Once your child has outgrown their baby/infant car seat, which could be as early as 9 months, you'll need to move up a stage to find the best seat to take them through their toddler years and beyond. The market for toddler car seats is a fast-growing one, with constant innovation in both safety features and ease of use. Over the last couple of years, a heavy focus on extended rear-facing options and 360° "spin" models has meant you have more car seats than ever to choose from.


To help you decide which car seat is best for your toddler, we've extensively researched the car seat market to bring you options from a range of brands at a range of prices.

We've spoken to over 1,200 parents about the car seats they’ve used over the years. We've also taken into account safety testing carried out by ADAC, one of the lead testers of car seats in Europe, which is recognised throughout the industry for its stringent safety tests. ADAC does not test all car seats, and if a seat had not been tested by ADAC this does not make it unsafe. However, where a seat in our list has been tested by ADAC we've provided the score. In these tests a low score is best, and all the seats on this list that have undergone the testing have scored under 2.5, or "Good".

As well as being tested and recommended by real parents, each of the car seats on this list have also been put through the paces by our expert journalist reviewers, who have rigorously tested the car seats with their own children. For older children, take a look at our car seats from age 4.

Best car seats from 9 months at a glance

  • Best car seat for extended rear facing: Axkid One 2, £650
  • Best car seat for 360° spin: Joie i-Spin 360, £280
  • Best car seat for an impact shield: Cybex Pallas S-Fix, £259.95
  • Best car seat for longevity: Silver Cross Motion All Size 360, £375
  • Best car seat for easy fitting: Maxi-Cosi Pearl Smart i-size, £199
  • Best budget buy car seat: Joie Fortifi, £130
  • Best car seat for a secure harness: BeSafe IZI Modular AX1 i-size, £231
  • Best car seat for seatbelt fitting: Graco Enhance, £119.99
  • Best car seat for fitting options: Britax Advansafix IV R, £215
  • Best car seat for comfort: Cozy n Safe Excalibur: £107.99

What type of car seat should you buy for your 9 month old / toddler?

Once your baby weighs more than 9kg (approx. 9 months), you can use a Group 1, Group 1/2 or Group 1/2/3 car seat, or choose an i-Size / R129 car seat. But what does that all mean?

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All car seats have to undergo testing to certain European standards. There are two standards you may see at present: ECE R129 (height-based) or ECE R44 (weight-based).

R129 replaced ECE R44, which means no new car seats will be tested to that standard, however there are still lots of models on the market that were designed before 2019. These car seats come in "groups":

  • A Group 1 car seat is suitable for a baby weighing between 9kg and 18kg, which is roughly 9 months to 4 years
  • A Group 1/2 combination or multi-group car seat is suitable from 9kg to 25kg, roughly 9 months to 6-7 years
  • A Group 1/2/3 combination car seat is suitable from 9kg to 36kg or when your child is 135cm tall, which is roughly 9 months to 12 years

What is i-Size and R129?

R129 is the most up to date European-wide regulation for child car seats, which requires children to sit rear-facing until they are at least 15 months old. It is based on height rather than weight, and with the introduction of this standard, seats also began to be tested for side impact.

i-Size and R129 are essentially the same thing: ECE R129 is the new European standard for car seat safety, and "i-Size" is a customer-facing name associated with it. As time moves on, R129 is likely to be used more than i-Size as manufacturers and retailers attempt to simplify all the jargon surrounding car seat safety.

The "i" in i-size stands for integral, and refers to the fact that the harness is built into the seat, rather than using the car's seat belt.

What is an ISOFIX car seat?

Most car seat models now have the option to use an ISOFIX system - in fact 48% of parents we surveyed chose to buy an ISOFIX seat.

ISOFIX car seats have two metal connectors on the back of the seat that anchor onto small metal bars fixed to the frame of your vehicle. It makes it easy to install your car seat correctly, and ISOFIX car seats generally have clear indicators to let you know you’ve fitted the seat correctly.

Alongside ISOFIX, many car seats also use a tether and/or support leg for extra stability. We've indicated for each car seat the options you have when it comes to fitting, and if the seat uses ISOFIX. Obviously, you'll need to check your car has ISOFIX connection points: most modern vehicles do.

Some car seats can be fitted using just a seatbelt, which can be handy if your car doesn't have ISOFIX points. When fitted correctly, car seats that use a seatbelt are no less safe than those fitted using ISOFIX, but many parents find the ISOFIX connection gives them more confidence and reassurance.

What are the child car seat laws and legislation in the UK?

Backless Booster Seats

The regulation on backless booster car seats says that children shorter than 125cm tall (4ft 1in) or weighing less than 22kg (3st 6.5lbs) should not sit on them, so they are not suitable toddlers. This rule applies to brand new products and does not affect any booster seats made and bought before the law came into place on 1 March 2017.

When can a baby go into a forward-facing seat?

Legally, children can start to sit forward-facing when they move to a Group 1 car seat, so from around 9 months. Group 1 seats have traditionally been forward-facing, but this has changed rapidly over the last few years as the new R129 standard requires children to rear face until at least 15 months. Many seats now offer extended rear-facing until age 4, or even age 7.

The reason for this is an increase in interest and emphasis on extended crash testing like the Swedish Plus Test. Any car seat that has met the requirements of either ECE R129 or ECE R44 is considered safe according to UK/European law, but this optional test uses higher speed impact crashes and short braking distances, and looks at the impact on the neck. So far, only rear-facing car seats have passed the test, as sitting rear-facing is shown to reduce impact on the head and neck in an accident. Therefore, those looking for increased safety assurance may wish to have their children facing rearwards for longer in a seat that has passed this test.

In our list we've included a selection of both forward-facing and rear-facing options, giving you the flexibility to choose what's best and most suitable for you and your child.

How do you fit a toddler car seat?

Most manufacturers have a quick online checking service, such as Britax’s Fit-Finder, Maxi-Cosi’s car fitting list, Axkid's vehicle list or Joie’s Fit Guide. Have your car’s make, model and year of production close to hand for fast checking. Remember, not all cars have ISOFIX – so check your car’s compatibility for ISOFIX too.

Once you've picked your ideal car seat, it'll have to be fitted in the car. We recommend you get your car seat fitted by a trained car seat installation advisor (appointed by the manufacturer) if you can, although many manufacturers now have very good installation videos to help you fit at home if you need to.

How much does a toddler car seat cost?

Like all parenting products, prices can vary from budget to luxuriously expensive, but even a budget car seat can cost upwards of £100. You can expect to pay upwards of £300 for an extended rear-facing model with extra features like 360° spin.

While price is important, it's not always an indicator of how safe a car seat is. It's most important to choose the seat that works best for you, your car and your child. If money is tight, we have included some budget options from reputable. Please do not be tempted to buy a second hand car seat: this is one item you must buy new, as you cannot know the history of a seat purchased from a stranger.

Here are the best car seats from 9 months based on expert testing

1. Axkid One 2, £650

– Best for extended rear-facing

Axkid One 2 car seat tester picture

Suitable for: Birth (with cushion, sold separately) to age 7 | Weight: 10kg | Dimensions: H 76cm x W 44cm x D 54cm | i-Size: Yes | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 125cm (age 7) | Installation: ISOFIX | Recline positions: Step-less, up to 42° | Headrest positions: 12 | ADAC test: 2.2 (good)

The Axkid ONE 2 is one of the only ISOFIX car seats that allows rear-facing travel up to approximately 7 years of age (125cm/23kg). At 10kg, it's quite heavy and awkward to move between cars but our reviewer and parent testers found it simple to install. It's an updated version of the Axkid One and has more design features that will make your child feel comfortable when travelling in the car seat, including an improved fit of the textile fabric and a smoother harness.

Undoubtedly, the main selling point of the Axkid ONE 2 is its safety credentials, as MFM reviewer Victoria says, "it's a great option for those who want a safe, solid and robust rear-facing car seat to go the distance and grow with their child — as long as you are happy to pay a premium price upfront." The seat has passed the Swedish Plus Test, and we also awarded it a Gold award in the 2023 MadeForMums awards.

Safety is at the forefront of everything Axkid does, so while the seat is comfortable and impeccably designed, what you won't get here are elements designed purely for convenience like 360° spin. MFM reviewer Victoria, who tested the seat with her 18-month-old, also noted that there were some parts of the seat that could be fiddly and inconvenient, such as the harness: "I found you had to pull pretty hard to get the straps tight enough... and the catch to undo the buckle was also a little fiddly and I didn't find it got any easier." However, it does have a range of other features that make the seat comfortable for the child and that make life easier for the parent, such as quick and easy installation, memory-form headrest and an easy-to-use recline adjuster.

Keeping a child rear-facing to age 7 is optimal from a safety point of view, but it's often difficult in reality. MFM reviewer Victoria told us, "whether it would be comfortable for a 7-year-old, I'm still not convinced, and I struggle to imagine an older child being willing to remain rear-facing for that long." However, parent tester Kelly who also tested the car seat said, "I've been testing with a large 5-year-old and wish I had got this seat to use from birth or after the infant carrier stage. The One 2 really grows with your child to have a good lifespan. There are lots of different positions depending on the age and size of your child and it's easy to adjust to find the best position for them."

Pros: Plus tested, offers rear-facing to age 7, simple to install and adjust
Cons: Some features can be fiddly, older children may not like extended rear-facing, very expensive

Read our full MFM Axkid One 2 car seat review

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom

2. Joie i-spin 360, £280

– Best for 360 spin

Joie i-spin 360 being tested with a toddler

Suitable for: Birth to 4 years | Weight: 13.9kg| Dimensions: H 61cm x W 46cm x D 69cm | i-Size: Yes | 360° spin: Yes | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 105cm (age 4) | Installation: ISOFIX | Recline positions: 6 | Headrest positions: 6 | ADAC test: 1.8 (good)

This seat was one of the first to offer a 360° spin option to help get your child in and out of the car with less hassle. It quickly became a hit with parents because it offered that extra convenience alongside lots of good safety features, including a 3-layer headrest, a lock for the front-facing swivel (so well-meaning family members can't rotate the seat forwards too early) and side-impact "guard surrounds" which pop out automatically when the harness is fastened. It also has an impressive 6 recline positions for a comfortable ride.

MFM reviewer Ima tested this seat with her 13 month old (pictured) and said, "I like the fact that the seat can turn around so I can easily put my baby into it and I also like the recline option, which can help her to feel more comfortable and send her off to sleep quicker." She also felt "the headrest provides excellent support." On the downside, this is a bulky, heavy seat with a built-in base and a support leg that dangles down, meaning it's definitely not easy to transfer between cars or store away.

The seat is well-padded, with a series of removable portions that give the perfect fit and support from birth. The headrest and harness adjust together for easy fitting and there are breathable panels to stop your child overheating. But it can be hard to work out exactly which pads you need at each stage, and your child may be too young to tell you.

Following the success of this model, Joie launched the i-Spin Safe, a sister model that has passed the Swedish Plus Test. See our Joie i-Spin Safe car seat review for a closer look and comparison.

Pros: 360° swivel, good headrest and padding
Cons: Very heavy and bulky, may be hard to work out which padding to use

Read the full MFM Joie i-Spin 360 car seat review

Available from: John Lewis, Boots and Mamas&Papas

3. Cybex Pallas S-Fix, £259.95

– Best for an impact shield

Cybex Pallas S-Fix car seat tested with a toddler

Suitable for: 9 months to 12 years | Weight: 10kg | Dimensions: H 68.5cm x W 50cm x D 43cm | i-Size: No | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: No | Installation: ISOFIX or seatbelt | Recline positions: 1 (group 1 mode only) | Headrest positions: 12 | ADAC test: 2.1 (good)

Cybex's Pallas range is instantly recognisable thanks to the impact shield at the front, which is designed to reduce the risk of serious neck injuries. The shield is used in conjunction with the car seatbelt while the seat is in group 1 mode (up to around 4 years old) before being removed when the seat is converted into a group 2/3 seat (which is then similar to those in Cybex's Solution series). It should last until around age 12. The seat has integrated side-impact protection, and an energy-absorbing shell to further help in case of a collision. The headrest has a patented recline that helps stop a child's head falling forwards if they fall asleep in the car.

MFM reviewer Alex said of the impact shield, "I liked the concept, because it works as an airbag in a crash, spreading the impact and giving better protection." However she advised trying this seat before purchase if possible: her son (pictured) was at the top of the age bracket and found the impact shield no longer fitted well, but 2 other children she knew who were a little smaller and younger were "very comfortable and happy in it."

Alex did like the fact that, due to the impact shield, this seat does not have a fiddly 5-point harness. "I mostly like the ease of strapping and unstrapping your child into it. Any parent will know this can be a high stress part of the day! The streamlined design makes it so much easier to reach and get the job done quickly." Parent tester Ellen also added that this kind of fastening is "a bit more tricky for little hands to undo," making it a good option if you have a little Houdini on your hands.

Pros: Impact shield for protection while facing forwards, high quality materials, seatbelt installation
Cons: Forward-facing only, not all children like an impact shield

Read the full MFM Cybex Pallas S-Fix review

Available from: Amazon and Boots

4. Silver Cross Motion All Size 360, £375

– Best for longevity

Silver Cross motion all size 360 car seat tested with a toddler

Suitable for: Birth to 12 years/145cm | Weight: 14.4kg | Dimensions: H 78cm x W44cm x D 37cm | i-Size: Yes | 360° spin: Yes | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 105cm (age 4) | Installation: ISOFIX | Recline positions: 3 | Headrest positions: 8 | ADAC test: Not tested

Silver Cross's luxurious model is the only R129-approved 360° rotating car seat that's suitable from birth right up to 12 years old, which makes it a very worthwhile (and more sustainable) investment if you don't think your family circumstances will change. It's best suited to those who won't be moving between cars very much – it comes in at almost 15kg and is not easy to move quickly – but it could be the only car seat you ever need to buy.

"The environmental and financial benefits of only needing to buy one seat are really appealing, especially with all the extra features," said our reviewer, MFM Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy, mum of 3, was impressed with the overall quality and attention to detail. "It's very well padded and looks super-cosy...The bamboo fabric is not only breathable, but feels really soft too, while the plastic buckles (as opposed to metal) mean they won’t overheat in the sun and potentially burn your baby’s skin." Her 1 year old is pictured in the seat.

The 360° spin functionality is key to this seat's appeal: offering easy access for parents throughout its lifespan, and a simple way to convert the car seat once the child is old enough to go forward-facing. This seat offers extended rear-facing until 105cm (around 4 years old) after which point it can be turned forwards and the harness stowed away within the seat and swapped with the car seatbelt. "“I really love how the harness and buckle are stored within the seat, instead of having to remove them completely to store elsewhere, like with other car seats we’ve used in the past," said one of our parent testers, who tested this with their 9-year-old daughter as part of a large group test.

Pros: Could be the only car seat you ever need, well-padded and comfy, 360° spin
Cons: Very heavy, bulky and narrow for older kids, expensive

Read the full MFM Silver Cross Motion 360 All Size review

Available from: Argos, John Lewis and Kiddies Kingdom

5. Maxi-Cosi Pearl Smart i-Size, £199

– Best for easy fitting

Maxi-Cosi pearl smart i-size tested with a baby

Suitable for: Approx 6 months to 4 years | Weight: 7.85kg| Dimensions: H 50cm x W 47.5cm x D 61cm (without base) | i-Size: Yes | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 105cm (age 4) | Installation: ISOFIX (base sold separately) | Recline positions: 4 | Headrest positions: multiple sliding | ADAC test: Not tested, sister seat Maxi-Cosi Pearl Pro scored 2.3 (Good).

If you're upgrading from a Maxi-Cosi infant car seat such as the Pebble Plus or Rock and already have a Family Fix ISOFIX base in your car, the Pearl Smart will click straight into that base, allowing you to instantly upgrade with very little hassle and without the added cost of a new base. But even those parents who are new to Maxi-Cosi will find plenty to like about this seat, which offers extended rear-facing up to age 4 (it can also face forwards if you prefer).

The 4-position recline on this seat gets particularly good feedback, with MFM reviewer Sophie saying, "My 8-month-old baby (pictured) didn’t cry while seated in it and fell asleep on both short and long car journeys, which must be a good sign." She also praised the seat padding, saying it "feels thick and well cushioned."

The separate seat and base also make it easier to fit: fitting a flat base into the car then clicking the seat into place on top is much less of a struggle than trying to manoeuvre an all-in-one model into place, and you could fit bases in multiple cars and move just one seat between them easily.

One of the benefits of this seat is that it's suitable from around 6 months, so if you have a large baby who seems to be outgrowing their infant car seat earlier than you'd hoped, it could be a good option, however Sophie did point out that there's no extra insert for babies that young, so the suitability would depend on your child.

Pros: Great upgrade for existing Maxi-Cosi users, easy fitting, good recline, extended rear-facing
Cons: Base has to be purchased separately, no insert for babies

Read the full MFM Maxi-Cosi pearl smart i-size review

Available from: Amazon

6. Joy Fortifi, £130

– Best budget buy

Joie Fortifi car seat being tested with a toddler

Suitable for: 9 to 36kg (approx 9 months to 12 years) | Weight: 7.85kg| Dimensions: H 82cm x W 48.5cm x D 65.7cm | i-Size: No | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: No | Installation: Seatbelt only | Recline positions: 4 | Headrest positions: 9 | ADAC test: Not tested

Joie's affordable and well thought-out Fortifi is a great option if you have a car without ISOFIX connectors, or if you need to move between multiple cars (and even taxis) frequently. This lightweight seat is easy to transport and fastens with the car's seatbelt. It also represents great value: it will last until your child is old enough to ride without a car seat, and if you use it for its full lifespan, it works out at about £12 per year.

MFM Consumer & Commerce Editor Gemma tested this product with her 2 year old (pictured) and said, "After watching the installation video a couple of times, I was easily able to fit the seat, and though it takes a couple of minutes to tighten the belt properly and get it really stable and secure, I was confident my son was safe once he was strapped in. He seems comfortable and happy in the seat."

It benefits from a lot of the features of more expensive Joie car seats, like a one-handed "Grow Together" headrest and harness adjuster that makes it a doddle to adjust as your child grows, and a smart hideaway panel for the harness once your child is old enough to use the seat as a group 2/3 booster. The straps and seat are comfortable and well-padded, and little additions like pockets to keep snacks or loose items secure are a great bonus.

This seat doesn't offer the added security of an extended rear-facing seat, or the ease of 360° spin access or ISOFIX but if you're a family on a budget – or if you're looking for an affordable and lightweight option for grandparents or family members – it could be perfect.

Pros: Great value, can be fitted with seatbelt, lightweight, lasts up to age 12
Cons: Forward-facing only, not i-size

Available from: John Lewis and Mamas&Papas

7. BeSafe iZi Modular AX1 i-Size, £231

– Best for a secure harness

BeSafe iZi Modular AX1 car seat tested with a toddler

Suitable for: Approx 6 months to 4 years | Weight: 15kg (including base) | Dimensions: H 60cm x W 44cm x D 50cm | i-Size: Yes | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 105cm (age 4) | Installation: ISOFIX (base sold separately) | Recline positions: multiple | Headrest positions: 10 | ADAC test: Not tested

The big calling card of this seat is the innovative "active retract" feature on the harness, which assists parents when buckling up for a safe and secure fit. One German study showed that 49.3% of toddlers are not buckled tightly enough in their car seats, so this is a really important safety area. "Once buckled up, you simply just lift the straps up into the shoulder pads and they will tighten with a click," explained MFM reviewer Cher, who tested this with her 1 year old (pictured). She went on to say "the retractable straps are, without a doubt, what sets this car seat apart from any others and for that reason alone, this is a seat worth investing in."

However, this seat really is an investment, as you'll need to buy the ISOFIX base separately for another £169, bringing the grand total to over £450, the second most expensive on our list after the Axkid One (which lasts 3 years longer). As with the Maxi-Cosi Pearl Smart, though, there is the option to fit bases in more than one car and only use one seat, and if you know you or a family member are not good at tightening the harness, it's worth the investment.

It also shares another thing in common with the Maxi-Cosi model: the age range starts at 6 months, and it can be turned forward-facing after 15 months if that's your preference.

Pros: Amazing harness safety feature, modular design for easy fitting
Cons: Expensive, have to buy separate base, heavy including the base

Read the full MFM BeSafe iZi Modular AX1 i-Size car seat review

Available from: Natural Baby Shower and Pramworld

8. Graco Enhance, £119.99

– Best for seatbelt fitting

Graco Enhance car seat tested with a baby

Suitable for: Birth to approx 7 year | Weight: 8.47kg | Dimensions: H 62.2cm x W 49.3cm x D 62.2cm | i-Size: No | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: Yes, up to 18kg (age 4) | Installation: Seatbelt | Recline positions: 4 | Headrest positions: Multiple | ADAC test: Not tested

If you're on a tight budget, the Graco Enhance car seat offers important safety elements like side impact protection and a steel-reinforced frame alongside some great conveniences, like a no-rethread harness and integrated harness storage.

In design, it has a lot in common with the Joie Fortifi, but this seat is suitable up to age 7, rather than age 12, meaning the Fortifi does just squeak in when it comes to value over time, as a new group 3 seat or booster would need to be purchased once the child outgrows this one. However, this seat can be fitted in a rear-facing position with a seatbelt, offering more options for younger riders, and making it suitable from birth. MFM reviewer Rachel, who tested this with her 6 month old (pictured) did point out that "once fully reclined, as advised for rearward facing, there is very little room in the back of the car, so I think it would be tricky to install it in a small vehicle".

Rachel went on to say that "the Enhance offers superior side-impact protection with powerful head protection. On first appearance, it looks well made, well-cushioned and safe. Our little girl felt really secure in the car seat. Anxiety as a first-time parent is often high, especially when it comes to safety, and the Enhance seat features steel reinforcement throughout the body of the frame for enhanced resilience and durability."

Pros: Good value, seatbelt fitting in both rear and front-facing modes, lightweight
Cons: Will need replacing at age 7, may not work rearwards in smaller cars

Read the full MFM Graco Enhance car seat review

Available from: Amazon and Halfords

9. Britax Advansafix IV R, £215

– Best for fitting options

Britax Advansafix IV R car seat tested with a toddler

Suitable for: 9 months to 12 years (9-36kg) | Weight: 11kg| Dimensions: H 63-88cm x W 44cm x D 47cm | i-Size: No | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: No | Installation: ISOFIX and top tether or seatbelt (from 15kg) | Recline positions: 3 | Headrest positions: Multiple | ADAC test: 2.3 (Good)

This front-facing Group 1/2/3 car seat stands out due to its multiple installation options. From 9 months, it can be fitted using the ISOFIX connectors in conjunction with the V-shaped top tether, which hooks behind the headrest and adds extra stability and stop the seat from rotating. You will need to check your car has a convenient place to clip the tether, but most have a bar at the bottom of the seat back.

From 15 months, it can either be fitted using the ISOFIX points and the seatbelt, or using the seatbelt on its own, offering flexibility if you change vehicles. MFM reviewer Michelle, who tested this with her 2 year old grandson (pictured) said, "Once you know how the ISOFIX works, it's quite straightforward to take the seat in and out."

Michelle also rated the overall design and quality of the seat, from the v-shaped headrest to the roomy seat. She said it has been "beautifully designed to a high specification, and Britax have included every safety feature in the event of an accident." These include advanced side impact protection, and a SecureGuard lap belt positioner to protect the abdomen.

Pros: Can be fitted multiple ways, roomy seat, lasts until age 12
Cons: No rear-facing option, not all cars are suitable for tether fitting

Read the full MFM Britax Advansafix IV R review

Available from: Kiddies Kingdom

10. Cozy n Safe Excalibur, £107.99

– Best for comfort

Cozy n Safe Excalibur car seat tested with a child

Suitable for: 9 months to 12 years (9 to 36kg) | Weight: 11kg| Dimensions: H 59cm x W 46cm x D 51cm | i-Size: No | 360° spin: No | Rear-facing: No | Installation: ISOFIX and top tether or seatbelt (from 15kg) | Recline positions: 4 | Headrest positions: 14 | ADAC test: Not tested

Living up to its brand name, the Cozy n Safe Excalibur really impressed MFM reviewer Janet in terms of comfort. She tested it with her 4 year old (pictured) and 23 month old and said, "My 4 year old’s first impression was “very soft” and I noted how the seat fitted both my children like a glove despite their very different physiques."

The seat also has the benefit of allowing you to keep your child in the safety harness until they hit 25kg, while many other forward-facing seats of this type require you to switch to the seatbelt at 18kg. Janet said, "My 4-year-old really liked being back in a harness which on other seats she would have been too tall for." Her only bugbear was that when it did come time to removing the harness, she couldn't quite work out where to put it without asking the brand for help!

Like the Britax Advansafix IV R, this car seat can be fitted with ISOFIX and a top tether, or using car seatbelt. However, the tether on this is a single strap rather than a V-shaped design, so may fit fewer cars depending on the design and position of the headrest. It still offers good flexibility, though, and comes in at a similar weight too.

Pros: Comfortable, can be fitted multiple ways, great value, harness until 25kg
Cons: No rear-facing option, top tether a bit less flexible in terms of fit

Read our full MFM Cozy n Safe Excalibur car seat review

Available from: Amazon, Cozy n Safe and Halfords


How we chose our 10 of the Best

Every car seat in our list has been rigorously tested by a parenting journalist. During testing we considered ease of use and fitting, comfort for child, lifespan, size and weight, age approriateness, extra features (for both convenience and safety) and whether it is worth the money. 

Our 10 of the Best lists rely on a number of sources, including our independent reviews, testing undertaken during the MadeForMums Awards, and feedback from our home testing panel and Top Testers Club. Each year thousands of products are put through their paces by hundreds of parents across the country on behalf of MadeForMums, to ensure we’re bringing you honest and true reviews and recommendations.

Our list is not an ordered ranking from 1-10, instead it is a carefully selected group of tried-and-tested products, each of which we believe is best for a different situation or requirement. We don’t just tell you what is best, we help you discover what is best for your family.



Gemma Cartwright
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