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Best double buggies for babies & toddlers and for twins

Choosing a double buggy for a baby and toddler or for twins? Don’t buy anything until you check out our pick of side-by-side and tandem buggies...

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Double buggies are an absolute must for twins and also if you have a toddler and a baby. But with so many on the market, where do you even start in deciding which one is right for you and your family?


To make the choice easier we’ve meticulously researched the market for the best side-by-side and tandem buggies, to suit a variety of different lifestyles. Each one of the buggies on this list has been tested by one of our MadeForMums journalist reviewers and home testers with their babies. We’ve also combined this with expert knowledge and insight from our users to bring you the very best double pushchairs available now.

What type of double pushchair do I need?

The first thing to consider is if you want a tandem or side-by-side style buggy. Tandem buggies take up around the same space as a single and have the seats or carrycot one in front of the other. This means you’ll be able to navigate pavements and shop aisles with more ease but can feel heavier and longer.

However, compared to a lot of side-by-side buggies, there’s more convertible options. These start off as single buggies for when you only have one child, but cleverly convert to doubles by buying additional seats or carrycots. They basically grow with your family and can be a perfect option if you only want to ever buy one buggy.

One mum in our Facebook group, Kayleigh, said a single-to-double works perfectly for her. She said, “With a single-to-double, you’re not lumbered with a cumbersome double once one child is walking more, and it also ‘future proofs’ your pram so you spend less in the long run.”

Side-by-side buggies on the other hand have the children side by side but are therefore wider. One mum in our Facebook group, Ijeoma, says her boys both preferred side-by-side. She adds, “It meant they could see each other and had better views.” And with the weight more evenly distributed, they’re easier to get up and down kerbs.

We’ve included both tandem and side-by-side options in our list below so if you’re till not sure what you’d like, you can read more about the pros and cons of each here.

What should I look out for when buying a double pushchair?

You’ll need to decide if you’re going to be using your double pushchair from birth. Most doubles can be used from birth with a carry cot or in a seat that reclines to a lie-flat position, which is essential for a newborn. For this reason with each pushchair on our list, we’ve stated if they can be used with a carrycot.

A lot are compatible with car seats and used as a travel system, but not all are, so it’s important to check if that’s what you need. In a MadeForMums survey 63% of parents said they opted for a travel system when they bought their buggy, so it’s something to take into account.

Also think about the different configurations the pushchair offers. Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower, a leading online baby retailer, says, “A reversible seat offers versatility – when they are younger you can easily keep an eye on them in parent facing mode, then as they grow you can switch it around and they can see the world around them and keep them entertained.”

Charlotte also stresses the importance of checking the weight of your pushchair, “Weight is also an important thing to consider as you may end up having to carry it around or lift it upstairs to your flat.”

Just remember no matter how ‘lightweight’ something is, it’s going to feel a whole lot heavier once you put two children in there. Some buggies can literally glide along the pavement, gravel or grassland, but can be a massive pain to lift in and out of the boot of your car.

Another important factor is how wide the buggy is – especially if you go for a twin side-by-side. They may be easier to push and manoeuvre sometimes, but can they fit through your front door?

How much does a double pushchair cost?

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a double buggy is cost. Luckily good double buggies come in a wide range of costs, so there is likely to be something suitable whatever your budget is.

A MadeForMums survey found that 81% of parents spent between £100 and £999 on a double buggy. A quarter of those surveyed purchased one for between £100 and £299, with only 6% spending over £1,000, so there’s a wide variety available which we’ve reflected in our list.

Here’s our pick of the best side-by-side double buggies…

1. Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double, £449

A narrow forward-facing stroller

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg in each seat | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 10.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: H102.5cm x W:66.5cm x L94.5cm | Dimensions folded: H25cm x W66.5cm x L63cm | Number of seating configurations: ‘Multi’ | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best double or convertible buggy – Gold

The Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double is one of the narrowest side-by-side buggies on the market at 66.5cm so is able to go through most doorways. It features an ultra-compact fold, (H:25 x W:66.5 x L:63cm) making it handy for storage at home or in your car boot, and is great to push on urban streets.

Both of these were important features MFM tester and a parent of twins, Hannah, who said, ““For a parent of twins and/or more I think this buggy has huge appeal, because of the ease to fold down and it fitting through doorways, along with the cost I think it’s a great choice.”

The City Tour 2 Double cannot be used as a travel system with car seats, but you can put two carrycots on it to use from birth. Due to how narrow and compact the buggy is though the carrycots are quite small and the seats rather narrow making it a “squeeze past four months”, MFM Awards 2020 judge Susie Boone found.

However the seats do recline to a flat position so babies under six months can lie flat – a handy option if your baby outgrows the small-sized carrycot.

Its basket underneath can hold up a decent amount (up to 5kg), which is essential with twins, but there is a bar from the frame down the middle, so fitting a large changing bag in is tricky.

Pros: Easy and compact fold, narrow, lightweight for a double
Cons: Can’t be used with car seats, fixed height handlebar, narrow seats

Available from: Amazon, Uber Kids and Precious Little One

2. Bugaboo Donkey 3 (Duo Mode), from £1,315

A versatile pushchair for growing families

Suitable for: birth to around 22kg each seat (4 years) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 15.3kg | Dimensions unfolded: H93cm x W74cm x L85cm | Dimensions folded: H:52 x W:74 x L:93cm | Number of seating configurations: 17 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

Bugaboo prams have always been highly regarded and the Donkey 3 is no different. Perfect for growing families – you can configure it as a single buggy in mono mode but then convert it to a double buggy in duo moode if you have more children or if you have twins it can be used as a double buggy straight away with two carrycots or car seats.

The latest model now has foam-filled tyres, so you won’t have to worry about punctures. These also give the Donkey a smooth ride on lots of different surfaces as MFM reviewer, Alex, found, “The wheels are large and sturdy and we managed great on pavement, cobbles, riverside paths and uneven hilly round through the local allotment. Bugaboo say you can push this buggy one handed and they are spot on.”

In Duo mode the Donkey3 is 74cm wide which is narrower than the average 80cm of most twin (side by side) buggies. It’s worth keeping in mind that our MFM reviewer struggled to fit it through her 75cm-wide front door in this mode, so it’s worth checking before you buy.

A handy feature of the Donkey3 is that you can fold it with the seats attached, but it does not fold down small – unless you take the wheels off – and even then it is still bulky as Alex found. She said, “I’d also think more about where I’d store a buggy of this size – even in its most compact folding mode, the seats that come with it take up a lot of room, so it’s worth considering where you’ll put it.”

We also like that as a single buggy, there is also space for an extra storage basket with zipped pockets that can hold up to 9kg alongside the carrycot or seat, as well as a large basket underneath.

Pros: Narrower than most side-by-side buggies, 17 seat configurations, extra storage space, self-standing when folded in one piece
Cons: Bulky when folded down, heavy, expensive

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Donkey 3 here 

Available from: Natural Baby Shower, UberKids and Bugaboo

3. Mountain Buggy Duet, £649

The footprint of a single buggy

Suitable for: Birth up to 18kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 15.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: H106cm x W63cm x L101.5cm | Dimensions folded: H:96 x W:63 x L:30cm  | Number of seating configurations: 7 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.4 stars

Created by a New Zealand dad who wanted to enjoy mountain trails with his children, the Mountain Buggy Duet is the slimmest side-by-side on the market, at 63cm, with a footprint the same as a single buggy. This makes it ideal for parents who are worried about fitting through narrow doorways or on public transport.

It’s not the quickest of buggies to assemble but once done, the suspension of the air-filled tyres provides a dream to push on all manner of terrains. Nothing fazes it, and its manoeuvrability is superb as MFM reviewer Sybilla found, “You won’t have any problems changing direction or lifting the Duet onto the pavement or kerb, as not only is it light, it’s easy to steer and can change direction at the drop of a hat.”

One of the Duet’s handy key features is also its handbrake on the adjustable handlebar, a welcome addition when pushing two children down a hill.

Although it’s light to push, it’s not so light to lift once folded, at 15.5kg. It doesn’t have a compact fold, although it is easy to fold down albeit with two hands. But the fact it can fit anywhere when pushing makes up for its bulk in the car boot.

Pros: Very narrow, performs well on multiple terrains, useful handbrake
Cons: Heavy to lift, hard to assemble

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Mountain Buggy Duet here

Available from: Natural Baby Shower, Samuel Johnston, John Lewis

4. Red Kite Push Me Twini, £200

An affordable lightweight double

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 10kg | Dimensions unfolded: H103cm x W76cm x L80cm | Dimensions folded: H42cm x W74cm x L80cm | Number of seating configurations: 1 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars

When it comes to finding a lightweight double buggy, British brand Red Kite has nailed it with the Push Me Twini coming in at just 10kg, one of the lightest on the market. And with a price tag of £200 parents looking for a lightweight double stroller could be onto a winner.

MFM Reviewer Maxine called it “the lightest of any double buggy” she’d used with a smooth and easy push. “Mounting kerbs isn’t a problem and it doesn’t feel too heavy”, says says. “Even when loaded up with shopping.”

It also comes with some nifty extra features including a sun canopy, adjustable leg rests, a mesh peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your newborn if they’re world-facing.

The ability to recline both seats individually also proved useful for our reviewer with her two boys, “It means if Theo needs his morning nap I can lie him all the way flat without disturbing Ellis as he can stay sitting upright.” In contrast to this, the extendable hood comes as one big one to cover both children so can’t be used independently for each child.

Unlike most other buggies, it also comes with two footmuffs, as well as a raincover and two bumper bars. Although both MFM Reviewer Maxine and an Amazon customer said they were thin. The Amazon customer said, “They’re slightly padded but not really cosy. With an older child whose legs extend beyond the foot rest, the ‘muffs’ become redundant.”

Pros: Incredibly lightweight, good value for money, easy to manoeuvre
Cons: Can’t be used as a travel system or with carrycots, thin footmuffs

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Red Kite Push Me Twini here 

Available from: Argos, Amazon and Samuel Johnston

5. Joie Aire Twin, £140

Best for a quick, one-handed fold

Suitable for: Birth to 3 years | Can be used with carrycots: No | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 11.8kg | Dimensions unfolded: H102cm x W76cm x L80.5cm | Dimensions folded: H98.5cm x W30.5cm x L78cm | Number of seating configurations:1 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.5 stars

The Joie Aire Twin is an affordable and easy-to-fold stroller ideal for both twins and siblings of different ages, as the seats recline separately so a baby can lie-flat whilst their older sibling can be upright. MFM reviewer, Jenny, praises the Aire Twin for this feature, “They’re very easy to recline and pop back into the upright position with the minimum of fuss. With the leg rests and the full recline, I would be confident that my boys would be able to have a good nap in the buggy.”

At just 11.8kg it is not the lightest on the market, but it is easy to push on even, flat surfaces. However Jenny mentioned she struggled to mount kerbs due to the small wheels. She said, “I used all my weight to push down on the handlebar and I simply could not get the wheels up – instead, I had to reverse up every kerb. Having said that, my husband tried and had no issue.”

One of its star features is the one-handed fold which also one of Jenny’s favourite elements of the Aire Twin, “I am so impressed with how easy and quick the Joie Aire Twin is to fold and put up. As Joie promises, it really is a quick, one-hand fold.”

Pros: Good value, individually reclining seats, one hand fold, generous basket, lightweight
Cons: Doesn’t fit in all car boots, no division between seats, handlebar doesn’t adjust, not carrycot or car seat compatible

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Joie Aire Twin here

Available from: John Lewis, Argos and Mamas & Papas

6. Out N About Nipper V4 Double, £400

Best for handling multiple terrains

Suitable for: Birth to 4 years | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: No | Weight: 12.8kg | Dimensions unfolded: H96cm x W72cm x L119cm | Dimensions folded: H42cm x W72cm x L90cm | Number of seating configurations: 1

If you’re looking for an all-terrain double buggy, the Out and About Nipper V4 has to be high up the list. With three wheels, rear suspension and hard-wearing pneumatic tyres this buggy can handle anything you throw at it.

These features make it a breeze to push as MFM reviewer, Christy, found, “It’s lighter than most singles to push even on rough ground, steers effortlessly with one hand.”

At 12.8kg it’s much lighter than the similar all-terrain Mountain Buggy Duet which is 14.7kg but is more than 10cm wider at 72cm (the Mountain Buggy Duet is 63cm). However this doesn’t make it hard to manoeuvre as one Amazon reviewer found, “It is narrower than it looks, I always think I’m not going to fit through doorways and gaps but there hasn’t been a door I’ve not been able to push it through yet.”

It can be used from birth as the seats recline to lie-flat, but we also like that you can also buy carrycots to go on it too at £130 each. Each seat reclines independently so it’s not only ideal for twins but also for different aged siblings.

Pros: All terrain, light to push, adjustable handlebar, quick release wheels to remove for storage
Cons: Not travel system compatible

Available from: Amazon, Precious Little One and Uber Kids

7. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double, £670

A sturdy and comfortable double

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 16kg | Dimensions unfolded: H107cm x W74cm x L101cm | Dimensions folded: H34cm x W77.5cm x L81.5cm | Number of seating configurations: 1

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double is an off-road buggy ready to tackle all terrains with its ‘forever air’ rubber tyres and all-wheel suspension, it’s set to give your little ones a comfortable ride wherever it takes them.

It can be used from birth with car seats, unlike previous models, carrycots or with the seats lying flat, and has Baby Jogger ‘signature one step in-seat’ fold. You just have to lift the straps and the GT2 double folds itself simply and compactly, and stays secure with an auto-lock.

MFM reviewer and mum of 2 Maxine, tried out the Baby Jogger City Mini Double, a previous model. She said, “What’s great about the seats is that each can be individually reclined so your little ones don’t have to be sitting in the same position.”

It is 77.5cm wide though, so not the narrowest side-by-side available on the market, and is 16kg so heavy to lift. But it does come with handy features like a hand-operated brake which is easier to reach, as well as adjustable calf supports for a more comfortable ride.

Pros: All terrain, easy reach hand operated brake, height adjustable handlebar, quick fold technology
Cons: Quite heavy, not the narrowest on the market

Available from: Amazon, Uber Kids and Baby Baby Online

Here’s our pick of the best tandem double pushchairs…

8. Silver Cross Wave, £1,200

A luxury ready-to-go double for baby and toddler

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg (single mode) or 15kg (twin mode) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 19.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: H95-109cm x W60cm x L111cm | Dimensions folded: H94cm x W60cm x L38cm | Number of seating configurations: 16 (or 30 with ride-on board) | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.6 stars

The 2020 version of the Silver Cross Wave is 1kg lighter than its popular predecessor. Straight out of the box, you can immediately accommodate a newborn and toddler in the Silver Cross One-plus-One system without having to buy an extra seat. For twins you’d need to purchase an extra carrycot or seat (or eventually both) which isn’t unusual, although they do ‘twin bundles’.

Silver Cross also produce a ride-on board for an older child, so if you’re strong enough you could push all three children at one time making this a versatile option for a growing family.

The Wave is a top-of-the-range luxurious tandem pushchair, so seats are front and back (inline) rather than side by side. Switching from single to double mode is effortless and setting up the various configurations is quick and simple.

MadeForMums reviewer Sam, praises the tandem set-up of the 2019 Wave, “I have found it incredibly easy to manoeuvre. The pushchair has a really tight turning circle and though two carrycots or seats make the pushchair quite long, it’s the same width as a normal pushchair so I have no limitations of where I can go.”

It also has multi-terrain wheels and four-wheel suspension so the ride on any surface is a comfortable one. However it is one of the heavier double buggies on the market at 19.5kg, and when the bottom carrycot or seat is on, access to the huge shopping basket is restricted.

Pros: Fast conversion from single to double, 30 seat configurations with ride-on board, stylish
Cons: Expensive, heavy, long when two used with two seats or carrycots

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Silver Cross Wave here

Available from: Silver Cross, John Lewis and Natural Baby Shower

9. Kids Kargo Duel DS, £325

A great value option for a newborn and toddler

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes but only one | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 17kg | Dimensions unfolded: H82cm x W65cm x L106 cm | Dimensions folded: H32cm x W65cm x L94cm | Number of seating configurations: 4 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.0 stars | Awards: MadeForMums Award 2020, Best double or convertible buggy – Silver

The Kids Kargo Duel DS double buggy is set in the mid-priced section of the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth looking at. You actually get lots of features for a lot less money than some of the top brands.

It’s designed to carry two children of different ages, rather than twins, with a carrycot which goes on the top and a toddler seat for a child up to three to sit underneath. The carrycot also converts into a toddler seat once you’re finished with it, saving you the cost of buying an extra one.

MFM home tester, Neve, praised the tandem configuration of the Duel DS, “The space between the toddler seat and newborn carrycot is quite large, making the toddler feel comfortable and happy that he/she can see.”

It can be also used as a travel system with adapters, so you can have one car seat and either one carrycot or toddler seat on. If you have twin babies, this would be the only way you’d be able to put both of them in it – one car seat, one carrycot so it’s not ideal for newborn twins.

At 17kg it’s a heavy pushchair which our testers both picked up on. “I don’t think the Duel would be ideal when using the bus,” says MFM reviewer Sybilla. “I also found turning the Duel round sharp corners took a little more manpower.”

However if it is proving challenging to push, the smaller front wheels can be used in two different positions: fixed for tougher terrains, or swivelling for less challenging surfaces.

Pros: Good value for money, carrycot converts into seat, different wheel positions
Cons: Heavy, sometimes hard to manoeuvre, cannot be used with newborn twins

Read our full MadeForMums review of the Kids Kargo Duel DS here

Available from: Kids Kargo, Amazon and Precious Little One

10. Uppababy Vista V2, £979

A stylish convertible buggy with huge storage space

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.4kg | Dimensions unfolded: H:100.3 x W:65.3 x L:91.4cm | Dimensions folded: x W65.3cm x L44cm | Seating configurations: 9 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars

The UPPAbaby Vista 2 is new to the market, but if its previous models have anything to go by, it’s going to fly off the shelves. It can carry twins, a baby and a toddler or even three kids with the addition of a piggy back board.

And one of its key features is that unlike some other double buggies, it offers configurations which allows both children to face outwards with the rear one elevated, so you avoid the ‘stacking’ issue where the child on the bottom gets stuck with no view.

It has all-wheel suspension which makes the ride a smooth one for the children, and easy to manoeuvre. MFM reviewer, Kath, praises the suspension on the previous model, “It means the buggy performs well on all manner of surfaces and hills. While it’s not as bump-free as with a running buggy, it’s certainly better than most other strollers I’ve tried and it’s easy to turn one-handed.”

The carrycot is bigger in the new model so will last longer, is suitable for overnight sleeping and can be released from the buggy with one-hand. But when in the double configuration with the carrycot and toddler seat, the carrycot has to go underneath.

And of course, what all owners of a Vista rave about – the size of the basket underneath. UPPAbaby says it has a capacity of 13.6kg. That is heavier than the buggy itself, so think of everything you can put in it!

Pros: Huge shopping basket, both toddlers have great view outwards, extendable pop-out sunshade
Cons: Expensive, more cumbersome to move when used as a double

Read our full MadeForMums review of the UPPAbaby Vista 2018 here

Available from: John Lewis, Mamas and Papas and Uber Kids

11. iCandy Peach, £1,245

Narrow double with a one-hand fold

Suitable for: Birth to 25kg (single mode) or 15kg (twin mode) | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 11.7kg | Dimensions unfolded: H55cm x W52cm x L99cm | Dimensions folded: H70cm x W54cm x L28cm | Number of seating configurations: 25 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.3 stars Awards:MadeForMums Award 2020, Best double or convertible buggy – Bronze

Now in its sixth generation the iconic iCandy Peach is popular among image-conscious parents, and you can see why. It’s an attractive bit of kit and is ideal for those with a growing family or with twins, who want something narrow. This is because it’s a tandem buggy where the seats are placed one in front of each other rather than side-by-side, so it still only takes up the footprint of a single buggy – great for narrow doorways or shopping aisles.

One of the key features iCandy boasts about is its one-handed fold – although there is definitely a knack to this and lots of parents say it needs two hands. MFM Reviewer and mum of two, Alice, used the iCandy Peach 4 and said: “It took me a while to master the folding mechanism – essentially you push down on the handle and it folds in one motion, so you can do it with one hand.

Once collapsed the chassis is free-standing rather than lying flat which makes it great for storage. Although you still have to store the seat or carrycot separately.

The Peach also comes with elevators so the seat unit can be positioned higher and closer to parent eye-level. MFM Reviewer, Alice added that it was certainly a comfortable ride, “ Whether upright or reclined she didn’t loll to one side as she can in less supportive pushchair seats. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so comfortable!”

Pros: One-handed fold, carry cot suitable for permanent overnight sleeping
Cons: Heavy, expensive

Read our full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Peach 4 here

Available from: iCandy, Pramworld and John Lewis

12. Babystyle Hybrid Edge 2, £678

Best for taller parents

Suitable for: Birth to 15kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 11.45kg | Dimensions unfolded: L:78 x W:59 x H:107cm | Dimensions folded: L:71 x W:59 x H30cm | Number of seating configurations: 14 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.7 stars

British buggy maker Babystyle has produced a pushchair that can be converted from single-to-double by not only adding a second seat, but also by changing the bottom part of the frame. When you have just one child, you can use it in regular Edge mode, which is 60cm wide, or reduce to 55cm by swapping in the City axle to the frame.

Then when you have a second child, or twins, you attach a different bottom frame, which is around 10cm wider and longer, which means there’s more space for the second baby.

MadeForMums Reviewer and mother of two, Lucy tested the original model and said, “The whole system sounds complicated, right? Yes I thought so too – but it’s really not. I’m in love!”

Adapters can be used to increase the height by 8cm of the top carrycot, car seat or toddler seat, to give seven more positions. Ideal for taller parents. The taller amongst us will also love the adjustable handlebar which has 12 different positions, something which a MFM user liked on the original model. They said, “The handle has a brilliant range, we are tall and we don’t need to have it at the maximum for it to be comfortable.”

The shape of the large shopping basket is crafted to house the Hybrid’s own changing bag but can also be adapted as an open changing station. But keep in mind once it is used as a double, it’s virtually non-existent.

Pros: Frame extends in double mode, shopping basket can adjust to changing station, good range of adjustment on handlebar
Cons: Lack of storage space when used as a double

Read the full MadeForMums review of the original Babystyle Hybrid Edge here

Available from: Baby Birds

13. iCandy Orange, £1,040

Designed to grow with your family

Suitable for: Birth to 25 kg  | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 12.5kg | Dimensions unfolded: L72cm x W60cm x H95-105cm | Dimensions folded: L:70 x W:60 x H:28.5cm | Number of seating configurations: 30 | MFM Review Star Rating: 5 stars

With lots of unique features such as a built-in ride-on board, ‘cinema seating’ and 30 different seating configurations, the Orange is a popular choice when it comes doubles.

The price tag might be a bit eye-watering if you go for the twin model, but it’s the only buggy you’ll ever need. Even if you have children of different ages it can convert from single to double simply so will grow with your family, even if you have three.

A new feature invented for the Orange is the use of iCandy riser adapters which create a ‘cinema seating’ design which MFM reviewer Maxine explains, ““If you use the extenders with two seats, the way the seats are staggered allows you to make eye contact with both of your little ones if they’re facing towards you.”

Another impressive feature is the integrated ride-on board which can hold up to 20kg. One MFM user says this is one of her favourite features, “We’ve just started to use the integrated buggy board and my toddler loves it. She has plenty of room and enjoys interacting with her little sister while on it. I love that I don’t have to have a separate buggy board to trip over.”

Pros: Integrated ride-on board, cinema seating, 30 different seat configurations, huge basket
Cons: Expensive

Read the full MadeForMums review of the iCandy Orange here

Available from: iCandy, Pramworld and Baby Planet

14. Cosatto Wow XL, £750

Best for numerous configurations

Suitable for: Birth to 25 kg | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 15.7kg | Dimensions unfolded: L99cm x W62.5cm x H103.5cm | Dimensions folded: L29cm x W49cm x H93cm | Number of seating configurations: 50 | MFM Review Star Rating: 3.1 stars

British brand Cosatto is known for its range of buggies featuring statement prints and designs. The company says its WOW XL buggy is the ‘ultimate family unit’ as straight out of the box it can be ready for a baby and toddler.

Once you’ve got all the right components, the WOW XL has over 50 seating configurations, so there’s plenty of ways for your children to ride.

MFM reviewer Megan was impressed with the number of combinations in parent and world-facing mode but adds, “We ran into a couple of problems with our toddler fitting comfortably when his seat was placed at certain heights, so it’s not guaranteed that everyone will work for you.”

It also has some handy extras including an in-built buggy board for an extra child, a large ‘super sized’ storage basket with compartments, and UPF100+ protection sunshade hood which also has a silver UV lining that can be pulled up and down for more protection. However a slight niggle is that the handlebar is non-adjustable, so it may not suit taller parents.

Pros: Bright attractive designs, in-built buggy board, 50 seating configurations, everything in the box to make it a double (not for twins)
Cons: Non-adjustable handlebar, need to buy additional seat/carrycot for twins

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Cosatto WOW XL here 

Available from: Cosatto, Argos and Amazon

15. Joolz Geo2, £1,099

A sturdy double for the city

Suitable for: Birth to 22kg  | Can be used with carrycots: Yes | Travel system compatible: Yes | Weight: 22.1kg | Dimensions unfolded: L104.5cm x W61.5cm x H115cm | Dimensions folded: L99cm x W61.5cm x H55cm | Number of seating configurations: 7 | MFM Review Star Rating: 4.9 stars

Dutch company Jooz certainly designs attractive looking prams. The Geo 2 is sleek and easy to steer, is compact and robust, with the upper seat so high it can double as a high chair. And the brand must be sure of how good it is – it has a lifetime guarantee.

MFM reviewer Anna found several uses for the elevated seat height and says, “It doubles as a high chair so no more waiting around for spare chairs when you’re out and about

“Its also means you won’t be bending awkwardly over the buggy while you’re tending to your toddler – and you don’t need to lift them into the seat; the frame above the front wheels doubles as a sturdy step so Alex could climb up himself.”

When in double mode, both seats/carrycots have to face forward, which might not be ideal for twin parents, and there is no storage space when it’s used as a double. You can buy a matching ‘sidepack’ for £45. Or use a rucksack. It also doesn’t come with a raincover which is quite unusual.

The Geo 2 performs well as a city buggy with our MFM reviewer highlighting how its “sleek frame and condensed size” was perfect for buses, trains and shopping aisles. And its four-wheel suspension and large back wheels also means it can handle well on slightly more uneven terrain.

Pros: Stylish, easy to steer, seat doubles up as highchair, lifetime guarantee
Cons: Expensive, no storage in double mode, seats face away from you in double mode

Read the full MadeForMums review of the Joolz Geo2 here

Available from: John Lewis, Natural Baby Shower and Uber Kids


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