The best double buggies for a toddler and baby

Choosing a double buggy to transport two siblings of different ages? Don’t buy anything until you check out our pick of tandem and twin buggies...


From “mum” to “mum-of-two”…

Transporting a toddler and baby in comfort isn’t an impossible task. While your toddler and baby both have different needs, there are buggies on the market designed to meet those.


Having a lie-flat carrycot and seat unit that reclines independently is crucial. Newborns need to be able to lie flat, which obviously isn’t ideal for curious toddlers eager to watch the world pass by!

And your baby and toddler will no doubt snooze off at different times, so the ability to recline or raise their seat without bothering their brother or sister is key to a whine-free outing.

Things to think about before buying a buggy for a baby and toddler:

Weight: Having two babies in a pushchair can make even the lightest double buggy hard work when pushing it around, popping it up a kerb or carrying it up and down stairs. So make sure you’re happy with the weight of the pushchair before you buy it.

Age range: It’s worth noting that although some tandem buggies are sold with a ‘suitable to and from’ weight range, it varies widely for each pushchair.  With tandem buggies if you add a second seat it often limits the weight you can put in the buggy over all.  For instance, a buggy can be advertised as suitable up to 25kg, but that’s not necessarily for each seat, it may be for both children, meaning each seat can only take a maximum of 12.5kg.  It’s best to check the manual of a pushchair to find out its maximum usage, as each model is different.   The great thing about a side-by-side buggy is that if it is advertised as suitable up to 17kg, both seats will be suitable up to 17kg.

Width:  There’s no getting away from it, a double buggy will either be wider or longer than a single pushchair, so before you pick the double buggy of your choice, measure your doors and hallways to make sure it fits and you have space to store it.

Lying flat: For a pushchair to be suitable from birth for a newborn, it’ll either need a lie-flat carrycot or completely lie-flat seat.

Some double buggies even give the choice of attaching different seating option, such as a car seat suitable from birth. Others offer you the choice of having your toddler and baby facing different directions. One of the big decisions will be whether a twin or tandem style will be best for you. We have more straightforward advice on picking the perfect double pushchair in our buyer’s guide.

Whatever your preference – and your budget – there’s a double buggy out there to suit your lifestyle.

See the best buggies for a baby and toddler

iCandy Orange

1. iCandy Orange, £1040, MFM Awards Gold Winner

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £1040
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £1040

The Gold award-winning Orange is a fruity fresh convertible buggy that has 30 seating options, which can be used with one child, twins or two children of different ages.

What sets the Orange apart from other iCandy pushchairs is the integrated ride-on board added to its frame. The ride-on board can hold up to 20kg in weight (around the weight of a 4-5 year old), while the seat unit is safety tested to hold a child up to 25kg.

If you can afford the initial outlay then this super stylish buggy, purpose-built for more than one child, really is the only pushchair you’ll ever need, unless you have triplets.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the iCandy Orange:

‘Big, sturdy and long lasting, great to push, even with one hand, and stylish.’ MFM Reviews Editor, Hazelann Williams

‘A really fantastic double buggy. The best I’ve used. It can be configured in so many ways with incredible ease – both with a carrycot or two seats. The integrated buggy board is excellent – no more tripping over ones that stick out! Moving the seats around is a breeze, and the basket underneath is huge. It is so easy to fold up too.’ Mum of 2, Sonali

Check out the full 5 star iCandy review

You can get the iCandy Orange at John Lewis or Mothercare

BabyStyle Hybrid Edge

2. BabyStyle Hybrid Edge, from £678, MFM Awards Silver Winner

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit):£887
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £678

With its unique convertible frame that simply swaps the rear axle when you want to transform from single to double, this buggy’s clever design made it a worthy silver award winner.

Starting off with the main Hybrid Edge chassis and reversible seat unit (£499), the additional rear axle (£50) and second seat (£129) extend the life of this pushchair when baby no. 2 comes along.

It’s got an easy compact fold, down to 71 x 60 x 30cm with the wheels attached, lockable quick release wheels, adjustable footrest and handle, and built in insect nets.

It’s also available in a choice of 7 colours, and is suitable from birth with the additional carrycot (£149).

And the Hybrid Edge doesn’t just convert from single to double – there’s also the option to swap in the City axle (£40), which has a narrower 55cm wheel base, for whizzing about town.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Hybrid Edge convertible system:

I LOVE this pushchair! As a mum with two pre-schoolers who is regularly on foot and uses public transport this pushchair ticks all the boxes: the seats are of equal size to accommodate two growing children, unlike other tandems on the market where one seat is smaller than the other. Mum of 3, Natalie Brown

As a convertible buggy, I liked the fact that I can use the same seats and carrycot once converted from single to a double. It also felt light when I pushed it, and for my tall toddler, the toddler seat was wide and a very good length, which means we will get a lot of use out of it. Mum of 2, Ijeoma Ogah

Read our full review of the Hybrid Edge convertible single to double pushchair here.

You can buy the Hybrid Edge at Precious Little One

Tutti Bambini Arlo

3. Tutti Bambini Arlo, £750

Designed to grow with your family, this is one versatile buggy.

In double mode the Arlo weights 12.5kg, making it a lighter double.  The Arlo can be used with two carrycots, or seats units and is travel system compatible as well, meaning you can fit two car seats on the frame.

It can of course be used as a single buggy, for £530 (£450 frame and seat) plus £80 hood and seat liner.  In twin mode the buggy will set you back around £750

You can buy the Tutti Bambini Arlo from Tutti Bambini and Peppermint London

Silver Cross Wave

4. Silver Cross Wave, £995

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (lie-flat seat from birth and seat unit) is the same as when in double pushchair with two seats (6 months +) £995

With its innovative One plus One® system that transforms the Wave from a single travel system to a double without the need for an extra purchase, is a real plus. As our reviewer says ‘I really love this feature as I’m constantly swapping between a single and double.’

Not only that – this is also Silver Cross’s first double pram and pushchair travel system for twins or siblings, allowing you to easily switch between 16 configurations.

Comfort is a given with any Silver Cross buggy, and the ventilated carrycot that’s suitable for overnight sleeping is a much-loved feature of the Wave.

Read our full review of the Silver Cross Wave here

You can buy the Silver Cross Wave from John Lewis, Lesters Nursery and Very

Britax B-Ready

5. Britax B-Ready, £645

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £645
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £645

This flexible single-to-double made our list for its ease of use and robust design.

Starting as a single package (£520) with reversible seat unit, extendable handle and taking a child up to 17kg (as well as a whopping 7kg in the shopping basket), it’s easy to add the second tandem seat (£125).

The buggy can fold with both seats attached, and has a total weight of 15.5kg when in tandem mode. If you want to use it for twins from birth, simply add two carrycots (£125 each).

Read our full review of the Britax B-Ready here.

You can buy the Britax B-Ready from Mothercare and Uber Kids


6. UPPABaby Vista Tandem, £978.99

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £749.99
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £978.99

One, two, or even three children – the UPPABaby Vista convertible buggy has been designed with a growing family in mind.

There are numerous combinations, from two carrycots, a toddler seat, two toddler seats, and more, plus the option to add the PiggyBack buggy board (£119.99) for travelling with three.

The £849.99 basic price includes a carrycot and seat unit, plus two raincovers, sunshades, insect nets and car seat adapters, while you can add the second toddler seat for £229.

Read our full review of the UPPABaby Vista here.

You can get the UPPABaby Vista Tandem from Very and Uber Kids

Babystyle Egg Tandem

7. Babystyle Egg Tandem, £958

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £769
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £958

A distinctive single-to-double buggy, the BabyStyle Egg is a super comfortable, travel system compatible and, at just 59cm wide, is pretty slim for a double.

Our reviewer described as a “fantastic pushchair for anyone with either twins or a toddler and baby” and says it has excellent manoeuvrability and a strong, sturdy frame.

Check out the full review of the Babystyle Egg Tandem here.

You can buy the BabyStyle Egg Tandem buggy from Kiddies Kingdom.

Baby Elegance Cupla Duo

8. Baby Elegance Cupla Duo, £748.98

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £498.99
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £748.98

This lightweight double buggy (10.2kg) comes in a travel system package that includes a complete pushchair with a seat that converts to a carrycot, car seat, rain cover and newborn insert for £599.99. Buy an extra seat which also doubles as a carrycot for £249.99.

The Cupla can also be used as a single pushchair, but what we like about the double version of this buggy is that it’s great for parents with twins or two children close in age.

It feels sturdy as it bumps amiably up and down kerbs and other rough surfaces; and despite being a tandem has more than ample space underneath to stash bags of shopping.

Read the full Cupla Duo review here

You can get the Cupla Duo from Boots

Joolz Geo 2

9. Joolz Geo 2, £1099

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (carrycot from birth and seat unit): £1099
  • Price as a double pushchair with two seats (6 months +): £1099

A sturdy frame, smart design, and comfortable ride all feature on this Joolz tandem, which is ideal for a baby and toddler.

Our MFM mum gave this pushchair a brilliant 4.5 stars out of 5 for its user-friendly buttons and catches, adjustable handle height and smooth ride, and the fact it is very easy to manoeuvre with one hand in single or double mode.

She also says “it takes away many of the little stresses of travelling with two.”

Read the full Joolz Geo 2 review here

You can buy the Joolz Geo on the Joolz website

Mountain Buggy +One

10. Mountain Buggy +One, £699

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler (lie-flat seat from birth and seat unit) is the same as when in double pushchair with two seats (6 months +) £699

An all-terrain, versatile tandem the +One has multiple different riding options, so you’re sure to find one that will suit the family.

It has six different handle height positions and a detachable buggy board which converts into a scooter for your older child. The Mountain Buggy +One Double also boasts a one-touch handle brake and easy fold mechanism.

Read the full Mountain Buggy +One Double buggy review here

You can buy the Mountain Buggy +One from Direct2Mum

Phil & Teds Dash

Phil & Teds Dash, £648

  • Price if using with a newborn and toddler is the same as when used as a double for two toddlers (lie-flat seat from birth and bigger seat unit): £648

It’s sporty, light and can handle all-terrains – just a few of the reasons that Phil & Teds Dash inline tandem picked up the bronze gong in the MFM Awards 2017.

And with the main seat engineered to take a child up to 25kg, and the second seat to 15kg, there’s plenty of longevity in this buggy.

It weighs an easy-on-the arms 13.3kg when in double mode, and can even be folded with both seats attached. Costing £499 as a single, add the double kit for £149 to make an inline tandem. The main seat has a lie flat option for newborns with the second seat able to be positioned above it in that setting, or behind it when you move to sitting up.

Read our full review of the Phil & Teds Dash here.

You can buy the Phil & Teds Dash from the Precious Little One


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