A pram fan can be a great way to keep your child cool on the hotter days but there are so many options out there it can be tough to find the right option for your family.


Unlike handheld or desktop fans, a clip on pram fan can be attached to your pram or pushchair (and sometimes other resting places like a cot or bouncer chair), to help keep your baby or child cool in hot weather. We’ve scoured the market to find 5 of the best options to help make your decision easier.

Best pram fans at a glance:

  • Best bladeless pram fan: Skip Hop Portable Bladeless Stroller Fan, £24.99
  • Best flexible mounting pram fan: Winique Stroller Fan, £16.99
  • Best 360-degree pivot: Munchkin Pushchair Fan, £20
  • Best rechargeable pram fan: Dreambaby USB Deluxe Rechargeable Clip-on Stroller Fan, £12
  • Best pram fan for a range of colours: Dreambaby Portable Stroller Fan, £6.99

We've looked for practical, safe and easy-to-attach fans for your pushchair, as well as some of the safety considerations to keep in mind when you're picking up a fan to keep your little one cool this summer.

If you're looking for something to use at home, we've also tested some of the best tower fans on the market from brands like Dyson and Beldray to help keep cool in the warmer weather.

Here’s our pick of the best pram fans…

1. Skip Hop Portable Bladeless Stroller Fan, £24.99

- Best bladeless pram fan

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Power: USB Charging | Speed settings: 3


  • Bladeless
  • 3 speed settings
  • Universal mount


  • Battery doesn't last long

This simple fan is designed to attach to a range of pushchairs using a universal mount that can be tightened to ensure it is secure. The bladeless design is ideal for children with little fingers and it can be easily adjusted to help find the perfect angle for your child.

When it’s really hot outside or the air con in the car just isn’t cutting it, the Skip Hop’s 3 speed settings will help you tailor the breeze to your child's preference.

It’s does have a rechargeable battery inside which charges via USB, but it is worth noting that at its higher speed settings the battery doesn’t last as long.

Available from: Amazon

2. Winique Stroller Fan, £16.99

- Best flexible mounting option

Versatile Fan pram fans

Power: USB Charging | Speed settings: 3


  • Flexible mounting options
  • Quiet motor


  • Gaps in the cage maybe too big for small fingers

If you’re looking for a fan that’s at the budget end of the market and has more flexible mounting options, then the Winique Stroller Fan might be the pick for your pram.

The ‘Octopus tripod’ mount means you can securely attach the fan to a wide array of surfaces without worrying about it falling off. It’s also built using a quiet motor that it claims helps to keep noise below 57dB, so it won’t disturb your child if they’re having a nap.

While the fan does have plastic blades, the fan itself is contained within a cage with a curved mesh cover to prevent children touching the blades - though you'll still want to double check your child's fingers aren't small enough to fit inside.

The Versatile Fan is also popular option with the MadeForMums team. Group Digital Editor Gemma Cartwright, who used the fan with her 2 year-old son, said, “The adjustable tripod means this'll fit on virtually anything, and can be quickly angled or adjusted. During the heatwave it has been a godsend.”

Available from: Amazon

3. Munchkin Pushchair Fan, £20

- Best 360 degree pivot option

Munchkin stroller fan

Power: Rechargeable | Speed settings: 4


  • Up to 8 hour battery life
  • LED lights
  • 360 pivot


  • Gaps in the cage maybe too big for small fingers

This all round great fan from Munchkin is a great pick if you're looking for a flexible fan for your pram. The flexible mounting arms and a 360 degree pivot allows you to manoeuvre the fan to find the best setup for your child.

The Munchkin is also rechargeable, with an impressive up to 8 hour battery life, and has 4 speed settings allowing you to tailor the fan speed to your child's preferences. A really interesting USP of the Munchkin Pushchair Fan is the LED lights which offer an added sensory experience for your child.

Available from: Argos

4. Dreambaby USB Deluxe Rechargeable Clip-on Stroller Fan, £12

- Best rechargeable option

Dreambaby USB fan with parent tester image.

Power: USB | Speed settings: 3


  • Easy to use
  • USB charging
  • Sturdy mount


  • Gaps in the cage maybe too big for small fingers

The Dreambaby USB fan is a great option if you’re the kind of person that hates hunting for replacement batteries when something needs recharging.

There is a cage around the blades, though the gaps in the plastic mesh aren’t as small as they are on the Versatile Fan so it's worth considering if your child could reach the fan inside.

"I used this myself for an hour at my desk on the lowest setting. It did make my eyes a bit dry so I would definitely only use it for short periods if your child is awake, or use the breeze setting to make it less intense," says Made For Mums Head of Consumer Content Christy, who used the fan with her son (pictured). "It has a very sturdy grip so it’s very easy to position onto the buggy and my 3 year old really enjoys the cooling breeze."

Available from: Argos

5. Dreambaby Portable Stroller Fan, £6.99

- Best colour range

Dreambaby Stroller Fan

Power: 2 AA batteries | Speed settings: 1


  • Foam blades
  • Colourful options


  • Mount isn't super secure

Unlike the majority of baby and toddler products, stroller fans can look a little boring; most of them come in either black or white plastic, which can make look pretty uninspiring when attached to your child’s stroller - especially alongside other colourful accessories. That’s where this budget friendly Dreambaby option comes in.

It has all the hallmarks of a great clip-on pram fan, including the simple clamping mechanism and soft, foam blades, but its real selling point is the wide range of colour options. This fan comes in everything from purple to orange, making finding something that suits you and your child even easier.

Available from: Amazon and Olivers BabyCare

How to use a pram fan

Considering safety is paramount, so we've broken down everything you need to keep in mind when buying and using your pram fan.

First and foremost, it is important to always follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep tiny fingers safe. Each fan comes with different specifications, so it's important to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the one you purchase.

We’ve made sure to select products with narrow gaps, but it’s always important to make sure your little one’s fingers cannot fit through the cage before securing it to their pram. If you have a newborn, you might also want to look at pushchairs that have large ventilation panels in the hood, such as the Venicci Tinum, as opposed to a fan.

Different pram fans have different mounting options, so make sure that the fan is fastened securely and checked regularly to ensure that it is not at risk of falling off. What mounting option you choose will depend on your pushchair and where you plan on positioning the fan.

Avoid positioning it near any long hair that may become caught and, where possible, tie back your child's hair to prevent it becoming tangled. It's also worth noting that pram fans are only intended to be used with adult supervision, so never leave your child unattended with the fan.

As much as fans can help to keep your child cool, little ones can still overheat in the warm weather. See our advice on how to help your baby sleep safely in hot weather and signs of heat exhaustion in a young child.

Using a pram fan in combination with a sunshade, cover or parasol and an SPF 50+ sunscreen will ensure your child is safe and cool in the warm weather.

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