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10 of the best baby sunglasses

Here are the best sunglasses for even very young babies from designer to high street brands - we pick the finest shades to protect your baby's eyes


With summer fast approaching, it’s important to make sure even the littlest eyes are well-protected against harmful rays. Plus, with so many adorable frames and designs to choose from, baby sunglasses are just too cute not to be wearing as often as possible.


Do babies need to wear sunglasses?

Yes. Many people think of sunglasses as a fashion accessory, but they’re actually a crucial part of sun protection for your baby, with ophthalmologists recommending that all children under the age of 10 should wear sunglasses in strong sunshine, even babies.

Any old sunnies won’t do, though. Sunglasses for babies (and all children) should provide as much protection as possible.  The highest being category 4, which offers virtually 100% UVA protection and conform to European safety standards, EN 1836:2005. Look out for those marked as UV400; this means they block a minimum of 99.9% UVB and 99% UVA.

Another important factor is to make sure your baby’s sunglasses cover a good proportion of the eye area. That said, it is also important to invest in a pair that your baby is comfortable in, otherwise he won’t wear them. And if he’s prone to taking hats off the minute they’re popped on, then look for a pair with a headband. Cooler than they sound!

We present our favourite children’s sunnies…

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10 of the best baby sunglasses

1. Beaba Newborn Clip Strap Sunglasses, £17

Age suitable for: Birth to 6 months

These Beaba newborn sunglasses are ideal 1st sunglasses, thanks to the wide-back adjustable strap and soft plastic frame. Parents who bought them for their children were generally impressed according to reviews on retailer Amazon, although some did comment that the strap was a little long.

“The quality and design of lenses though is great, and she is happy wearing them as soon as she realises she doesn’t have to squint anymore,” said the parent of an 8 week old newborn.

The lenses are category 4 – meaning they are the darkest glasses available on the market – and offers nearly 100% UV protection with the shaped sides.

The lense glass is unbreakable and all Beaba shades come with a 1-year guarantee for frames and lens.

Available from: Amazon

2. Baby BanZ Baby Adventure Sunglasses, from £14.99

Age suitable for: Birth to 2 years

Australian brand Banz designs its glasses “to tackle one of the world’s toughest UV environments,” and we all know it gets pretty hot down under.

Complete with category 4 lenses, they are made of polycarbonate Ophthalmic material and have an elastic strap to ensure your baby can’t remove them.

The Adventure BanZ can be worn from birth to 2-years-old. They also come with a silicone ‘Nose and Brow Piece’ embedded into the glasses for added comfort which, according to reviews on Amazon, appeared to be comfortable for little ones to wear.

Available from: John Lewis and Amazon

3. Junior Babiators Sunglasses, £22.93

Age suitable for: 0 to 5 years

These super-cool baby sunglasses are safe, durable and are based on the classic Aviator style. We were so impressed that we awarded them silver in our MadeForMums Awards.

The glasses are made from flexible rubber so they can be twisted, bent and sat upon and still keep their shape – they’re practically unbreakable. As well as looking stylish our judges liked how durable they are like dad of 3, Ben, who says, “The price point initially seems steep at the £30 end but the free replacement guarantee for lost or damaged glasses (in the first year) alleviates that somewhat.”

Available from: Amazon 

4. Julbo’s Kids Looping Sunglasses, £21.99

Age suitable for: 2 years to 4 years

For the times when the family goes trekking, mountain climbing or even kayaking, Julbo has developed Looping 3 sunglasses.

With a category 4 protection rating, wrap around coverage, curved temples, and a flat elastic strap they won’t leave the face of even very active children.

Available from: Amazon

5. Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Sunglasses, £7

Age suitable for: Birth to 6 years

Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Sunglasses offer a maximum UV 400, UVA and UVB protection for your child’s eyes.  That means they block light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers.

You can also buy the adjustable neoprene straps separately for £3.50.

Available from: Jojo Maman Bebe


6. KIDDUS Kids Comfort Sunglasses, £19.95

Age suitable for: 2 to 6 years

These sunglasses come in a whole range of funky prints including flowers, sail boats and polka dots. One previous buyer was a big fan and commented, “The Dino design was a big hit.” Another reviewer was impressed with how adjustable the glasses were and added, “My little girl loves these. They don’t slip down her nose due to the headband. Even when her face is slippy with suncream.”

As well as providing UVA, UVB and UV 400 protection, the frame and legs are completely flexible so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Available from: Amazon

7. Goggle Tiger Sunglasses, £7

Age suitable for: Birth to 2 years

Perfect for summer, these cute as a button sunnies have 100% UVA/UVB protection and an adjustable strap to make sure they stay on, and can even be popped in the washing machine to keep them looking clean.

Available from Amazon

8. Idol Eyes, £14.95

Age suitable for: Birth to 2 years

Idol Eyes sunglasses are made from a durable rubber soft rubber frame and adjustable head strap so they stay secure on your little one’s head.

As well as 4 cute designs, they provide 100% UV protection and come with a lens specially designed for its clarity. The sunnies were popular with previous buyers, although some did comment that they were a little big than other designs which might be worth keeping in mind.

Available from: Amazon

9. Roshambo Baby Shades, £21.99

Age suitable for: Birth to 2 years

As well as coming in a range of stylish colours, these Roshambo baby sunglasses are made with a lightweight, flexible frame to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your baby.

Importantly they come with 100% UVA/B/C protection which customers liked as they felt reassured. One parent said, “They are flexible, damage resistant, and must be comfortable as my finicky 2 year will wear hers without fuss.

“I spent a lot of time looking for sunglasses with real SPF protection to help keep her sensitive eyes protected all year long. We tried a few others first, but these are the only ones that have worked for us.”

Available from:  Amazon

10. Beaba Baby Sunglasses, £17

Age suitable for: 9 months to 2 years

For older babies and toddlers Beaba has this stylish eyewear.  Suitable from 6 months upwards, these baby sunglasses protect against 100% UVA/UVB rays, have an “unbreakable and bendable” frame and are made with hypoallergenic silicone.  They are also supplied with case and a microfibre wipe.

Available from: Beaba and Amazon


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