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Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double pushchair review

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4.1 out of 5 star rating 4.1
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£459.00 RRP
Baby Jogger City tour 2 double

In a nutshell

A lightweight, compact double buggy that's ideal for urban living and travelling but it isn't suitable for bumpy ground. Plus, older children could quickly outgrow it
4.8 out of 5 rating 4.8
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Comfort for child
3.8 out of 5 rating 3.8
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
3.8 out of 5 rating 3.8
Worth the money
4.0 out of 5 rating 4.0
Pros: Quick to fold, light to push and lift, compact for easy storage and transportation, suitable from birth with seat unit, fits easily through standard doorways
Cons: Narrow carrycot and seats, unsuitable for uneven terrain, fiddly five-point harness, not car seat compatible, handlebar height can't be adjusted
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The single version of the Baby Jogger City Tour has long been a popular choice for city dwellers and those looking for a portable buggy to travel with. Now a double version has been added to the brand’s “ultra-compact” range.


Weighing just 10.5kg, its selling point is its lightweight, manoeuvrable design that the brand says makes “getting around town with two easier than ever.”

It is a side-by-side double but still only has a width of 66.5cm when open, which means it should fit through most standard doorways – a major plus point when pushing 2 children around the shops and into cafes.

Previous versions of the single Baby Jogger City Tour have been criticised for being unsuitable from birth but the double can be fitted with 1 or 2 carrycots (sold separately) so it can be used with a newborn and an older sibling, or with newborn twins. The seats can also be separately adjusted to lie near-flat thanks to a reclining back and adjustable calf supports. The brand says newborns can go in the seat if it is set as flat as possible, and as long as you don’t mind them being world facing away from you.

The front wheels can be fixed for a smoother ride on longer walks but this feature does not mean this buggy it is suitable to run with, despite the word “Jogger” in the brand name. In fact the company states that: “None of the Baby Jogger strollers in Europe are made for jogging or running,” so beware if you’re looking for an exercise buggy!

Tested by:

Freelance journalist and author Lucy Waterlow, from St Albans, tested the buggy in and around the City and on long walks, taking it in parks, shops and playgrounds, with her 2-year-old son and newborn daughter.

What were your first impressions of the Baby Jogger Tour 2 Double?

My first impression of the City Tour 2 Double was how light it is. When it was delivered in the box to my home, it was easy for me to lift it inside despite still being pregnant with my second at the time.

Inside the box were instructions, the folded buggy and 4 wheels to be attached. I was amazed at how small and thin the folded buggy looked (the exact folded dimensions are H25cm x W66.5 x L25cm).

Once unfolded, I liked the sleek and understated style of the buggy with its padded seats and the dark “jet” black fabrics and frame of the “Jet” colour I received.

How easy is it to build the pushchair?

Very easy. It was good to go in a couple of minutes as all I had to do was unfold it and then slot the 4 wheels into place.

It was then I realised I may have to fold it back up again to get it out of my house, as it can be a struggle to get my single running buggy through the entrance of our narrow 1930s front door. However, true to the brand’s promise, I was delighted by how easy it was to push the double through both my interior doors and front door.

The instruction manual had both pictures and written explanations but missed a few crucial details when it comes to the fold technique (see below).

Baby Jogger City tour double pieces

How comfortable was the carrycot for your baby?

I was surprised at how narrow the carrycot is, the mattress is only 23cm wide. This didn’t turn out to be a problem for me as my daughter was born smaller than average at just under 3kg. She seemed much more comfortable with the snug fit in the first few weeks of her life, than she was in larger bassinets we already owned.

The interior of the carrycot is a grey stone shade which contrasts well with the dark outer material.

There are 2 pockets on the inside which are officially only supposed to be used to tuck in the carrycot’s handles but I did I find them useful for storing slim items like credit cards.

How long will the carrycot last on the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double?

It has a weight limit of 9kg but given how narrow it is, I would expect a baby to grow out of it long before they reach this weight. We were able to keep using it for short trips until my daughter was 10 weeks old. But by that age, her feet were almost touching the bottom and she barely had any space to stretch her arms out.

MFM tester Stacey also found this to be the case when using the carrycot. She said, “The only negative is that the carrycot is quite narrow and once baby has a snowsuit on there isn’t any room for him to move around.”

Baby Jogger City tour double carrycot

How easy it is to add and take off the carrycot?

Once again, very easy. The carrycot comes with 2 long, plastic adaptors that slot into the sides of the seats. The carrycot then slides into place on them. At only 2.5kg, the carrycot is light to lift onto the adaptors so attaching it is a quick and simple task.

It can be removed by pulling up a lever by the hood whilst lifting it using its attached padded handles. It is not possible to do this one-handed which is a shame if you are also having to hold your baby at the time, but the handles are a useful addition for lifting and carrying it. Given it is so light, it’s easy to lift it off with a baby still inside but I was a bit wary of this. As it is so light, I worried it might tip if I wasn’t careful.

To remove the attachments, buttons inside the seat have to be pushed which I found a little tricky to find at first but were easy to use once I found them.

Baby Jogger City tour double carrycot attachments

Just like the buggy, the carrycot is easy to transport as it can be collapsed flat and then quickly popped up to full-size. To open it, 2 straps underneath the carrycot must be pulled to draw it open and the straps can then be secured to the Velcro strips on the base. Then the sun canopy, with a UV rating of 50+, can be pulled up.

I was testing the buggy during a particularly wet autumn and winter so I didn’t benefit from this feature, nor the extendable sun visor, but the large hood was useful for keeping out the wind and rain. On one occasion I got caught in a shower without a rain cover but the carrycot hood, plus the hood from the buggy seat that could be extended over the foot of the carrycot to meet it, kept my little one dry.

How comfortable is the carrycot mattress?

The carrycot comes with a soft, quilted, 20mm thick mattress with a washable cover. I found it easier to use bassinet sheets I already owned over the top, as it was more convenient to wash and change them when using the carrycot regularly.  I tried the Made For Mums breathability test with the mattress and found it to be similar to a cushion.

Baby Jogger City tour carrycot

My daughter definitely felt comfortable when lying on it, in fact it was the only place she would sleep other than on her dad or me for the first couple of weeks of her life when we pushed her in the pram.

Is the City Tour 2 Double carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

This crucial information was missing from the manual so I had to look it up by checking on the Baby Jogger website. It states there that it can be used overnight as long as it is not on a chassis or stand.

How comfortable is the seat unit for your child?

The back didn’t look particularly sturdy when I first set it up as it is light and thin. But my toddler son found it comfortable and it can be adjusted so he can sit fully upright and still feel supported.

It’s easy to recline the seat with a child in it by undoing a clip at the back and easing down a strap. Getting it up again is harder though. Without a child inside, I can push it up and then use both hands to pull the clip up and secure it in place. When my son is in it though, his weight means it doesn’t stay in place so I have to hold it there with my head whilst using both my hands to move and secure the strap.

The 2 seats can be reclined separately which is useful if one child wants to lie back and sleep while the other wants to sit up and watch the world go by. The calf supports can be raised, again individually, to make it flatter. My son loved this feature and often liked to have his feet up when sitting at upright.

Baby Jogger City tour double in use

The fabrics of the seats can all be removed and washed but I found them easy to clean using a damp sponge without removing them using a damp sponge. The material seems very durable. Despite all the mud it’s been splattered with on wintry walks and the crumbs my son has dropped on the seat from his many snacks, it still looks new after a quick clean.

One problem with the Baby Jogger seats is how narrow they are. My 2-year-old son just about fits into them now but there’s no room for him to grow. So unfortunately, I don’t think it will be a comfortable fit for long. The weight limit of each seat is 15kg so in theory it could carry a child till they are about 3 to 4-years-old. In practice, I would expect my son to outgrow it width-wise before he is that heavy. I expect we will only be able to use it until he is 3 years at the oldest.

MFM tester Jessica added, “It is comfortable for my 18-month-old twins. They do fill it in their snowsuits, so I am not sure if they would be able to reach the full weight limit and still be comfortable.”

Can a car seat be attached to the Baby Jogger frame?

No, which is a shame when it is a buggy that’s ideal for fitting into the car boot and travelling with.

How does the folding mechanism work on the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double? How easy is it?

Very easy when you know what you are doing. The brand says you can simply “fold it, lock it and go” which is true once you have mastered the technique. It is explained in the manual with images and a written description but I found it easier to learn it by watching a demonstration video by Baby Jogger.

  • You have to squeeze one button on the handlebars whilst sliding another
  • You then gently push it down so the pushchair folds in half.
  • You then pull the bottom half towards you using special straps on the seats. (I didn’t spot these initially as they are black so blended into the seat and were a bit obscured by the harness. So I discovered you can also pull it in holding the bottom of the frame.).
  • It can then be laid down and flattened further until it can be locked into its neat place by a clip on the side of the frame.

The front wheels need to be unlocked to make it fold as tightly as possible, a point that could have been made more obvious in the instructions.

Once folded, it is easy to pick up and carry because it’s so light and compact. However, you instinctively want to pick it up by the handlebar but this can cause the clip to unlock and the buggy to unfold while you’re holding it. You are actually supposed to lift and carry it by the straps on the seats used to help fold it. This is another point that should be made clearer in the instructions.

Baby Jogger City tour double folded

I’m not quite as slick at unfolding it but it still only takes a matter of seconds. A few failed attempts before I learnt the knack caused me to scratch the front of the frame when it crashed open on the ground when I first unlocked it, so it’s worth practising it at home over a soft surface to begin with.

I found the best way is to put the buggy upright, unlock it and then push the front wheels out. I can then pull the buggy up into place using the handlebar in an up and over motion as if rowing. I’m only 5ft 1in and I think it would be much easier to unfold if I was taller.

Other reviewers on the Baby Jogger website mentioned that it took them a while to get the hang of folding and especially unfolding the pushchair, and one also mentioned that it’s trickier for petite parents, so bear in mind that there may be a bit of a learning curve while you get the hang of it.

How compact is the buggy when folded?

Super compact, especially for a double. This is one of my favourite things about the City Tour 2. It fits into the boot of my Ford Fiesta with room to spare and is much easier to store in the house than my single buggies. It can be laid flat or can stand upright so it can fit into a tight spaces or cupboards with ease. It also fits into our car’s roof box.

MFM tester Stacey also praised the stroller’s compact fold. She said, “When in the car (Ford Focus) it only takes up half of the boot and there is space to put things on top. I also didn’t need to fold the carrycot for car journeys so it was really easy.”

Baby Jogger City tour double in car

One point that was mentioned in parent reviews on the City Jogger site is that the seats face outwards when the buggy is folded so if you need to set it down (rather than store it standing vertically), then the seats will be touching the floor, which is something to note if you are fastidious about hygiene.

How easy is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double to push on different surfaces?

Considering how light the buggy is, I expected it to feel a bit flimsy when pushed but this is not the case. It feels sturdy and is a joy to push on smooth surfaces.

The suspension isn’t great though and this is noticeable when pushing the buggy on any terrain that is slightly uneven. The slightest jolt when walking along a pavement could be felt by my baby in the carrycot. This was quite annoying as often she had just drifted off to sleep when a bump in the path would wake her up.

When going over cobbles she was rattled about so much I had to change my route to avoid them. My toddler didn’t seem to mind any of the bumps though and actually found jigging over the cobbles entertaining, calling out for “More!”

MFM tester Jessica agreed, “On smooth surfaces this pushes really well, however on rough ground this is very bumpy and slightly uncontrollable. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that wants to travel in the country.”

Baby Jogger City tour pushed

I also tested the buggy on a number of off-road paths and on grass with various results. Off-roads paths that weren’t too uneven were doable but grass, particularly if long or wet, was a nightmare. The small wheels struggled to go over longer grass and on wet days quickly became jammed up with mud so they would no longer turn. Thankfully the buggy is light so I could push it back to the path by lifting it up onto its back wheels. It took a while to clear all the mud out of the front wheels so it was to be fully mobile again.

The jamming of the front wheels was also a problem when I pushed the buggy on the pavements and around the park on wet, autumnal days as they soon became clogged with fallen leaves. Some of the local playgrounds I regularly visit can only be accessed via grass so when I was going to these, I had to start leaving the double at home. I expect this wouldn’t be a problem in the spring and summer when the ground is firmer and drier and there aren’t wet leaves on the paths.

How easy is the buggy to steer?

I was amazed at how easy it is to steer for a double. I could even do it one-handed. Going up some kerbs you have to give it a bit of an extra push to get the wheels to go over smoothly due to their small size though. As the buggy is light, it is easy to lift it up larger kerbs.

In tight situations it is very easy to manoeuvre when the front wheels are unfixed. This is another thing I love about it. For a double, it really is nippy. I found it much easier to push around small shopping aisles and around cafe tables and chairs than I have with some of my single buggies.

Baby Jogger City tour

What’s it like to push through doorways?

As the brand promises, I found the buggy fitted through all the doorways I tried. With single buggies I have had to jig them around to get through certain doorways in the past but the double sailed through easily. This was a major plus point for me and made going in and out of shops and cafes, and getting it in and out of my front door a breeze.

The buggy’s narrowness was also useful for squeezing past cars parked on the pavements without having to go around them on the roads.

This was also MFM tester Stacey’s favourite feature, “It is so easy to use and I haven’t struggled with any doorways. Even my local coffee shop with a tiny door was a breeze!”

How convenient is the buggy to take on public transport?

As I was testing the Baby Jogger buggy during the Covid-19 pandemic, when travelling on public transport was not advised, I didn’t take it on any buses or trains. But based on how I have found it to push and steer and its slim size, I believe it would be easy to take on public transport and I would use it on a bus or train in the future.

How do you rate the buggy handlebar?

The rubber handlebar is comfortable to grip but I wish it was adjustable. At 5ft 1″, I find it too high, while my 5ft 11″ husband finds it a little too low.

Baby Jogger City tour double

Does the hood on the City Tour 2 Double provide adequate coverage?

There are 2 individual hoods, which I like as the passengers don’t have to agree on whether it should be up or down. They are easy to fold open, stay firmly in place and give good coverage. The hoods have UV 50+ protection, plus an additional sun visor that can be pulled down for extra coverage. As I was testing the buggy in the winter, there weren’t any days when I could put this to the test, but it does seem as though it would provide sufficient shade and protection on sunny days.

Baby Jogger City tour double hood

Each hood has a peephole window which provided a fun way to interact with my toddler as he liked being able to look up at me through it. The velcro to stick it up with though is a little noisy, so I found it better to leave it closed and look around the buggy when I wanted to check if he was asleep for fear of waking him. The potential for the noise of the velcro ripping open to disturb sleeping children was also mentioned by reviewers on Amazon.

It’s worth noting that a rain cover is not included and will need to be purchased separately (RRP £20).

How sturdy is the chassis?

The aluminium frame is light but sturdy. It has a black finish to match the fabric which contributes to the sleek look but does scratch easily if you’re not careful. I’ve scratched the front when unfolding it hastily and the sides when pushing my luck trying to squeeze between concrete posts.

Baby Jogger City tour double chassis

How easy are the wheels to manoeuvre on the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 double?

The 4 wheels are made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate, a rubber-like material) and are small and light. The front wheels can be locked into place with the flick of a switch on each wheel. Locking the wheels in place makes for a slightly smoother ride but sacrifices manoeuvrability as it makes it much harder to turn. You have to lift the front of the buggy up in order to do so. I mostly kept the wheels unlocked except for on a couple of long walks.

Baby Jogger City tour wheels

How easy are the brakes to operate?

It’s obvious how to apply the brakes using a small, grey switch on one side of the frame. It pushes down easily to lock the brakes, which feel strong and reliable when secured. The switch is a bit stiffer to unlock so I wouldn’t recommend doing so without shoes on.

How easy is it to fasten the harness on the City Tour 2 Double?

The straps are easy to adjust but I found the harness a bit fiddly to do up because of the 5 points. Two pieces on each side have to be pieced together before being slotted into either side of the main part of the harness. I found this difficult when trying to strap my wriggling toddler in when he was reluctant to go in the seat, and when my hands were cold. A friend who once observed me trying to do it said I looked like I was doing a jigsaw.

How roomy is the basket?

For a compact buggy, I was impressed with how much I could get into the storage basket, which holds up to 5kg. It won’t fit a large changing bag, due to the bar down the middle of the basket, but I found I could fit in everything I needed, either in loose or in smaller bags.

It is easy to access from the back and side, and even from the front when the calf supports are raised. The sides are quite deep so nothing ever fell out, but the mesh fabric was an issue when I used the buggy after a day of heavy rainfall; the surface water splashed onto the contents when I was pushing it along puddle-filled pavements.

Baby Jogger City tour basket

What’s in the box?

  • Folded buggy
  • Four wheels
  • Instruction manual

What are the additional accessories that you can buy for the City Jogger?

Is the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double worth the money?

I think it is worth its RRP of £459 but you’ll get more for your money depending on your circumstances. If you live in a big town or city and don’t do off-road walks, it will suit you perfectly. But if you want to have more off-road adventures or just push it over grass at the park throughout the year, you’ll need to buy an additional buggy for these occasions.

If you have children with a large age gap, it is unlikely to last you a long time.

What is worth knowing before purchasing the pushchair?

That’s it’s not a buggy ideal for all terrains. As discussed above, it’s most suitable for straightforward pavements and smooth paths; navigating grass and cobbles isn’t its strong point.

How does it compare to similar pushchairs?

Similar side-by-side double pushchairs include the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double, Mountain Buggy Duet and Bugaboo Donkey 3 (Duo) – you can see a comparison of their key features below.

PushchairPushchair weightTravel system compatibleRRP
Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double10.5kgNo£459
Bugaboo Donkey 3 (Duo)15.3kgYesFrom £1,315
Mountain Buggy Duet15.5kgYes£649
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double16kgYes£670

Where can I buy the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double?

It’s available from John LewisUber Kids and Amazon.

MadeForMums verdict:

I loved how easy the Baby Jogger City Tour 2 Double buggy was to store, transport and fold. I never expected to find a double buggy that was so light and that would fit in the boot of my small car without being a tight squeeze. It also exceeded my expectations on how easy it is to steer and fit through doorways.

I think this double is better suited to parents of twins who can use it from birth for a number of years, rather than those with a large gap, as the elder child is likely to outgrow it quickly.

It’s most useful for those who live in towns and cities, as it doesn’t handle off-road terrain well. You’ll also love it if you have limited storage space at home and in your car.

It falls short when being pushed over uneven terrain as the small wheels and poor suspension create a bumpy ride and can’t handle mud. But it does seem unfair to criticise it for this as that’s not what it is designed for. It’s built for strolling around town, whizzing around the shops and popping in and out of your car boot with ease. In all these areas it excels and outclasses many single buggies.


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Product Specifications


Brand Baby Jogger
Model City Tour 2 Double
Price £459.00

Dimensions & Weight

Weight 10.5kg
Dimensions H:102.5cm W:66.5cm L:94.5cm
Dimensions (folded) H:25cm W:66.5cm L:63cm

Suitable for

Child age (approx) Birth to Child Weight
Both seats suitable from birth Yes
Child weight Up to 15kg


Travel system compatible No
Seat facing direction Forward facing and parent facing
Front wheels Lockable swivel
Recline positions Multi-position – Near lie flat position
  • Compact fold
  • Carrycot compatible
  • Individual seat recline
  • Individual adjustable calf support
  • UV 50+ canopy with peek-a-boo window
  • Locking front swivel wheels


Optional extras
  • Carrycot (£110)
  • Belly bar (£24)
  • Rain cover (£20)
  • Hand muff (£32)
  • Cooler bag (£29)
  • Cup holder (£19)