Double prams aren't just a must-have if you have twins. They're also a convenient option if you have a baby and a toddler, and the clever convertible options now on offer can also be worth considering when you have your first child, as a way of future-proofing should you go on to extend your family.


What type of double pushchair do I need?

The first thing to consider is whether you're looking for a traditional side-by-side buggy, or a modern tandem design (one seat in front of the other). We’ve split our product list into 2 groups to make it as easy as possible to compare.

Tandem buggies are usually convertible from single to double (although some are doubles only). They often start out as a pushchair with a single seat or carrycot (a “single-to-double” pushchair). Adapters can then be used to add a second seat, a carrycot or (in some cases) a car seat to the frame. Your children sit one in front of the other, and you'll probably find that there are a number of seat configurations to try. And of course, if you’re adding a seat you can also take it away again and return to a single as your older child begins to walk more or prefers a buggy board.

This type of double buggy is the same width as a single pushchair, making them narrower for getting through doorways. The downside is they can be long and are often heavy to push and difficult to manoeuvre up and down kerbs due to all that front-loaded weight.

MFM home tester Kayleigh says a single-to-double works perfectly for her. She said, "with a single-to-double, you’re not lumbered with a cumbersome double once one child is walking more, and it also ‘future proofs’ your pram so you spend less in the long run."

More like this

Side-by-side buggies have the children positioned side by side, meaning both children have the same view, but it does tend to make the pushchair's footprint wider overall. As they typically offer 2 fixed seats, people often think of them as an option for twins, but they can work for kids of different ages too.

Most have seats that can be adjusted independently (so one child can lie flat while the other sits up) and some can have carrycots attached. While most side-by-sides are fixed as double pushchairs, a few can convert to a single buggy with a basket beside them, like the Bugaboo Donkey 5 for example.

MFM home tester Ijeoma says her boys both preferred to be seated side by side. “It meant they could see each other and had better views.”

Despite their width, most side-by-side pushchairs will still fit through a standard door, and with the weight more evenly distributed, they’re easier to get up and down kerbs.

We’ve included both tandem and side-by-side options in our list below so if you’re not sure what you’d like we have more information available on the pros and cons of each type of double buggy.

Best double buggies at a glance

Tandem Buggies

  • Best budget tandem buggy: Graco Stadium Duo, £170
  • Best lightweight tandem: Joie Evalite Duo, £240
  • Best for active families: Phil & Teds Sport Double, from £429
  • Best double buggy designed to grow with your family: iCandy Orange 3, from £899.95
  • Best for storage capacity: Cybex Gazelle S, from £995
  • Best all-terrain tandem: egg2 tandem stroller, from £1,148
  • Best for twins: Silver Cross Wave Cedar, £1,233
  • Best carrycot: iCandy Peach 7, from £1,250
  • Best for city living: Joolz Geo 3 Duo/Twin, £1,176.85
  • Best for newborn and toddler(s): UPPAbaby Vista V2, £1,289.99

Side-by-side buggies

  • Best for sturdy lightweight chassis: Out 'n' About GT Double, from £429
  • Best value: Joie Aire Twin, from £159.99
  • Best for families on a budget: My Babiie Dani Dyer Black Geometric Double Stroller, from £115
  • Best for compact fold: Roma Gemini, £399
  • Best budget side-by-side double: Ickle Bubba Venus, from £269.99
  • Best for easy fold: Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double, from £382
  • Best for families with young children of different ages: Leclerc Influencer with duo connector, £383.47 per pushchair
  • Best for narrow doorways: Mountain Buggy Duet V3, from £649
  • Best all-terrain side-by-side: Out 'n' About Nipper Double V5, £625
  • Best for growing families: Bugaboo Donkey 5 (Duo mode), from £1,380

What should I look out for when buying a double pushchair?

Does it work from birth? – If you're planning to put a newborn baby (or babies) in your double pushchair, you'll need to make sure there's a way for them to lie completely flat. Most likely, this will mean using carrycot, although some pushchairs have seats that can lie completely flat. Do check this carefully, as some pushchairs advertised as "lie flat" still sit at a slight angle.

Is it a travel system? – If you drive a lot you may want a frame that can be adapted to take infant car seats. This option is more common with tandem pushchairs, although you may need to buy additional adapters, and not all car seats will fit all buggies. If you're not prepared to buy a branded car seat to match your buggy, the so-called "universal" adapters tend to work with seats from Cybex, BeSafe and Maxi-Cosi.

What configurations are there? – Although you're limited with side-by-side pushchairs, most tandems offer a large number of seating configurations. Consider how easy it is to see your children, particularly a newborn in a carrycot. Charlotte Gelstharp, from leading baby retailer Natural Baby Shower, points out that a reversible seat offers versatility.

How much does it weigh? – Anything that carries two children is going to be heavy, especially if one of those children is a 12kg+ toddler. Do look into the overall weight of the pushchair (including seats / carrycots) as this could be a big deciding factor.

How wide or long is it? – Although side-by-side pushchairs are designed to be as narrow as possible, they won't fit through all doorways or hallways so if yours are narrow, check those measurements! The same goes for the length of a tandem buggy: if you have a couple of steps up to your porch or a short entranceway, you could really struggle if you buy the wrong one.

How long will it last? – Most doubles will have a maximum weight per seat, and possibly for the total frame, plus different seats and carrycots accommodate different heights. If your children are in the higher percentiles, do consider the upper limits as approximate ages given aren't always to be trusted.

What's the storage like? – Because they tend to be larger overall, most double pushchairs come with generous shopping baskets, but access may be partially blocked off in certain configurations.

What accessories are provided? – When you're using multiple seat configurations, purchasing lots of additional accessories like rain covers, mosquito nets and so on can quickly add up, so check what comes provided as standard.

How does it fold? – When you’re moving two little ones around is, can you fold your buggy with one hand or does it require both? If storage space is an issue, you might want to look for one that can fold with the seat removed, making it more compact. But that’s not a hard-and-fast rule – some with fixed seats still enjoy a more compact fold. With others you can take the wheels off, and some fold with handy shoulder straps accessible so it’s easy to pick up. Whatever your preference, we’ve listed the folded dimensions at the top of each profile.

How much does a double pushchair cost?

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a double buggy is cost. Luckily good double buggies come with a wide range of price tags, but bear in mind that buying a reputable and well-known brand (within budget of course) will maximise the resale value.

A MadeForMums survey found that 81% of parents spent between £100 and £999 on a double buggy. A quarter of those surveyed purchased one for between £100 and £299, with only 6% spending over £1,000.

How we chose and tested these pushchairs

When testing double pushchairs we consider comfort for both children and parents, weight, size, folded size, wheel type, folding mechanism, fabrications, longevity and whether they are worth the money.

Our lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

Here’s our pick of the best tandem and side-by-side double buggies for 2024

Tandem buggies below £600

1. Graco Stadium Duo, £170

— Best budget tandem buggy

2 Graco Stadium Duo Product shots

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg (lie-flat recline in rear seat only though) | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 13.79kg | Dimensions unfolded: L123cm x W56.5cm x H107.5cm | Dimensions folded: L128cm x W56.5cm x H41cm | Number of seating configurations: 3 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.2 stars

Don’t be put off by the eye-catching price point of this tandem – Graco have still managed to throw in a couple of lovely luxuries. MFM reviewer Sarah said her boys – a toddler of 3 and baby of 9 months – loved the play trays, while she loved the massive underslung shopping basket.

What’s also note-worthy about a double buggy at this price is that it converts to a travel system, with both seats designed to take Grace’s SnugEssentials i-size infant car seat (sold separately, £89.99 each). So technically it’s suitable for two newborns, although you’d have to bear in mind that only one of the seats reclines to a fully flat position.

A really lovely feature is that by the time your little ones are a bit older, there’s no consolation seat with this buggy. The name comes from the raised stadium-style seating so that it’s not just the child in the front seat who gets to enjoy the views. And the fold is pretty slick too, with a twist mechanism on the handle that means it can be done one-handed (with practice!).

As you might expect with a tandem at the lower end of the price scale though, it’s neither the smallest nor the lightest. Sarah said, “With the older child at the front, you need quite a bit of upper body strength to tilt the pushchair. The Graco Stadium Duo is easy to push, but heavy on the steering, especially with a 3-year-old on board.”

Pros: Good-quality upholstery, nice features for the price point, innovative design to incorporate elevated rear seat, travel-system compatible
Cons: Harder to manoeuvre than other tandems, can veer on sloping surfaces

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Graco Stadium Duo

Available from: Graco and Amazon

2. Joie Evalite Duo

— Best lightweight tandem

Joie Evalite Duo tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg (lie-flat recline in rear seat only) | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 11.24kg | Dimensions unfolded: L120cm x W56.5cm x H115cm | Dimensions folded: L45cm x W56.5cm x H99cm | Number of seating configurations: 2 | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.8 stars

At just over 11kg, the Joie Evalite Duo is definitely at the lighter end of the scale, making it a great choice if you’re lifting and moving it often. On the road it handles well and is easy to push. With such a lightweight buggy though, there’s bound to be compromises – it’s trickier than other models on rough or uneven terrain.

MFM reviewer Helen has 19-month-old twins and said that while it’s narrow, it’s also on the long side – so it can be hard to see the front when you’re pushing it. But she said, “I love the seat units. My twins fit in them nicely with plenty of room to spare. The seats are padded for comfort and they recline easily and independently. The seats are very high up too, which means both twins can see clearly – unlike other tandem buggies where the rear or bottom child has a limited view.”

We found the frame felt less sturdy than other models, which might make it a good holiday or second buggy – especially as it’s relatively compact when folded. But for the money it’s an impressive buggy. Helen added, “I loved how lightweight this was, without feeling flimsy. It was ideal for the quick walk to pre-school on normal pavements, but it’s not great off-road on gravel or cobbles.”

Pros: Lightweight, compact fold, good value for money, travel-system compatible
Cons: Baby is far away from you, not easy to manoeuvre with one hand

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Joie Evalite Duo

Available from: Argos, John Lewis and Mamas & Papas

3. Phil & Teds Sport Double, from £429

— Best for active families

Phil & Teds Sport double pushchair product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 20kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12kg | Dimensions unfolded: L114cm x W58cm x H112cm | Dimensions folded: L92cm x W58cm x H44cm | Number of seating configurations: 2 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

With the addition of Phil & Teds’ nifty double kit (you can buy both together though), the Sport transforms into a pretty slick tandem three-wheeler double. The air-filled tyres and all-wheel suspension mean it should cope well on all terrains and – as the name suggests – if you’re into jogging or looking for a bit more adventure than simply nipping round the shops.

MFM reviewer Sarah found it both stylish and practical with her toddler and baby sons, and said, “The doubles kit is really easy to put on or take off and many mums online agree this is a very handy feature as we all know how fickle toddlers can be. One minute they want to walk, the next they are too tired.”

As a single the seat can be parent-facing; as a double both kiddos face forwards. And just because it’s designed with the outdoorsy type in mind doesn’t mean it’s spartan – it boasts thick, luxurious fabrics as well as extra pockets and a large parcel tray.

Sarah has taken the Sport Double on the bus, train, tube, taxi and boat with no drama. It’s heavy to bump up stairs, though, and she points out that all the extras have to be bought separately. Having said that, she adds, “It’s so easy to adjust you can change configurations at your whim. It’s a great price for a top-of-the-range buggy.”

Pros: Sleek and lightweight yet sturdy, reversible handle for parent’s comfort, travel-system compatible
Cons: Head clearance is quite low if your older child is tall, your baby can’t face you in double buggy mode

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Phil & Teds Sport Double

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom and Pramworld

Tandem buggies £600-£1000

4. iCandy Orange 3, from £899.95

— Best double buggy designed to grow with your family

iCandy Orange 3 tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 25 kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.1kg | Dimensions unfolded: L72cm x W60cm x H95cm | Dimensions folded: L:70 x W:60 x H:28.5cm | Number of seating configurations: 30 | MFM Review Star Rating: 5 stars | Awards: Gold, MadeForMums Awards 2023

With lots of unique features such as a built-in ride-on board, ‘cinema seating’ and a massive 30 seating configurations, the Orange is a popular choice when it comes doubles.

You could say it’s the only buggy you’ll ever need. Even if you have children of different ages it can convert from single to double simply so will grow with your family, up to a third child.

A new feature invented for the Orange is the use of iCandy riser adapters which create a ‘cinema seating’ design. MFM reviewer Maxine said, “If you use the extenders with two seats, the way the seats are staggered allows you to make eye contact with both of your little ones if they’re facing towards you.”

Another impressive feature is the integrated ride-on board which can hold up to 20kg. One MFM user says this is one of her favourite features, “We’ve just started to use the integrated buggy board and my toddler loves it. She has plenty of room and enjoys interacting with her little sister while on it. I love that I don’t have to have a separate buggy board to trip over.”

Combine all this with soft suspension that makes light work of kerbs and an adjustable handlebar, and it’s comfort all the way – as you’d expect from iCandy.

Pros: Integrated ride-on board, cinema seating, 30 seat configurations, huge basket, travel-system compatible
Cons: More expensive than some models

Read the full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Orange

Available from: Online4Baby and iCandy

5. Cybex Gazelle S, from £995

— Best for storage capacity

Cybex Gazelle S tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 22 kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: L93-106cm x W65cm x H100-110cm | Dimensions folded: L32cm x W56cm x H74.5cm | Number of seating configurations: 20+ | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5

The Gazelle S combines streamlined design with a competitive price tag and lots of well thought-out details. Perhaps most important is the fact it comes with adapters built into the frame so changing between seats and carrycots is simple. It can also be folded with two seats in place, and adapters allow it to be used with infant car seats too.

Cybex is known for innovation and this single-to-double is no exception. It takes advantage of the convertible chassis to allow parents the option to use it in single mode with a large shopping basket. This sits behind the seat in parent-facing mode, for easy access and extra storage (a whopping 23kg combined with the underseat basket). It's an innovative addition, but our reviewer Sophie did notice that the pushchair felt "slightly more cumbersome to move around" in this configuration.

The seats and carrycot are sleek and minimalist in design, giving the whole buggy a very streamlined look. Our reviewer loved the extendable hood on the seat unit, which "extends with a zip right down to the bumper bar of the seat unit and has a nifty viewing/ventilation mesh window." Overall, this is a very stylish and high-performing model that's great if you want extra storage. Home tester Rebecca, mum of a baby and toddler, said, "The Gazelle is a great buggy: compact, slimline, configurable and easy to use."

Pros: Loads of storage, folds with seats, adapters built-in, travel-system compatible
Cons: Heavy at the front in some configurations

Read the full MadeForMums Cybex Gazelle S pushchair review

Available from: UKBabyCentre and Cybex

Tandem buggies £1000+

6. egg2 tandem stroller, from £1148

— Best all-terrain tandem

egg 2 double product shots

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg (per seat) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 17.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: L84.5-96cm x W59cm x H113cm | Dimensions folded: L32cm x W59cm x H71cm | Number of seating configurations: 6

Loved for its sleek style as a single, the egg2 pushchair can be converted into a double for growing families, with options for both twins and babies/toddlers. As a double, it can be used in a combination of carrycot(s) and infant seat(s) – so it really is a versatile option. It’s also a hugely stylish choice regardless of which configuration you’re using, as you’d expect with an egg, with a range of colours to choose from.

The frame may be heavier than some rivals, but the egg has been a longstanding hit with parents, who appreciate its elegant silhouette and high-quality fabrics.

To size up to a double from a single, you’ll need the tandem adaptors (around £50 per set if you buy them separately). Check retailers’ double bundles to see whether they include a carrycot or two seat units, but extra carrycots and seat units can be bought separately for around £220 each.

Pros: Stylish, lovely fabric colour choices, strong and sturdy chassis, travel-system compatible
Cons: Heavy, difficult to recline when used as a tandem

Read the full MadeForMums egg2 tandem stroller review

Available from: Millie and Ralph and Direct4Baby

7. Silver Cross Wave Cedar, £1,233

— Best for twins

Silver Cross Wave 2020 pushchair

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg (single) or 15kg (twin) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight:10kg (chassis), seat 3.5kg, carrycot 4.2kg | Dimensions unfolded: L111cm x W60cm x H95-109cm | Dimensions folded: L95cm x W60cm x H39.5cm | Number of seating configurations: Up to 30 with adaptors | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.6 stars

Heritage brand Silver Cross bill this as their most premium travel system and its ultra-luxurious carrycot is especially great. It’s ventilated and suitable for overnight sleeping, and also has a breathable and antibacterial bamboo lining. But there’s a lot more to the Wave than the carrycot – its versatility, sturdy build and smart design are noteworthy too.

MFM reviewer Anna, mum to 4-month-old twins, said, “The pushchair has a really tight turning circle and though two carrycots or seats make the pushchair quite long it’s the same width as a normal pushchair so I have no limitations on where I can go.

“The carrycot is lovely. Padded all around the sides with a washable mattress. Our twins were small at birth so we put them in the carrycot together initially – this kept them warm and together so they weren’t alone in the big carrycot for initial trips out.”

The Wave is compatible with a host of car seats and uses a simple one-click to fold. The adaptors you need to convert it from single to double are smooth and easy to use. It’s worth noting though that, like some other tandems, the Wave can feel long when you’re pushing it in double mode. But on the plus side, you’re getting lots of extras included that rival brands sell separately, such as liners and rain covers.

Pros: Spacious carrycot(s) suitable for overnight sleeping, easy to convert from single to double, great build quality, travel-system compatible
Cons: Can feel long when pushing two babies

Read our full MadeForMums Silver Cross Wave 2020 review

Available from: Direct4Baby, Natural Baby Shower and Pramworld

8. iCandy Peach, from £1,250

— Best carrycot

iCandy Peach 7 tester picture and product shots

Suitable for: Birth (with carrycot) to 25kg (15kg on elevators) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.9kg | Dimensions unfolded: L75cm x W61cm x H95-105cm | Dimensions folded: L70cm x W61cm x H29cm | Number of seating configurations: 25 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars

Now in its seventh generation, the iconic iCandy Peach is popular among image-conscious parents, and you can see why. It’s an attractive bit of kit and is ideal for those with a growing family, or with twins, who want something narrow.

And the Peach’s carrycot is wonderful – luxurious, spacious and lined with fleece. With the Gen-7 version, the carrycot has been updated and approved for overnight sleeping – making it really convenient for overnight trips. It also has a large and sturdy SPF50+ hood that can be extended to give your baby some extra shade.

MFM reviewer Cher, mum to a 4 month old and 2 year old, said she noticed the Peach’s soft and luxurious fabric straight away. She said, “I love that the carrycot has been approved for overnight sleeping, as it gives peace of mind that my baby is sleeping in a safe place. Usually, when my daughter falls asleep in her pram I move her into her cot as soon as we get home, but with the Peach 7 I felt confident leaving her to sleep in the carrycot.”

Her toddler was equally comfy in the seat unit. She highlighted the cushioning and fleece-lined footmuff (included in the bundle) as especially nice touches. Another of the key features iCandy boasts about is its one-handed fold - there is definitely a knack to this but Cher said the with practice it’s simple.

Once collapsed the chassis is free-standing rather than lying flat which makes it great for storage. Although you still have to store the seat or carrycot separately.

The Peach also comes with elevators so the seat unit can be positioned higher and closer to parent eye-level. MFM reviewer Alice added that it was certainly a comfortable ride,“Whether upright or reclined she didn’t loll to one side as she can in less supportive pushchair seats. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so comfortable!”

Pros: One-handed fold, carry cot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping, travel-system compatible
Cons: Heavy, expensive

Read the full MadeForMums iCandy Peach 7 review

Available from: UKBabyCentre, Mamas & Papas and Lesters Nurseryworld

9. Joolz Geo 3 Duo/Twin, £1,176.85

— Best for city living

Joolz Geo 3 Duo product shots

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg (birth to 15kg for 2nd seat) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 18.9kg (pushchair with cot), 17.9kg (pushchair with seat) | Dimensions unfolded: (with cots) L126cm x W60cm x H92-113cm (with seat) L94-105cm x W60 x H92-113cm | Dimensions folded: L92cm x W60cm x H33cm | Number of seating configurations: 7

Dutch company Joolz certainly designs attractive looking prams, and the third generation of its spacious Geo pushchair doesn't disappoint. The Geo 3 is sleek, easy to steer, compact and robust. And for those who like to take their toddler for a pitstop at the cafe while their baby naps in the carrycot, it's worth knowing the upper seat is so high it can also work as a high chair. A lifetime guarantee also speaks to the brand's confidence in the pushchair's durability.

When in double mode, both seats/carrycots have to face forward, which might not be ideal for twin parents, and there is no storage space when it’s used as a double. However, you can buy a matching ‘sidepack’ for £45.

The Geo 3 is a stylish city buggy with a sleek frame and compact size that's ideal for coping with buses, trains and shopping aisles. And its four-wheel suspension and large back wheels also means it can handle well on slightly more uneven terrain.

Pros: Stylish, easy to steer, seat doubles up as highchair, lifetime guarantee, travel-system compatible
Cons: Expensive, no storage in double mode, seats face away from you in double mode

Available from: Direct 4 Baby, Natural Baby Shower and Baby & Co

10. Uppababy Vista V2, £1,289.99

Best for newborn and toddler(s)

UPPAbaby Vista V2 pushchair

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg for upper seat / 3 months to 15kg for lower seat | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 16.4kg (pushchair with carrycot) | Dimensions unfolded: L91.4cm x W65.3cm x H100.3cm | Dimensions folded: (with seat attached) L44cm x W65.3cm x H100.3cm (without seat attached) L33 x W65.3 x H81.3 | Number of seating configurations: 9 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.6 stars

The UPPAbaby Vista 2 can carry twins, a baby and a toddler or even three kids with the addition of UPPA’s ‘PiggyBack’ board (which you buy separately for around £120).

And one of its key features is that unlike some other double buggies, it offers configurations that allow both children to face outwards with the rear seat elevated, so you avoid the ‘stacking’ issue where the child on the bottom gets stuck with no view.

It has all-wheel suspension which makes the ride a smooth one for the children, and easy to manoeuvre. MFM reviewer Jade tested it with her own toddler, plus friends’ two babies (9 months and 2 months). She said, “My toddler absolutely loves being up high in this buggy and holding on to the support bar, as he mimics me as we’re walking along. Another great feature is just how quickly the seat can be turned to face the world or the parent.

“Even with 2 children in, it’s easy to turn with one hand, it feels sturdy and well constructed. I took it over tree roots in the forest, over potholes, up kerbs, through long grass – and this buggy had no problems at all.”

The carrycot is bigger in the new model so will last longer, is suitable for overnight sleeping and can be released from the buggy with one-hand. But when in the double configuration with the carrycot and toddler seat, the carrycot has to go underneath.

And of course, what all owners of a Vista rave about — the size of the basket underneath. UPPAbaby says it has a capacity of 13.6kg. That is heavier than the buggy itself, so think of everything you can put in it!

Pros: Large basket, both toddlers have great view outwards, extendable pop-out sunshade, travel-system compatible
Cons: Expensive, more cumbersome to move when used as a double

Read the full MadeForMums review of the UPPAbaby Vista V2

Available from: Baby and Child Store and Pramworld

Here's our pick of the best side-by-side double pushchairs

Side-by-side buggies below £600

11. Out 'n' About GT Double, from £429

— Best for a sturdy lightweight chassis

Out n About GT Double tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: L105cm x W71cm x H105cm | Dimensions folded: L90cm x W69cm x H32cm | Number of seating configurations: 5 | Awards: Silver, MadeforMums Awards 2023

Out ’n’ About call this their ‘go anywhere’ urban double buggy, and with 10-inch puncture-proof tyres and suspension for uneven ground alongside the ability to fold in one piece for car or plane travel, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

For newborn twins, the frame can accommodate two carrycots (sold separately, £159 each) and from there you can work through combinations including car seat (it can only take one at a time, and the adaptor is sold separately, £45) and the super-comfy seat unit.

MFM tester Sophie used the GT Double with her 2.5 year old and 6 month old and was impressed how it coped with a variety of terrains. She did struggle with it in small shops though. She said, “I was really impressed with how easy and lightweight the pushchair was to steer. It’s very smooth and the large wheels make most terrains very easy to go over. It didn’t feel awkward or heavy to navigate round tight corners in the supermarket, and lifting the pushchair on and off the kerb was also very easy.”

MFM reviewer Claire (pictured above), who tested it with her newborn twins, agrees: "It doesn’t feel much different to pushing a large single buggy – it’s a delight to push."

Sophie adds: “The handlebar can be adjusted to 2 different heights, which was great for my husband who is 6ft 5 and me at 5ft 6. It was a little bit cumbersome going along narrow or uneven pavements however and I was quite nervous that the whole thing would topple over.”

She added that she could lift it into the boot of our car without too much difficulty. "But I wouldn’t want to carry it folded as it would be too heavy," she added.

Out ’n’ About also offer the bigger-wheeled Nipper Double (also reviewed here), which they recommend for really rough terrains.

Pros: Lightweight, even older children (up to age 4 approx) will be comfortable in it, great value, can take two carrycots, travel-system compatible
Cons: Wide (may have to be folded to fit through some front doors), Basket is quite small, can’t take two car seats side by side

Read our full MadeForMums Out 'n' About GT Double pushchair review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, My Baby Stroller and Direct 4 Baby

12. Joie Aire Twin, £159.99

Best value

Joie Aire Twin

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 12.1kg | Dimensions unfolded: L80.5cm x W77cm x H102cm | Dimensions folded: L78cm x W30.5cm x H98.5cm | Number of seating configurations: 1 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5

The Joie Aire Twin is an affordable and easy-to-fold stroller ideal for both twins and siblings of different ages, as the seats recline separately so a baby can lie flat whilst their older sibling can be upright. MFM reviewer Jenny praised the Aire Twin for this feature, “They’re very easy to recline and pop back into the upright position with the minimum of fuss. With the leg rests and the full recline, I would be confident that my boys would be able to have a good nap in the buggy.”

At just 12.1kg it is really lightweight and easy to push on even, flat surfaces. However Jenny mentioned she struggled to mount kerbs due to the small wheels. She said, “I used all my weight to push down on the handlebar and I simply could not get the wheels up – instead, I had to reverse up every kerb. Having said that, my husband tried and had no issue.”

One of its star features is the one-handed fold which also one of Jenny’s favourite elements of the Aire Twin, “I am so impressed with how easy and quick the Joie Aire Twin is to fold and put up. As Joie promises, it really is a quick, one-hand fold.” Once folded, it’s also freestanding – great for packing it away when you’re not using it. It also comes in a couple of eye-catching colour ways, which is a nice detail at this price point.

Pros: Good value, individually reclining seats, one hand fold, generous basket, lightweight
Cons: Doesn’t fit in all car boots, no division between seats, handlebar doesn’t adjust, not carrycot or car seat compatible

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Available from: Argos, Smiths Toys and Baby and Child Store

13. My Babiie Dani Dyer Black Geometric Double Stroller, from £115

— Best for families on a budget

My Babiie Dani Dyer double stroller tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg (each seat) | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 11.7kg | Dimensions unfolded: L77cm x W77cm x H105cm | Dimensions folded: L105cm x W45cm x H25cm | Number of seating configurations: 1

Love Island star and mum of 3 (including twins) Dani Dyer has collaborated with My Babiie to put her name to the Geometric double stroller as part of her ‘Cherish’ range. With its diamond-print fabric, it’s a stylish choice although as you’d expect with such a tiny price tag it’s not the sturdiest double buggy on our list. Having said that, it sports some nice touches like pockets in each of the hoods and a seriously lightweight frame.

There are plenty of recline positions and 2-position adjustable leg rests, and so offers more versatility than you might expect for the price. My Babiie says the stroller can be used from birth in the lie-flat position, but for a newborn you may want to invest in the cosy toes (£24.99 each) to keep tiny ones a little more cocooned.

Our home tester Lisa said that, for the price, she felt this was a good-quality buggy. She was testing it with her 18-month-old twins, and said, "I found it easy to get it up and down curbs. I wouldn't be able to push it one handed, however being a double buggy I wouldn't expect to. It's great on tarmac but on uneven terrain, like getting it through the local park's wood chippings was very difficult!

"The brake is a disappointing feature. It's hard to put on and off and rattles when the buggy is in motion. But it has a lot of positive features, like the storage, ease to put up and down and the level of comfort it gives my twins for short journeys."

Pros: Affordable, easy to fold, extra-long hoods, lots of accessories
Cons: Brake can be tricky to apply, not the sturdiest double buggy, seats are shallow so won’t suit older children, not travel-system compatible

Available from: Olivers Baby Centre and Baby and Child Store

14. Roma Gemini, £399

Best for compact fold

Roma Gemini Double Pram

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 9kg | Dimensions unfolded: ‎L100cm x W69cm x H102cm | Dimensions folded: L42cm x W69cm x H79cm | Number of seating configurations: 1

The Roma Gemini weighs the same as some single pushchairs and folds down into an impressively small package, making it a great option if you want something lightweight and easy to transport. However, where it really impressed was its handling. Even with two children in the seats, it's easy to manoeuvre. “The steering is truly on a par with the highest-end pushchairs out there,” said home tester Karolina, mum of a a baby and toddler.

The seats recline flat, but you can also buy the Roma Gemini carrycot (£100 each), which not only provides cosier space for a newborn, but also offer a parent-facing option in the early months. Tester Hannah, mum of twins, said the carrycots made it ideal for twin parents, although they do push the price up significantly.

The fabrics are quite light, and the details are definitely less luxurious than some more premium models. But this is partially because of the lightweight construction, which is a huge plus in the practicality stakes. Plus, the prints on offer (dalmation, sunflower and leopard) are a real breath of fresh air. Many parents will love the addition of a bumper bar, and it also has a generous basket for all those essentials you need when out with two children.

Pros: Folds well, feels light, great steering and handling
Cons: Can feel flimsy due to the lightweight construction, carrycots add to cost, not travel-system compatible

Available from: Roma, Kiddies Kingdom, Little Angels Prams and Baby Boutique UK

15. Ickle Bubba Venus, from £269.99

— Best budget side-by-side double

Ickle Bubba Venus pushchair product shots

Suitable for: Birth (when used with newborn cocoon, sold separately) to 15kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 13.4kg | Dimensions unfolded: L99.5cm x W74.5cm x H105cm | Dimensions folded: L76cm x W74cm x H30cm | Number of seating configurations: 4

There’s a lot to admire about the Venus, both in terms of the in-the-box product and the extras you can buy to customise it to your needs. It comes with a full-length rain cover and the standard stroller seats are quilted with a variety of recline positions. The seats can be adjusted independently to keep everyone happy when you’re out and about.

It’s not as light as other models in our list but it does sport a good-sized shopping basket, as well as front and rear suspension to help you navigate uneven surfaces a little more easily. Best of all, there’s a two-gate opening bumper to make it really easy to get your little ones in and out.

If you’re using this with a newborn (or newborns) you’ll need the newborn cocoon (£59 each), which creates an enclosed, lie-flat space for your little one. You can attach two cocoons side by side to convert the Venus into a twin pram, and they’ve also rejigged the design to mean you can attach the cocoon to face either way, which is a really neat trick for a double pushchair of this price. Other nice accessories include the fleecy padded seat liner – you have to buy them separately, but at £24 they’re reasonably priced.

Pros: Very versatile for the price, extra-large shopping basket, nice accessories can be purchased separately
Cons: Heavier than other side-by-side double buggies, narrow range of fabric choices, not travel-system compatible

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom and Ickle Bubba

16. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double, from £382

Best for easy fold

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double pushchair

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg in each seat | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 10.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: L94.5cm x W66.5cm x H102.5cm | Dimensions folded: L63cm x W66.5cm x H25cm | Number of seating configurations: ‘Multi’ | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.8 | Awards: Gold, MadeForMums Awards 2023

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is one of the narrowest side-by-side buggies on the market at 66.5cm so is able to go through most doorways. It features an ultra-compact fold, making it handy for storage at home or in your car boot, and is great to push on urban streets.

Both of these were important features MFM tester and a parent of twins, Hannah, who said, “For a parent of twins and/or more I think this buggy has huge appeal, because of the ease to fold down and it fitting through doorways, along with the cost I think it’s a great choice.”

The City Tour 2 Double can’t be used as a travel system with car seats, but you can put two carrycots on it to use from birth. Due to how narrow and compact the buggy is though the carrycots are quite small and the seats rather narrow making it a “squeeze past four months”, MFM Editorial Director Susie Boone found.

MFM reviewer Kirstie agreed, saying her baby was filling it from just 9 weeks old. She said, “My son isn’t a particularly big baby, but now at 14 weeks old I find it’s a bit of a squeeze.” However the seats do recline to a flat position so babies under six months can lie flat – a handy option if your baby outgrows the small-sized carrycot.”

But it’s the one-handed fold that really sets the City Tour apart. Kirstie said, “The City Tour 2 Double is an absolute dream to fold. It does take a bit of practice but it’s very easy when you know how and several people remarked on how smart the folding mechanism was.” You can’t fold it with the carrycot attached, but the mechanism for attaching and removing the cot is “genius”, according to Kirstie. And once folded, the pushchair is compact and has two handy straps to make it easy to lift and place in the car boot.

Pros: Easy and compact fold, narrow, lightweight for a double
Cons: not travel-system compatible, fixed height handlebar, narrow seats

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Available from: Baby Jogger, DeWaldens Pram Centre, UKBabyCentre and Boots

Side-by-side buggies £600-£1000

17. Leclerc Influencer with Duo Connector, £383.47 per pushchair

— Best for families with young children of different ages

Leclerc Influencer with duo connector tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth (with bassinet, sold separately) to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 6.6kg per pushchair | Dimensions unfolded: L61cm x W47cm x H101.5cm | Dimensions folded: L24cm x W47cm x H56cm | Number of seating configurations: 4 | Awards: Editor's Choice, MadeForMums Awards 2023

The more we played around with the Leclerc Baby Duo Connector and a pair of Influencer strollers, the more we began to imagine situations when it would be really useful. The 3 connectors (sold separately, £74.20) turn 2 single pushchairs into a double buggy – and it can be unclipped in a matter of seconds.

We felt that if you like the design of a side-by-side double with the convenience of a single-to-double this is what you get from Leclerc. Use the 2 buggies separately, or clip them together for an extra option. And if you already own an Influencer it’s a cost-effective way of upgrading. Having said that, the optional bassinet comes in at £262 and the adaptors are £53 – both of which you’ll need for newborns.

Parent tester Georgette tested the Influencer and duo connector with their 3-year-old son and 6-month-old daughter and said, “I mainly use it as a double pram for the nursery run as I quickly adapt it into a single buggy after I’ve dropped my son off. As it’s so compact when folded down, the nursery staff kindly let me leave one pushchair there and then I collect it when I pick him up and turn it into a double buggy for the journey home.” Smart thinking!

Pros: Really versatile, quick and easy to fold/unfold
Cons: Wider than regular doubles, bassinet and adaptors are sold separately, not travel-system compatible

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Available from: Leclerc Baby and Natural Baby Shower

18. Mountain Buggy Duet, £709

Best for narrow doorways

Mountain Buggy Duet

Suitable for: Birth to 18kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 15.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: L106cm x W63cm x H101.5cm | Dimensions folded: L96cm x W63cm x H30cm | Number of seating configurations: 7

Created by a New Zealand dad who wanted to enjoy mountain trails with his children, the Mountain Buggy Duet is the slimmest side-by-side on the market, at 63cm, with a footprint the same as a single buggy. This makes it ideal for parents who are worried about fitting through narrow doorways or on public transport.

It’s not the quickest of buggies to assemble but once done, the suspension of the air-filled tyres provides a dream to push on all manner of terrains. Nothing fazes it, and its manoeuvrability is superb as MFM reviewer Sybilla found, “You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb, as not only is it light, it’s easy to steer and can change direction at the drop of a hat.”

One of the Duet’s handy key features is also its handbrake on the adjustable handlebar, a welcome addition when pushing two children down a hill.

Although it’s light to push, it’s not so light to lift once folded, at 15.5kg. It doesn’t have a compact fold, although it is easy to fold down albeit with two hands. But the fact it can fit anywhere when pushing makes up for its bulk in the car boot.

Pros: Very narrow, performs well on multiple terrains, useful handbrake
Cons: Heavy to lift, hard to assemble

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Available from: Mountain Buggy and UKBabyCentre

19. Out 'n' About Nipper Double V5, £625

— Best for multiple terrains

Product shot of Out n About Nipper v5 with carrycots and seat units

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 12.8kg | Dimensions unfolded: L119cm x W72cm x H96cm | Dimensions folded: L90cm x W71cm x H36cm | Number of seating configurations: 3

If you’re looking for an all-terrain double buggy, the newest version of the Out and About Nipper – V5 – has to be high up the list. With three wheels, rear suspension and hard-wearing pneumatic tyres this upgraded version of the popular buggy can handle anything you throw at it.

Like its award-winning predecessor, the V5 is a dream to push on even bumpy ground, and its water-resistant fabrics, improved 5-point harness and new one-hand fold make it a very practical everyday option for all terrains. While you can't attach car seats to the chassis (unlike its 4-wheeled sibling, the GT Double), the Nipper V5's 3 air-filled tyres mean you can also use it for jogging when the front wheel is fixed in place. This new version also comes with a rain cover and removable basket included.

At 12.8kg it’s much lighter than the similar all-terrain Mountain Buggy Duet which is 14.7kg but is nearly 10cm wider at 72cm (the Mountain Buggy Duet is 63cm). However this doesn’t make it hard to manoeuvre, and parent tester Sophie says, “Pushing the buggy is a doddle - steering is incredibly light and easy compared to our regular pram. It performed really well in the city while shopping (one-handed pushing is easy) and in the countryside when we took it on a walk down quite muddy, uneven country paths."

It can be used from birth as the seats recline to lie-flat, but we also like that you can also buy carrycots to go on it too at £130 each. The frame can take two carrycots simultaneously for twins. And as for the seats, each reclines independently so it works for twins as well as for siblings of different ages.

Pros: Great all-terrain for heavier toddlers, light to push, adjustable handlebar, quick release wheels to remove for storage, water-resistant fabrics, relatively slim
Cons: Fabrics do not feel luxurious, not travel-system compatible

Available from: Out ’n’ About, Pramworld and Direct 4 Baby

Side-by-side buggies £1,000+

20. Bugaboo Donkey 5 (Duo mode), from £1,380

— Best for growing families

Bugaboo Donkey 5 tester picture and product shot

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 14.9kg in Duo/Twin configuration | Dimensions unfolded: L111cm x W74cm x H85-106cm | Dimensions folded: (two-piece) L89cm x W60cm x H35cm (one-piece, self-standing) L52cm x W74cm x H90cm | Number of seating configurations: 17 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.8

The Donkey 5 comes in three modes – the Mono for a newborn or a toddler, the Duo for a newborn and a toddler or 2 toddlers, and the Twin for 2 newborns or 2 toddlers. Once you’ve got your head around the configuration that’s best suited for your family, there’s a lot to enjoy. We looked at the Duo.

The clever frame expands widthways to accommodate the extra seat (in Mono mode it’s narrower but has space for a shopping basket alongside your child). If you have twins it can be used as a double buggy straight away, as it will also take 2 carrycots or car seats.

This newest model, the Donkey 5, has been improved to feature a higher seat and also brings your child slightly closer to you to make it easier to reach them. The upgraded carrycot (included) has better ventilation for extra breathability (although it’s not recommended for overnight sleeping), and the folding mechanism has been improved as well. There’s also a dizzying array of standard colour combinations (21!), plus another 2 in the premium range. Like the previous version, it also takes on a variety of terrains with ease.

MFM reviewer Kirstie tested it with her sons, aged 5 months and 28 months and said it was clear from the start that this is a quality product. She added, “What makes the Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo unique is its 3-click system to transform it from single to duo or twin configuration, and I was pleasantly surprised that it really was as simple as that.”

With the Bugaboo reputation for quality, it’s no surprise that you get a lot in the box, including the carrycot, rain covers and 2 baskets. Another handy feature is that you can fold it with the seats attached, but it’s not really a slimline fold – even if you take the wheels off.

Pros: Versatile, great build quality, copes with multiple terrains, travel-system compatible
Cons: One of the more expensive side-by-side doubles on the market, bulky when folded down

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Available from: Bugaboo, Lesters Nurseryworld and John Lewis