In a nutshell

An easy to install, well-cushioned car seat from the premium pushchair brand, but as the Isofix base needs to be bought separately it's not the cheapest out there

What we tested

  • Ease of installing
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Safety features
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.


  • Easy to install, Smart Secure system ensures it's properly in place, retractable sun canopy, cushioned/secure headrest, easy to take in/out of the car, built-in ventilation


  • Isofix base needs to be bought separately, not the cheapest option, canopy could have higher UPF protection level, 3-point rather than 5-point harness

UPPAbaby is renowned for its small but premium line of pushchairs and strollers. The Mesa i-Size is the first car seat launch by the brand, ticking all the style, safety and innovation boxes you’d expect.


This i-Size car seat (categorised by your baby’s height, rather than weight or age) is suitable from 40cm to 78cm, which works out roughly as birth to 14 months (less than 13kg), although it’s recommended you use the infant insert – included­ – for babies less than 60cm.

With an RRP of £199.99 – you need to purchase the Isofix base separately for £174.99 – it’s similar in price to the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro2 i-Size, £239, and the Cybex Cloud Z i-Size, £224.95.

Tested by

First-time parent Katie tested the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size with her 3-month-old daughter.

Is the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat easy to install?

The car seat and its base, which you need to buy separately, can be installed in moments and the Mesa’s clever SmartSecure system will let you know once it’s in position. As well as showing green or red lights in the indicator panel, to confirm whether the seat is or isn’t positioned correctly, it also offers an audio cue that alerts you if it’s not correctly in place. It’s incredibly effective and eliminates any worries that the seat isn’t securely and correctly positioned.

Putting the seat into the car is as easy as positioning it onto the base and looking at the lights – they should be green if everything is okay – to check it’s secure.

UPPABaby Mesa i-size

Is the Mesa i-Size car seat easy to remove from your car?

Having struggled to remove our previous car seat from the car – always embarrassing when observed under the coolly judgemental gaze of a 4 month old – the Mesa i-Size makes it breathtakingly simple.

To remove the car seat, you just press a button at the back of the seat and lift. It’s honestly a breeze and removes a lot of the stress that many car seats come packaged up with.

It’s also very easy to attach to the Cruz V2 pram – my UPPAbaby pushchair that is compatible with the Mesa – without the need for any additional adapters. I did have one mental-blank moment when I struggled to get the car seat off the pram base, which resulted in some frantic Googling in the carpark of my local Hobbycraft. However, this is a reflection more on my sleep-addled mind than the ease of use of the car seat, and it was easy to find a video online that could quickly remind me how to do it. It literally couldn’t be easier – all you do is press a button!

Are there any unique features about the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat?

As mentioned before, what really makes this car seat stand out is its SmartSecure system, which offers you a visual and audio guarantee that the seat is securely in position. Although a number of other car seats have the green or red indicators to let you know if the car seat has clicked into place, having these double prompts really gives you ultimate peace of mind.

How comfortable did your baby find the Mesa i-Size car seat?

Very. The car seat’s headrest is made from memory foam and EPP foam, and can be height-adjusted as the baby grows. Combined, these are ideal for providing side-impact protection, as well as ensuring a comfortable ride for your baby.

There’s also a super-comfy, removable infant insert which is recommended you use up until your baby is over 60cm (around 3 months old).

My daughter seems to find being in the car seat incredibly soothing, and often falls asleep on car journeys or walks. It also has an in-built ventilation system, which I imagine will be especially handy in the warmer weather.

UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size

What is the hood like on the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat?

The Mesa i-Size has a large UPF 25+ sun hood, which is ideal for warding off harmful rays as well as creating a nap-friendly environment, although UPF 50+ would have been preferred. It was really useful to use when we went for a stroll – with the Mesa attached to the Cruz V2 – and were caught out by some unexpected winter sun. The hood can also be fully retracted, which was appreciated when bringing the baby into social settings.

UPPABaby Mesa i-Size

How do you rate the straps on the Mesa i-Size car seat?

The seat’s 3-point harness straps are really easy to position, with movable padded cushions to help protect your baby’s shoulders from any rubbing. My baby felt really secure, which was especially reassuring when she was riding on her own in the back, although some parents may prefer a 5-point harness.

Is the Mesa i-Size car seat easy to wash?

Thankfully, the car seat didn’t actually get that dirty while I was testing it, which is testament to how much time my baby spent snoozing while in it. Drops of spilt milk were easily dealt with, however, and giving it a quick swipe with a damp sponge cleaned a couple of greasy finger marks (mine, all mine) off the handle and hood. The fabric can also be hand washed in cold water using a mild detergent.

How heavy is the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat?

In terms of carrying it around, the car seat is relatively compact compared to other designs. That said, it’s still pretty bulky and weighs in at about 4.6kg with the infant insert. Weight-wise, it is at the lighter end of the i-Size car seat spectrum – similar to the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus, at 4.5kg, but positively lightweight compared to the Joie i-Level car seat, 9.9kg.

If I’m honest, I’ve yet to find a way to carry any car seat that feels totally comfortable, and my preferred way to hold the Mesa i-Size was over my arm. It feels solid and whether it was popped on a countertop or on the pavement, I felt confident it wasn’t about to rock over.

UPPABaby Mesa i-Size

How robust does the Mesa i-Size car seat feel?

On the whole, the car seat feels high-quality. Nothing seems poorly crafted or cheaply done, rather, it’s robust and I felt reassured that my daughter was safe the whole time that she was strapped in. She evidently liked it and I enjoyed using it, as opposed to feeling nervous of how easy it would be to use.

Is the Mesa i-Size car seat big enough for a growing child?

UPPAbaby advises that this car seat is suitable for use up until around 14 months, however I’m not totally convinced that my baby – who has proudly sat on the upper percentile since my 20-week scan – will fit into it much past a year. A 5-star parent review on John Lewis also agrees that it’s a great size for smaller babies in particular.

I think I may need to find a follow-up car seat – although it will need to be very comfortable, as the Mesa i-Size has set the bar high.

UPPABaby mesa i-size 2

What travel systems is it compatible with?

You can use the Mesa i-Size car seat with the UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz, and with the addition of the car seat adapters, £32.99, you can also use it with the Minu stroller.

Is the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat worth the money?

Yes, I think this car seat is worth every penny. As someone who has struggled over and over with car seats, the ease of use that the Mesa i-Size offers makes it invaluable, in my opinion.

Especially when combined with the Cruz V2 pushchair, I felt totally confident when taking my baby out and about.

Who do you think the Mesa i-Size car seat is most suitable for?

I think it’s a great pick for busy parents, who want to be able to run around with ease, rather than having to haul around a heavy car seat or wrestle with an intricate base system.

What’s in the box?

  • Mesa i-Size car seat
  • Newborn insert

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

You can also buy a Mesa i-Size ISOfix base, £174.99, and car seat adapters for the UPPAbaby Minu stroller, £32.99.

How does it compare to similar car seats?

Product nameAge suitabilityWeighti-Size?RRP
UPPAbaby Mesa i-SizeBirth to 78cm (approx. 14 months)4.6kgYes£199.99
Maxi-Cosi Pebble PlusBirth to 75cm (approx. 12 months)4.5kgYes£199
Britax Baby Safe i-SizeBirth to 83cm (approx. 15 months)4.7kgYes£190
Nuna Pipa Next i-SizeBirth to 85cm (approx. 15 months)3.6kgYes£230

Where can I buy the UPPAbaby Mesa i-Size car seat?

Available at John Lewis, Boots and Mamas & Papas.


MadeForMums verdict:

UPPAbaby’s Mesa i-Size car seat is an absolute gem. With a design that combines security with style, everything about it – from using it in the car to attaching it to the Cruz V2 pram base – is intuitive and simple, just as it should be (yet so rarely is when it comes to car seats…).

Product Specifications

ModelMESA i-Size
Dimensions & Weight
Weight4.3kg – 4.6kg with infant insert
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 14 months – Approx.
Child Height40cm to 78cm – Included infant insert recommended for babies less than 60 cm
iSize compliantYes
Car seat installationIsofix base
Travel system compatibleYes
Side crash protectionYes
Height adjustible headrestYes
  • No-rethread harness adjusts with side impact protection headrest
  • Built-in ventilation system
  • UPF hideaway canopy with extensive coverage
  • Travel system compatible
  • Carry handle with stroller release button
Optional extras
  • MESA i-Size Base - £174.99
  • Car Seat Adapters (MESA i-SIZE) - £32.99
  • Cabana - £37.99
  • CozyGanoosh - £59.99
  • Knit Blanket - £69.99
  • Easy-Fit Sunshade - £19.99