A good travel system can save new parents a lot of hassle and headaches. You get all the interchangeable seating options in one-well designed bundle, allowing parents to swap between toddler seat, carrycot or car seat.


Everything is perfectly compatible and easy to use, making new parenthood that little bit easier, giving users more flexibility and different options to make their children comfortable. A good travel system is versatile and should provide a functional mode for every stage of your child’s development - from lie-flat pram-mode to world-facing toddler mode.

We have analysed the travel systems market and rigorously tested a wide range of different bundles to help you decide which one is best for you. Each of our recommended travel systems has been used regularly by a journalist with a baby or toddler. We’ve also combined these results with feedback from mums to bring you the best selection.

Best travel systems at a glance

  • Best travel system for one-handed fold: Joie Versatrax with i-Snug Car Seat and Ramble XL Carrycot, £530
  • Best travel system for the city and countryside: UPPAbaby Cruz V2 with MESA i-Size Infant Carrier, £1074.97
  • Best travel system for bright, sensory patterns: Cosatto Wowee and RAC Port i-size Car Seat, £999.95
  • Best travel system for taller parents: Venicci Tinum 3-in-1 Travel System, £799
  • Best premium quality travel system: egg2 Stroller and egg Shell Car Seat, from £1399
  • Best value travel system: Kinderkraft XMOOV 3-in-1, £329
  • Best travel system with a comfy carrycot: Babymore MeMore Travel System, £499
  • Best travel system for urban living: Silver Cross Wayfarer 2020 Dream and i-Size base bundle, £1030
  • Best travel system for sun protection: Cybex Balios S Lux with Cybex Aton M i-size, from £864.65
  • Best travel system for celebrity style: My Babiie Your Babiie Belgravia Rose Gold Black Travel System, £599.99
  • Best mid-range budget travel system: Didofy Cosmos, £599
  • Best travel system for effective brakes: Ickle Bubba Aston Rose includes Mercury i-Siz Car Seat, £899

Why should I consider buying a travel system?

It is not necessary to buy a full travel system from the outset, and they can seem like a more expensive outlay than a simple buggy. However, if you are planning on using the car to transport your baby, you will need an infant car seat. Plus, as a newborn should lie flat, it’s usually recommended to invest in a firm carrycot.

This is where a travel system comes into its own. It is designed for all these necessary elements to slot together nicely and for users to be able to change between them smoothly and quickly.

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What to look for when buying a travel system

Does it include a car seat?

“Parents love the option to use their infant carrier car seat on their pushchair as it can make life a lot easier,” says Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower. “It means you can simply transfer your sleeping little one from the pushchair to the car and vice versa easily without disturbing them.” If you’ll be using the pushchair for more than 2 hours, avoid using the car seat though as it is recommended by safety experts and manufacturers that babies don’t sit in them for prolonged periods of time.

Some travel systems have car seats from the same range that clip straight onto the base while others have a few different models which are compatible but need adapters to fit it. Check out which car seat you will get with your travel system and make sure you are happy with the safety credentials (and it will fit easily into your vehicle) before you buy.

Is there a carrycot and can it be used for overnight sleeping?

Newborn babies need to lie completely flat so many travel systems will include a carrycot to keep them in this optimal position until they are around 6 months and able to sit up in a pushchair. It isn’t always necessary to get a carrycot though, as some pushchairs will completely recline and may even come with inserts that make them suitable and comfortable for small babies. Though bucket-type toddler seat or even some of the ‘near-flat’ options out there are not recommended.

If you are buying a bundle with a carrycot, look at how comfortable it is and whether it is suitable for occasional overnight sleeping. If the manufacturer says it is suitable to use at night-time, this could save you the expense of buying a travel cot when your little one is small and will be handy for holidays and overnight visits.

Does it come with extra accessories?

The travel system bundles on our lists vary from those that just include the pushchair, carrycot and car seat to those with include almost everything you could imagine apart from the kitchen sink. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting in your bundle and weigh up whether you need the extras or not. Some mums will absolutely adore having a cup holder and a matching changing bag, while for others it will simply be more clutter to find a home for.

How heavy is it?

Travel systems are generally not as lightweight as the nippy compact buggies aimed at older children. But there are still some models on the market which have made an effort to keep weight to a minimum. Heavier systems tend to be more hard-wearing and robust and may feel smoother on rough terrains, but lightweight prams and pushchairs are easier to lift in and out of your car and can be easier to manoeuvre.

If you opt for a car seat, remember to also check how heavy it is and you'll most likely be lifting it out the car with your baby inside it.

How easy is it to fold up?

When you’re not using your travel system, you’ll want to fold it up either to put it in your car boot or to store it out of the way at home. Check how easy it is to fold – some can be folded with one hand, while others may be a bit more fiddly and need the seat or carrycot removing first. Does it stand up when folded or does it need to be laid down or leant against something? It is also worth knowing its folded dimensions to know if it will fit easily into your cupboard or car.

How much does a travel system cost?

On first glance travel systems seem more expensive overall, but you can get some really good value options, such as the Kinderkraft Xmoov (£329) on our list. With others costing more than £1000 there is a huge range of price points.

“Even though these may seem more expensive initially, travel systems can be a great investment,” explains Charlotte Gelstharp at Natural Baby Shower, a popular online retailer for pushchairs.

“You can create your own travel system using your own choice of car seats and pushchairs, however this can be confusing and complicated as you need to make sure everything is compatible with each element. Therefore, it can be easier and less confusing to opt for an already bundled together travel system.”

Some of the more expensive travel systems offer more items in the bundle or have better functionality or unique features, such as memory buttons that make changing between seat and carrycot easier or one-handed folds that can make a real difference to how you use the pushchair.

It might also be worth considering whether there are individual accessories that are important to you - some parents might desperately want a matching changing bag, without shelling out extra money, while others can’t do without a cup attachment. While these might not be deal-breakers, they might swing your decision.

How we chose and tested these pushchairs

When testing pushchairs we consider comfort for both child and parent, weight, size, folded size, wheel type, folding mechanism, fabrications, longevity and whether they are worth the money.

Our 10 of the Best lists are compiled by qualified and experienced parenting journalists. They rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.

Here's our pick of the best travel systems for newborn babies...

1. Joie Versatrax with i-Snug car seat and Ramble XL carrycot, £530

– Best for one handed fold

Joie Versatrax with i-Snug car seat and Ramble XL carrycot

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 75cm | Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair weight: 11.7kg | Car Seat weight: 3.25kg | Unfolded dimensions: H92cm x W65.5cm x L112cm | Folded dimensions: H86cm x W65.5cm x L36cm | Awards: Gold – Newborn pushchair under £600, MadeForMums Awards 2021

Includes: Joie Versatrax pushchair, Ramble XL carrycot and i-Snug car seat

The Joie Versatrax is a superb 4-in-1 travel system, that consistently impresses users with its functionality, ease of use and versatility. It is fantastic value, especially considering the quality of car seat included with the system. The i-Snug is i-Size and lightweight, which makes it safe and easy to use.

We love the clever one-handed folding system, making it simple to get it in and out of the car or put it away when it isn’t in use. Our MFM testers praised how neatly it folds up without taking up too much space. "The fold on this pushchair allows it to become a great space saver," said MFM tester Maria. "It becomes a slim, self standing unit, which is fabulous to save space in the car boot, especially if you have a tiny boot."

Other great features include a roomy basket underneath – perfect for carrying all those bits and pieces you’ll need on a trip out and there’s even a useful pocket in the carrycot for your phone or car keys. The seat itself can be reclined flat and used for newborns as well as little ones who have outgrown the carrycot. But MFM reviewer and mum of two Laura felt the pushchair would could be a tight squeeze for larger toddlers and said, "I tried my 3-year-old in the seat (he’s just over 13kg) and it was very snug."

It’s also worth noting that the pushchair seat doesn’t come with a footmuff to keep your child’s legs warm, although the unit is soft and comfortable with padded straps. The carrycot also isn’t designed to be used for overnight sleeping so can’t double up as a travel cot.

Pros: Easy one-hand fold, free-standing when folded, large basket
Cons: Footmuff not included, no auto-clip on fold, snug-fitting seat unit

Read our full MadeForMums Joie Versatrax pushchair review

Available from: Mamas and Papas and Online4baby

2. UPPAbaby Cruz V2 with MESA i-Size Infant Carrier, £1074.97

– Best for the city and countryside


Suitable from: birth to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth up to 13kg | Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 11.6kg | Car Seat weight: 4.8kg | Unfolded dimensions:H101.6cm x W57.8cm x L95.3cm | Folded dimensions: H83.8cm x W57.8cm x L41.9cm | Awards: Gold – Travel system over £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: UPPAbaby Cruz V2 pushchair, carrycot, rain covers, sun shades, insect nets, car seat and Isofix base

The UPPAbaby Cruz has always been a popular urban pushchair, with its generous basket, easy fold and relative compactness. The V2 is a new and improved version, offering even more longevity and functionality to the Cruz. For example the user weight limit is increased, the wheels are larger and can handle more terrain and the seat is more generous in size, so it should last better for fast growing kids.

According to MFM Reviews Editor, Christy, who reviewed the Cruz with her newborn, it is an ideal all-round hybrid pushchair that performs well in town but also in parks and on woodland walks. “It is a top-quality option for most,” she writes. “It’s so versatile, and such good quality that I can see it working for families in town or the countryside, as it’s so robust without being a huge size.” It also comes with a huge shopping basket, which can hold a whopping 13.6kg

The carrycot comes with a breathable mattress with washable cover, which is a big plus point if your little one brings up milk or has an exploding nappy while you’re out and about. It's also super easy to use, Christy adds, as you can remove it with one hand, pressing a button integrated in the hood. This makes such a difference to user-friendliness. “It is one of the brand’s real standout features,” says Christy. “My friend, using the Bugaboo Bee5 herself, and my husband, were both also very impressed!”

Unlike many travel systems which only work with one type of car seat, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 gives you a choice. The MESA i-Size fits directly onto the frame but it is also compatible with a range of other popular car seats using adapters so you can pick which one you prefer.

Pros: Handles multiple terrains, large upper weight limit, easy to remove carrycot
Cons: Pricey, not the lightest

Read our full MadeForMums UPPAbaby Cruz V2 pushchair review

Available from: Simply Baby, Baby & Co, Bella Baby

3. Cosatto Wowee and RAC Port i-Size Car Seat, £999.95

– Best for bright, sensory patterns

cosatto wowee

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 25kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 15 months| Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 11.8kg | Car seat weight: 4.7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H87cm x W62.5cm x L97cm | Folded dimensions: H25cm x W62.5cm x L97cm

Includes: Cosatto Wowee pushchair, carrycot, car seat with matching hood, car seat base, footmuff, raincover and changing bag

Cosatto is best known for its bright, quirky designs that stand out from the crowd (useful for spotting your pushchair quickly if you’ve left it in a buggy park). But there is more to the Cosatto Wowee than just its looks. The brand actually has a team of designers backed by scientists, who create bold and carefully place characters and patterns on the fabrics which aim to attract baby’s attention and develop their sensory skills. It is a unique selling point of the brand, appreciated by parents, with many reporting on how the designs engage their little ones.

Compact and fairly lightweight, the Cosatto Wowee folds easily using one hand with the seat on in either direction – both parent and world-facing. This is much simpler than many travel systems which need the seat to be in a certain position or removed before folding. "The fold is the Wowee’s party trick," said MFM tester Danny. "Being able to leave the seat (parent-facing and world-facing) in could be a real game-changer in some scenarios and certainly offers a level of flexibility I haven’t experienced with other pushchairs." When folded, it is small and easy to store and will fit easily into most car boots. The seat can also be fully reclined and used from birth so you don’t need to get the carrycot for your newborn if you don’t want to.

There are some great little details with the Wowee designed to make your life as a parent easier - the extendable hood offers UPF 100+ sun protection and the brake is flip-flop friendly. MFM tester Danny found it didn’t offer as smooth a ride as more expensive travel systems, especially on uneven ground but described it as “excellent value for money if you need an all-rounder that also saves on space.”

Pros: Eye-catching design, folds with seat facing both directions, lie-flat seat
Cons: Struggles a little on rough terrain

Read our full MadeForMums Cosatto Wowee pushchair review

Available from: Amazon and Cosatto

4. Venicci Tinum 3in1 Travel System, £799

– Best for taller parents

Venicci Tinum

Suitable from: birth up to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg | Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair weight: 12kg | Car seat weight: 3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H105cm x W58cm x L73cm | Folded dimensions: H63cm x W58cm x L41cm | Awards: Gold – Travel system under £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: Venicci Tinum pushchair, carrycot, car seat with adaptors, footmuff, changing bag, changing bag, raincovers and insect nets

Venicci isn’t the most well-known brand for buggies but this 3in1 travel system is a hidden treasure, which is why we named it as a MadeforMums gold award winner for 2021. It's the brand's most narrow and compact pushchair, making it convenient for taking on public transport or getting past people in shops or crowded streets, although the basket is a bit on the small side. It's also packed with matching accessories, making it great value for money.

The hoods on both the carrycot and pushchair have in-built ventilation and can be extended to offer extra shade. With in-built suspension, sturdy wheels and easy steering, it is just as suitable for a day out in the country as it is zipping around a city centre. MFM reviewer and mum-of-one Rohese said, "From uneven pavements to wet grass, stony paths and deep mud, the large wheels offered no resistance."

The pushchair can also be folded and unfolded using one hand and with the seat attached parent-facing or world-facing, which isn't the case with many buggies. Plus, the 5 different height positions for the handle mean it is comfortable for both tall and small parents and you won’t end up hunched over while pushing your little one around.

Pros: Lots of accessories included, all-terrain, 5 handlebar positions
Cons: Small shopping basket

Read our full MadeforMums Venicci Tinum 3in1 travel system review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Baby Planet and Amazon

5. egg2 Stroller and egg Shell Car Seat, from £1,399

– Best for premium quality

egg 2 travel system

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 25kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg| Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 15.5kg | Car seat weight: 4.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: H113cm x W59cm x L84.5-96cm | Folded dimensions: H71cm x W59cm x L32cm | Awards: Gold – Travel system over £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: egg2 pushchair, carrycot, footmuff, changing bag, fur seat liner, raincovers, insect net, car seat, Isofix base and adaptors

The egg2 travel system is gorgeous to look at with a sleek, modern design and can easily be converted into a tandem if you find yourself needing a double buggy. Both the seat unit and carrycot are made from materials offering UPF50+ sun protection and it is super simple to switch between the two. It is also quick and easy to fold down with one hand, although you do need to remember to take the seat off first.

The egg2’s good looks and ergonomic design earned it a 2021 Made for Mums gold award. MFM tester Jessica tried out the travel system with her newborn and said: “As well as being one of the best-looking travel systems on the market, this is one of the highest quality.” She found it provided a smooth ride on all types of terrain.

The carrycot is really comfortable and has a viewing window for keeping an eye on your sleeping baby. Larger than the original egg, the egg2 is designed to give your little one more space to travel in style but it is one of the heavier travel systems on our list.

Pros: Cosy cocoon carrycot, luxury fabrics, handles well
Cons: Need to remove seat before folding, seat not suitable for newborns, heavy

Read our full MadeForMums Babystyle Egg2 pushchair review

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Baby Planet and John Lewis

6. Kinderkraft XMOOV 3in1, £329

– Best value travel system

Kinderkraft Xmoov3in1

Suitable from: birth up to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg | Car seat i-Size: No (ECE R 44/04 tested) | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair weight: 11.8kg | Car seat weight: 3.3kg | Unfolded dimensions: H92cm–116cm x W60cm x L110cm | Folded dimensions: H75cm x W62cm x L42cm | Awards: Silver – Travel system under £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: Kinderkraft Xmoov pushchair (with 2-in-1 seat and carrycot), rain cover, MINK car seat and adaptors, insect net, car seat, changing bag and mat, bag hooks, cup holder and footmuff

If you’re on a tight budget, this 3-in-1 travel system ticks all the boxes as it comes with everything you’ll need for your newborn baby until they’re a toddler at just over £300. Without sacrificing on quality, "it does everything you’d need and more compared to some of the more premium buggies on the market," commented MFM tester Scott.

Unlike most travel systems, the carrycot converts into a pushchair seat so you won’t have to find space in your home to store whichever part you’re not using. The pushchair’s handle has 8 different heights, so both parents can adjust it to a position which is comfortable for them. Plus, the chassis has 4 "thick and chunky" inflatable rubber tyres which MFM tester Scott said helped to "navigate over bumpy terrain as well as pavements for a smooth ride".

Our MadeforMums reviewer Jennifer found the travel system a little difficult to put together when it first arrived but easy to use once assembled. One other reservation was that the included MINK car seat was a little basic and not compatible with an ISOFIX base so must be fitted using the seatbelt, however MFM tester Jodie did find it "very easy" to take on and off the frame.

Pros: Great value, all-terrain, 8 handlebar heights
Cons: Tricky to assemble at first

Read our full MadeforMums Kinderkraft XMOOV 3in1 travel system review

Available from: Very, Samuel Johnston, Amazon and Kiddies Kingdom

7. Babymore MeMore Travel System, £499

– Best for comfortable carrycot

Babymore MeMore Travel System

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) up to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg | Car seat i-Size: No | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 10kg | Car seat weight: 2.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: H100cm–109cm x W59cm x L80cm | Folded dimensions: H35cm x W59cm x L69cm | Awards: Silver – Travel system under £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: Babymore MeMore pushchair, elevator, carrycot, car seat, car seat adaptors, Isofix base, foot muff, seat liner, rain cover, changing bag, changing mat and cup holder

Our testers loved all the extra accessories included in the 13-piece set, which comes in at less than £500. The bundle includes the usual chassis, seat, carrycot and car seat you’d expect with a travel system, but you also get an Isofix base, rain cover, changing bag and more. There are also some elevators which will lift your carrycot or seat up a bit higher if you want baby to be closer to you. "It is these little extras that I really like about this system," said MFM tester Cathy. "The things that give extra elements of comfort for baby."

The deep and comfy carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping which is a big plus point and saves you the hassle of getting a separate travel cot during those first few months of parenthood. Both our testers found it to be spacious and comfortable, with mum Joanne commenting, "It passed the sleep test with my newborn! The mattress feels good quality and the fabric around the carrycot is a breathable to allow for extra airflow and a safe sleep environment for baby."

The travel system itself looks smart and while it might not be quite of the same quality as its much more expensive competitors, you can’t tell unless you examine it closely. MFM tester Joanne found it worked well on all terrains and could be easily pushed with just one hand. Folding it up is a piece of cake too and can be done singlehandedly. Though keep in mind both our testers found building the pushchair to be tricky, so you may need an extra pair of hands.

Pros: Carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping, handles well on multiple terrains, lots of extras included
Cons: Pushchair tricky to build

Available from: Samuel Johnston, Amazon, Kiddies Kingdom and Babymore

8. Silver Cross Wayfarer 2020, Dream and i-Size base bundle, £1,030

– Best for urban living

silver cross wayfarer 2020

Suitable from: birth (with carrycot) to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 15 months| Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 10kg | Car seat weight: 7kg | Unfolded dimensions: H107-93cm x W54cm x L82cm | Folded dimensions: H32cm x W54cm x L85cm | Awards: Silver – Travel system over £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: Silver Cross Wayfarer pushchair, carrycot, carrycot hood and apron, i-Size infant carrier and base, car seat adaptors, footmuff, changing bag, cup holder and car seat rain covers

Made by heritage pram brand Silver Cross, the Wayfarer 2020 is ideal for city living with a lightweight chassis, inline wheels and compact design. Our testers were also taken with how well it tackled bumpy ground and going up and down kerbs. "There are lots of cobbled streets in our area of London (Shad Thames)," said MFM reviewer Sarah. "So the tiniest of city pushchairs often struggles (or my baby looks like he is sat on a pneumatic drill – not ideal!). But the Wayfarer 2020 does the job well."

We also loved that the carrycot was suitable for overnight sleeping and lined with temperature-regulating and antibacterial bamboo so your baby won’t overheat. It also it comes with the Dream i-Size car seat and base, which have impressive safety credentials and were given the best ever rating by ADAC, an independent organisation which tests child car seats. Both our testers also found it easy to take on and off the Wayfarer pushchair.

Made from high quality materials, it is hard to find a downside with the Wayfarer 2020 but MFM reviewer Sarah did find it tricky to put together and spent about half an hour assembling all the pieces before using it for the first time. Although the shopping basket is spacious, it's also worth keeping in mind that it can be tricky to access with the carrycot on top.

Pros: Lightweight, compact and easy to manoeuvre
Cons: Shopping basket access tricky with carrycot

Read our full MadeforMums Silver Cross Wayfarer 2020 pushchair review

Available from: John Lewis and Kiddies Kingdom

9. Cybex Balios S Lux with Cybex Aton M i-Size, from £864.65

– Best for sun protection

Cybex Balios S Lux

Suitable from: birth up to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg/87cm/24 months | Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: No | Pushchair weight: 11.7kg | Car seat weight: 4.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H110cm x W60cm x L90cm | Folded dimensions: H43cm x W60cm x L75.5cm | Awards: Bronze – Travel system over £800, MFM Awards 2021

Includes: Balios S Lux pushchair, Aton M i-Size car seat, Base M, car seat adapters, rain cover, Cot S, cup holder and footmuff

The Cybex Balios S Lux is available on its own as a pushchair or in a bundle with a carrycot and compatible Cybex car seat, which MFM tester Hollie found "super easy" to click on and off the pushchair frame. Like the Joie Versatrax, it can be folded up using just one hand (although our reviewer found it took some getting used to) and has a large basket on the base which can carry loads of up to 5kg, making it a handy shopping companion.

One of the biggest selling points for this travel system is the large extendable hood, which is made from UPF50+ fabric and offers plenty of shade on sunny days. The frame itself is sturdy and can easily handle a bit of off-roading with smooth suspension and tough all-terrain wheels – all features which helped earn the travel system a MadeforMums 2021 bronze award.

The pushchair seat can be reclined into a lie-flat position so it can be used from birth but if you’ve got a newborn, you’ll probably want to get the compatible Cot S carrycot, which has a memory foam mattress to make it comfortable for naps on the move. If you want something less bulky to keep your baby snug, you can also buy the Cocoon S, which fits onto the reclined pushchair seat, offering head and neck support and a bit of extra warmth.

The Cybex Balios S Lux isn’t as compact as many similar travel systems, although it is really easy to steer and manoeuvre around even the tightest corners. MFM reviewer Fay tested it out with her 6-month-old and said: “Despite the pram feeling quite weighty, it is remarkably easy to get up and down curbs. My son remained asleep throughout many hills and bumpy roads.”

Pros: Spacious and comfortable seat with large hood
Cons: Single hand folding takes practice

Read our full MadeforMums Cybex Balios S Lux pushchair review

Available from: John Lewis, Online4Baby and Natural Baby Shower

10. My Babiie Your Babiie Belgravia Rose Gold Black Travel System, £599.99

– Best for celebrity style

Your Babiie Belgravia Rose

Suitable from: birth up to 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg | Car seat i-Size: No | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes (hood down and apron off) | Pushchair weight: 10kg | Car seat weight: 2.5kg | Unfolded dimensions: H102cm x W57cm x L92cm | Folded dimensions: W57cm x L65cm | Awards: Bronze – Travel system under £800, MFM Awards 2021

Included: Your Babiie Belgravia pushchair, carrycot, car seat, rain cover and footmuff

Designed with actress and singer Christina Milian, this fashionable travel system screams luxury with its stylish but strong rose gold aluminium frame and leather handlebar. Though it's not all style over substance with our MFM testers praising the roomy and well-padded car seat and carrycot. MFM tester Tracey said, "I particularly like the size of the carrycot and car seat, meaning you could use these parts longer than others on the market making it better value for money."

The storage basket underneath zips up, reducing the risk of anything falling out but this does mean you can’t use it to carry really large items. MFM tester Rebecca loved the quality and look of the travel system, although she felt the suspension was an issue. She said: “Our son was bouncing slightly in the car seat when pushing on both rough and smooth ground.”

This travel system is not as lightweight as many of the other options on this list but it is quite compact when folded, collapsing down at the push of a button to a one-piece fold. "There was plenty of room in the boot compared with other pushchairs I've used," said MFM tester Tracey. And despite the overall weight, our testers didn’t think it felt heavy when pushing it.

Pros: Stylish look with luxury trim, roomy car seat and carrycot, one-piece fold
Cons: Lack of suspension

Available from: Very, Amazon and My Babiie

11. Didofy Cosmos, £599

– Best for mid-range budgets

didofy cosmos

Suitable from: birth 22kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 13kg| Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 10.2kg | Car seat weight: 3.2kg | Unfolded dimensions: H103cm x W78cm x L57cm | Folded dimensions: H88cm x W35cm x L57cm

Includes: Didofy Cosmos pushchair, carrycot, Group 0+ car seat, Isofix base, raincover and footmuff

With a modern, streamlined design, the Didofy Cosmos looks attractive and is easy to whizz around on city streets even with just one hand. Although it is aimed at urban dwellers, it is still fairly robust with puncture-proof wheels and advanced in-built suspension for a smooth ride.

MFM reviewer and mum-of-2 Laura said: “It manoeuvred quickly and made light work of bumpy, uneven surfaces, without rattling or feeling unsteady thanks to its built in suspension.” She also liked how light it was to lift the different pieces on and off the frame and that you didn’t need separate attachments to fit the carrycot or car seat. Though MFM tester Madeleine did find the carrycot to be on the snug side.

Like the Cosatto Wowee, the way this travel system folds is a big selling point – it has a one-handed folding mechanism and can be folded with the seat on in both directions. It can also be stored both upright – it will stand on its own – or horizontally so is a good choice if storage is tight at home.

Pros: Lightweight with great suspension, one-handed fold, can be stored upright
Cons: Snug carrycot

Read our full MadeforMums Didofy Cosmos pushchair review

Available from: Olivers BabyCare and Didofy

12. Ickle Bubba Aston Rose, includes Mercury i-Size car seat, £899

– Best for effective brakes

Ickle Bubba Aston Rose

Suitable from: birth to 15kg | Car seat suitable from: birth to 80cm | Car seat i-Size: Yes | Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping: Yes | Pushchair weight: 11kg (chassis with wheels) | Car seat weight: 4.9kg | Unfolded dimensions: H110.5cm x W62cm x L95cm | Folded dimensions: H36cm x W62cm x L94.5cm

Includes: Aston Rose pushchair, carrycot, car seat, Isofix base, luxury seat liner, footmuff, changing mat, changing bag, cup holder and rain cover

The Ickle Bubba Aston Rose travel system is one of the most practical bundles on our list. There are some that include more items, but the Aston Rose features an i-Size car seat as well as the Isofix base to go with it. This is a generous piece of kit to include, and will be a deal breaker for many parents.

Our favourite feature on the Aston Rose is the hand-operated brake. Less fiddly than using your feet, securing the travel system when you stop is an absolute doddle and we'd like to see more manufacturers haven’t incorporated hand-operated brakes into their designs. The telescopic handlebar is reversible and can be flipped over the top of the seat, making it really easy to get a wriggly toddler into and out of the pushchair.

The carrycot is comfortable, well-ventilated and suitable for overnight sleeping with a luxurious silky lining. There is also a handy bumper bar you can dangle toys from to keep your little one entertained. The carrycot and the seat unit use the same frame so it is a little fiddly to switch over when your baby graduates from pram to pushchair but hopefully you’ll only have to do it once.

MadeforMums reviewer Tara said: “The first thing I noticed about this travel system was the design and quality. I thought the gold detailing, faux leather touches and matching accessories looked very stylish.”

Pros: Isofix base included, smooth to push, hand operated brake
Cons: Fiddly to switch from carrycot to seat

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Available from: Online 4 Baby and Pramworld


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Catherine Ball is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about parenting and health. As the mum of 4 daughters aged between 4 and 12 years, she has plenty of experience of choosing and using travel systems and thinks that folding and unfolding pushchairs should be viewed as an Olympic sport.



Catherine Ball is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about parenting and health. She has been a journalist for 20 years, writing for a wide range of regional and national publications.