3, Hannah

You can buy the Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap from: Amazon, Ergobaby and John Lewis


Je Porte Mon Bebe The PhysioCarrier, £114

This structured carrier from Je Porte Mon Bebe is cleverly designed with many options for carrying - front, back and hip positions. It has mesh panels to allow better ventilation when the weather is hot or can be covered when cold, which is great for all year-round usage and especially when traveling to hot destinations.

The PhysioCarrier most importantly supports the correct physiological position from newborn age, with the help of an optional booster and padded collar. You can also use the booster for older kids in the back carrier position.

Another handy design detail is a rear mirror to check on your little one when he’s riding on your back, and all the straps are fully adjustable and padded, which means it’s a particularly comfortable ride - for little ones and parents!

What our MadeForMums reviewers say about the Je Porte Mon Bebe The PhysioCarrier:

“This is a really good product, and I like the the mesh which makes it more comfortable in the summer months. It has some really nice attention to detail.” Double Olympic Gold Medallist and Mum of 3 Sarah Ayton

“This is a great quality carrier, well made, and features loads of extras. Even though it's quite expensive, you get what you pay for.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

You can buy Je Porte Mon Bebe The PhysioCarrier from: JoJo Maman Bebe and Amazon


Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Soother, £17

It’s great if you have a go-to soother for on-the-go - something your little one is used to and can calm him at a push of a button. The Stroll & Go Portable Soother in its cute owl design is small enough to be taken anywhere, so you will never have to be without soothing sound at the touch of a button.

It easily attaches to strollers, carriers, bags and car seats, and has a nice selection of melodies and sounds to sooth your little one.

We also really like the selection of timer settings - which include the option of a full hour - and it’s very easy to use. A great little addition to your holiday travels!

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Soother:

“My little girl loves this. I’m not normally one to buy lots of gadgets and white noise machines. But she really calmed down when this was turned on when we were out and about. She was asleep in minutes!” Mum of 2, Kate

“Although I probably wouldn't have bought this myself, it has come in handy on a couple of occasions and would make a nice gift. We like the design, it's portable, easy to use and easily cleaned. My baby can nap on the go in a pram or car seat if we are moving, but struggles if we stop, so this has helped to settle him on those occasions. It also has options to play for 15 mins up to an hour and the four sounds are soothing.” Mum of 2, Lisa

You can buy the Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Soother from: Boots and Tesco


Mountain Buggy Bagrider, £99

Another game changer from Mountain Buggy, the Bagrider allows you to convert a standard carry-on case into a ride-along for your toddler. Anyone who knows the fear of traversing a vast airport with little ones in tow, struggling with luggage and buggies, will appreciate this super-practical Gold Award winner.

The handy - and roomy - 2-wheel carry-on suitcase transforms into a travelling seat for toddlers up to 15kg. You just twist a dial to convert from one to another function, and it also comes with a cushioned seat and 5-point safety harness.

It’s a genius solution for travelling parents - and a fun ride for little ones to boot!

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Mountain Buggy Bagrider:

“The suitcase is a fantastic cabin bag size, and the seat attachment is very sturdy, but completely foldable, so would easily fit in a handbag. The mechanism is incredibly quick and very fluid. There really is no faffing around. This product has changed my life. I am now planning several more trips to see my little one’s grandparents, because it's just so simple now! ” Mum of 1, Joanna

“This is such a clever idea, and well executed. I love the fact that it has real longevity as the harness and soft seat can be removed and stored away, and that it can fit in air aeroplane as take on luggage. It also looks very robust.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the Mountain Buggy Bagrider from: Amazon and PreciousLittleOne


PacaPod Croyde changing bag, £115

British brand PacaPod has the art of multi-functional changing bag organisation nailed down, easily winning this year’s MFM Awards Gold award.

The Croyde has the brand’s signature separate feeder and changer pods, as well as an additional clear ‘travel’ pod that allows you to see exactly what’s packed at a glance. With a huge capacity of 41 litres, it has plenty of features to help you find all your bits and bobs in no time - inner parent pockets with key fob and mobile dividing pockets, inner cargo hold which stores the pods, a lightweight baby changing mat and detachable pram clips.

We also love the contemporary, serious style of the Croyde, in neutral faux leather outer with classic gold hardware.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the PacaPod Croyde:

“The Croyde is a fantastic baby bag, the best I have have used. I love how it opens from the side and the different pods so that everything has its own space - food in one, nappies and wipes in another, creams, dummies and toys in another. I also love the style of the bag and that I can use the shoulder strap or hold it on my forearm depending on how full my hands are.” Mum of 1, Charlene

“Even the most chaotic days can be organised with the PacaPod - I love the fact it brings order to your changing bag! Ingenious to have the separate pod units, and the fabrics are all high quality and durable. It’s good value for what it is.” MFM Reviews Editor Magda Ibrahim

You can buy the PacaPod Croyde changing bag from: John Lewis


CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes, ££0.028 - £0.049 per wipe

These CannyMum dry wipes are aimed at those who prefer eco friendlier products, but they do a fantastic job for everyone. These wipes allow you to avoid preservatives, synthetic fragrances and artificial cleansing solutions, and they certainly won over our judges.

They won the MFM Gold Award for their softness and kindness to baby’s skin, for their eco-credentials, as well as their overall usefulness.

The wipes are designed for making your own wet wipes at home - whether you want to use pure water or your own herbal infusions or other ingredients. They are chemical-free and made of 100% biodegradable bamboo fibre, while conventional wet wipes are often made of non-degradable polyester.

What our reviewers say about the CannyMum Bamboo Luxurious Dry Wipes:

“These wipes are slightly larger than standard wet wipes, which is a bonus when you're dealing with a wriggly toddler or particularly mucky nappy change. The wipes are beautifully soft, which is especially nice when you're using them on a nappy rash or to wipe a little face. I tested them on my two-year-old, but I would also use them for a delicate newborn as they're chemical free, and nicer to use than cotton wool and water. I'm not sure I would carry them out of the house with me, in case I needed to do an impromptu change with no water nearby. But the size and softness, and being eco-friendly, mean they definitely earned their place on our changing table.” Mum of 2, Christy

“This is a fantastic product because parents can simply add their own liquid or use them dry. They are totally natural, eco-friendly and wonderfully soft, so perfect for small hands and bottoms. They can also be flushed away, which is a massive bonus! For children with extra sensitive skins, these are ideal.” Mum of 2, Georgina

You can buy CannyMum Dry Wipes from: Amazon


My Carry Potty, £26.99

The cute designs of these travel potties are an instant hit with littles ones reluctant to play ball when it comes to potty train. So much can help in encouraging a healthy approach to tackling this development, so having friendly animal characters to cheer on your toddler is a great help.

More importantly though, is that our Silver Award winner is well designed. It’s lightweight and portable, and completely leak proof - perfect for training on the go. We’re happy to recommend this as a potty training companion to rely on.

What our MFM Awards judges say about the My Carry Potty:

“We (myself and my two little boys aged 3yrs and 2yrs) were huge fans of this potty. The child-friendly design is ingenious. My eldest who has been reluctant to use a potty wanted to see the ladybird and was keen to use it straight away. And his younger brother was keen to get in on the action too saying he wanted to sit on the potty. I was a bit nervous about the prospect of carrying it after he'd been to the toilet but I was relieved to find it totally leak-proof as described. Both our boys love it and anything that encourages them to use a potty is money well spent.” Mum of 2, Maxine

“A high quality product, ideal for toddlers who insist on using their own potty, My Carry Potty comes in a variety of bright animal designs. The vacuum seal keeps deposits and smells securely locked down until you reach somewhere to empty it. My two-year-old is not a big potty fan but loved the ladybird design and took to it well.” Mum of 3, Tara

You can buy My Carry Potty, £26.99 from: Boots and Amazon


Phil&Teds Lobster, £70

The Lobster is a sturdy, handy highchair that flat packs into its own compact carry bag measuring a portable 35x34x8cm. It’s ideal as either a space saver or a travel high chair, as you can clip it onto almost any table or worktop with its super strong ‘lobster claw’ grips.

The Lobster’s fabric is durable and wipe clean and it easily slides off the frame for hand washing. It also comes with a dishwasher safe food tray that slides between the clamps to protect your table surface.

What our MadeForMums reviewers say about the Phil&Teds Lobster:

“This is a really handy item to have and extremely easy to transport. I used it with my 14-month-old son and it was very easy to use. It attaches quickly and simply to tables and even work surfaces. My son was comfortable in the seat and the harness was very easy to adjust. It’s also very easy to clean. I thought the quality of the Lobster was amazing - it’s definitely made to last. My only negative I would say is that £70 is quite expensive for a portable highchair. But I would nonetheless highly recommend it.” Mum of 2, Amanda

“As a travel highchair you probably won’t find better than the Lobster. As a normal highchair it may not last as long, but overall it’s a great product.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams


You can buy the Phil&Teds Lobster from: Amazon and PreciousLittleOne