In a nutshell

A stylish, all-stage car seat with an impressive collection of features such as rear-facing up until 4 years, and 360 rotation, although older children may prefer a more upright seat.

What we tested

  • Ease of installing
    A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
  • Comfort
    A star rating of 4.2 out of 5.
  • Safety features
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 5.0 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Long lifespan, 360-degree rotation, rear-facing for longer, plush padding and soft fabrics, integrated base, good value overall


  • Bulky, heavy, stiff rotation, backrest angle not completely upright

A seat that’s rear-facing up until 4 years, has 360 rotation and lasts from birth right up until 12 years – Silver Cross’ offering ticks a lot of boxes for its price tag.


While there are other (cheaper) seats covering this age range, it’s unusual to see one that also has rotating, and rear-facing for longer, features. In fact, it’s the only R129 approved 360 rotating, all stages car seat currently on the market.

The Motion All Size 360 is the latest in a range of plush car seats from Silver Cross, developing the core collection that launched in 2019 with the original Motion (£350), Dream (£225), Balance (£225) and Discover (£150). While the brand remains best known for its premium prams and pushchairs, the Motion All Size 360 certainly gives other car seat stalwarts a run for their money.

Tested By

Christy tested the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 with her baby from between 14-17 months, and her 6 and 8-year-old daughters. They used the car in a Mercedes GLE300d 4matic and a Volvo XC90.

Christy is a journalist with 20 years of experience, specialising in parenting products, retail and travel. She has tested a number of car seats for MadeForMums, including the Cybex Pallas M Fix, Cybex Cloud Z and the Britax Romer EVOLVA 1-2-3 SL SICT.

What were your first impressions of the car seat?

My first impression was that it looked huge! It also looked very smart, which is what I would expect both from the brand Silver Cross and for this price range. I noticed how well padded it felt too, particularly with the newborn inserts fitted.

How clear are the instructions for installing the Motion All Size 360 car seat?

The installation videos on the Silver Cross website and app are really clear for both stages, which was reassuring. Fitting your car seat correctly is always crucial, but having recently experienced a crash I was feeling anxious, so the straightforward instructions were particularly welcome.

How do you install the car seat?

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 comes with an integrated rotating base and support leg, and you install the whole seat in one using ISOFIX. These additional features make it easier and safer to use, but they do take up more room than a simpler car seat like our usual Cybex Pallas M Fix.

Silver Cross have really clear ‘how to’ videos for the under and over stages, as well as an app that guides you through installation..

  • You use ISOFIX for both stages, and for children under 18.5kg, you also use the support leg
  • Unfold the leg from beneath the seat, and there is an obvious grey button to press to extend the leg.
  • Fit the seat in the right position in the car, before securing it in place with ISOFIX and adjusting the length of the leg so it’s firmly touching the floor.

We found the weight of the seat, and bulky leg, made it a little trickier to manoeuvre into the perfect position in the car while getting the ISOFIX points to match up. However, once in place it’s quite straightforward to lock them into the ISOFIX ports.

In our Volvo XC90, it did feel like a tight squeeze. We use all 3 rows of seats in this vehicle, but if you have space to move the 2nd row of seats back then you’d have more room to manoeuvre.

Having said this, a John Lewis parent review praised the car seat for being “very easy to install and very easy to move to a different car,” adding, “we have a small VW Polo and a bigger Touran and its perfect for both.”

silver cross Motion All Size 360

There are 4 handy ‘green lit’ checkpoints to ensure it’s all fitted correctly. These confirm that you’ve inserted both ISOFIX prongs into the vehicle seat correctly (although I always give it a yank to be extra sure!), the support leg is touching the floor, and the rotation handle is locked.

Our MFM home testers were also big fans of this feature, with mum, littleny, adding, “the green and red indicators are amazing, and such a useful feature proving me with the necessary reassurance that I have installed the seat correctly.”

How does the Motion All Size 360 compare to the Motion i-Size?

silver cross Motion All Size 360

The key difference here is lifespan. The Motion i-size, part of the original Silver Cross car seat collection, also comes with an integrated 360-degree rotating base, and uses ISOFIX and a support leg for installation. Unlike the All Size, which can be used up until approximately 12 years, the Motion i-Size is from birth up until 4 years.

What are the key safety features of the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360?

It’s the only all-stage rotating car seat to meet the R129 standard, tested using crash test dummy technology and the latest understanding of road traffic accidents to replicate real life scenarios.

From a parent’s perspective, seeing how sturdy the seat feels, paired with the thick padding, helps me feel reassured that my baby is well protected. And, as a huge part of car seat safety is correct installation, the simple instructional videos are also really helpful.

What age is it suitable for?

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat is for use from birth up to around 12 years, or 40-145cm. It should be used in the rear-facing position until the child is at least 15 months old.

Children under 18.5kg use the 5-point harness. For children over 18.5kg, you stow the harness and strap them in using the vehicle’s seatbelt.

How do you adjust the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat to fit different ages?

  • To prepare the car seat for use with our 14-month-old, we removed the head and side newborn cushion inserts. This was really easy to do as they are attached by poppers and detach easily. We left the back insert in place initially, but found by 17 months he had outgrown all the extra padding.
  • To use it forward facing with our 6 and 8-year-olds, I was impressed with how easy it is to stow the 5-point harness. There’s no fiddly unthreading or removing the straps, which is really convenient if you’re going to switch back at any point. You just lift the seat fabric and cushioning, then stow the parts inside until you need them again. It took minutes to do this to create a harness-free seat we could use with a vehicle’s seatbelt for our older children. MFM home tester,, liked the convenience of having everything in one place: “I really love how the harness and buckle are stored within the seat, instead of having to remove them completely to store elsewhere, like with other car seats we’ve used in the past. This way they can’t get lost!”

How do you adjust the headrest height?

Adjusting the height of the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 for a taller child, as we did for our eldest daughter, is also really easy to do. You simply have to pull on a grey hook at the top of the chair and the seat headrest slides upwards.

At first the headrest wouldn’t pull upwards, but I realised this was because I’d made the straps as small as possible for stowing. Actually, you need to leave them as long as possible, to allow the headrest to be pulled up to its maximum height. Once I realise this it was really easy to adjust.

How long is the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat rear-facing for?

It is rear-facing up until your child is around 4 years old (105cm). However, I’d say it really depends on the child. My son is big for his age (wearing age 2-3 clothing at 16 months); it’s hard to imagine him being happy to bend his legs while facing backwards, when he could sit facing forwards and enjoy more space.

But as it’s the safest direction for travel at his age, I’ll keep him rear-facing for as long as possible. And I’d say this isn’t an issue for the Motion in particular, but for all rear-facing for longer seats.

Does the car seat rotate?

silver cross Motion All Size 360

Yes, as the name suggests, this is a 360-degree rotating seat. This is really handy when putting my baby in the seat, as he can face me while I check he’s strapped in properly.

When his older sisters (6 and 8) use it, we just leave it in the forward-facing position and they climb in.

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360’s rotate function is one of the car seats big selling points and something our MFM home testers raved about. Those with smaller babies hailed it as a “game-changer” for getting your baby in and out the car seat (especially if you’re recovering from a c-section), as well as making the transition from car seat to pushchair easy, and, while others said the function wasn’t such a necessity for older children, they did note how it made it easier to get them out of the car when parked next to another vehicle.

MFM home tester, also pointed out that the rotate feature could be really helpful for older children with physical disabilities, who may not be able to climb into the car themselves.

How do you rotate the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat?

silver cross Motion All Size 360

To rotate the seat (for loading or to change its direction) you simply squeeze a button at the front of the seat and turn the seat around.

The rotation is stiffer than it was on our previous seat (Cybex Cloud Z), so I find I need two hands – one to squeeze the button, while using the other to firmly grab and rotate the seat. I find pushing it at the headrest works best.

Usually we’ll leave the seat facing sideways after a journey, ready to be reloaded, so it won’t be a problem. But if for any reason it’s forward or rear facing, you couldn’t rotate it while holding your baby. It’s important to note that the seat must be locked into the rearward or forward-facing position for travel – the side position (for loading) is only for when the car is stationary.

When I rotate it towards the door at the end of a journey to take my son out of the seat, I have to make sure I guide his inside foot round towards the door as well. Otherwise, as his feet are already touching the back of the seat, he tends to do the splits!

Does the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 have any unique features?

Having a car seat that has an integrated 360-rotating base, is rear-facing for longer, AND can be used from birth up until 12 years old is pretty impressive.

I admit I’ve really enjoyed having an infant seat to use as a travel system, plus smaller, lighter seats for my older children. However, the environmental and financial benefits of only needing to buy one seat are really appealing, especially with all the extra features.

How comfortable is the car seat for a baby?

silver cross Motion All Size 360

The Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 is very well padded and looks super-cosy. My partner was concerned our baby looked a bit squished at first, but my son seemed very happy for a two-hour journey and wasn’t hot or sweaty when we got him out.

MFM home tester, littleny, also rated the comfort levels, adding, “there is plenty of padding around the buckle area, so you don’t need to worry about chubby thighs getting pinched.”

The bamboo fabric is not only breathable, but feels really soft too, while the plastic buckles (as opposed to metal) mean they won’t overheat in the sun and potentially burn your baby’s skin.

My son was used to being in a reclining, rear-facing position in his infant Cybex Cloud Z seat, and seems perfectly happy with his upgrade.

The fact the seat sits a little higher than most car seats was a big plus for MFM home tester Green_k, who said, “My daughter could clearly see more out of the window and was getting excited looking about, kicking her feet and making little squeals! It was so lovely to see and an unexpected benefit to this car seat.”

How comfortable is the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat for an older child?

It’s still a well-made, comfy seat for an older child, but we did have a few niggles.

For example, my 6-year-old said she wanted the seat space to be wider, as she couldn’t move her arms freely and there was less space around her bottom compared to her usual Cybex seat. However, this may not be inherently uncomfortable as some children may prefer more padding – I think she’s just used to having more space. She also didn’t like how reclined the seat was.

silver cross Motion All Size 360

I noticed the supporting leg, although not in use in forward-facing mode, is still prominent and makes it a bit tricky as she has to climb around it to get in the car seat. Obviously if you load from a side-facing position the leg won’t be an obstacle, but realistically she prefers to climb in by herself when it’s forward facing.

How well did it work with different age children?

I think it’s a lovely seat for all ages. As it covers such a range, you don’t get all the individual benefits you can enjoy with seats restricted to shorter stages. For example, it’s great for a newborn, with plenty of padding, but you obviously can’t attach it to your buggy as a travel system.

It’s also very comfortable for my older children, but it has a bit less space around them than their Group 1/2/3 seats, and is definitely bulkier and heavier.

A number of parent reviews on the John Lewis website say that while the car seat is great for children 6 and under, they can’t imagine it being a comfortable fit for most 7 to 12-year-olds. However, one of our MFM home testers said her 9-year-old daughter was very comfortable in the seat, even on long journeys, with no complaints.

So, for an all-stage seat, I feel it does a very good job of working well for each stage, despite the niggly points mentioned above.

How easy is it to strap your child in and adjust the harness on the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360?

silver cross Motion All Size 360

The 5-point harness, for use with children under 18.5kg, is really easy to use and feels very secure. It has lovely thick padding as well, around both the chest and waist.

Adjusting the length is really simple, just push a button at the front of the seat and pull the shoulder straps to loosen them. You can then place your baby inside, clip it all together, and pull the length of excess strap by the button to re-tighten them.

How robust does the car seat feel?

Very. The whole seat feels really well made, with thick padding and soft fabrics. I feel confident this seat will last from 0-12 years.

Does the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat recline?

Yes, it has 3 recline positions, which you can use when the seat is forward-facing. When it’s rear-facing, it must be in the most reclined position only.

All the adjustable parts are very user-friendly, including the pale-grey clutch handle underneath the seat which you use to adjust to the recline angle.

silver cross Motion All Size 360

I found that even in the most upright recline position, the backrest it is still at quite a relaxed angle compared to our Cybex seat (which has a pretty much vertical backrest). Our 6-year-old sat in the seat and immediately said, “This is uncomfortable, I don’t like leaning back”. So, I do think the angle might prove frustrating for older child who wants to sit completely upright.

I found when the Motion is forward-facing and the headrest is at its highest point (for my 8-year-old), it only fits in the most upright position. When I try to recline it, the Volvo XC90’s headrest, which can’t be adjust, gets in the way. I don’t see this as being a problem as both my older children rarely nap in the car anyway, but if it’s important to you then do consider whether your vehicle headrests are adjustable.

How good is the headrest on the car seat?

It has 8 headrest positions and feels really comfortable and secure. The memory foam padding is an especially nice touch. The fabric is soft, which I think adds to safety as children are more likely to sit still if they’re comfortable.

How easy is the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 to carry around?

Car seats in this group are not designed to be picked up to transport your baby into the house, as for most of its lifespan the car seat will remain in the car.

Even so, the Motion does feel quite heavy (it’s 14.4kg) and it’s quite bulky. Having the additional step of folding the support leg also makes it feel less portable then the Cybex seat we use for our older daughter.

This isn’t a problem for us, as we plan to keep the seat in the same car. If we had to regularly move a car seat into a grandparent’s car, then I’d opt for our Cybex Pallas M Fix car seat (which can be used from 9 months with the barrier cushion, but is forward-facing only) as it’s more portable, weighing 9.3kg.

You can buy lighter, smaller car seats, but if you want all the features (like rear-facing for longer, and 360 rotation) then these will obviously take up more space.

Are there any accessories available?

Silver Cross sell a car safety travel kit, which includes an in-car mirror, car seat protector and 2 stick-on sunshades, for £50.

Which type of family is the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360 car seat best for?

This is a great everyday car seat, worth investing in from birth to get the maximum use for your buck. Even if you opt for a travel system-friendly infant seat for those first few months, the Motion’s long lifespan still offers good value from 9 months onwards and means you won’t need to upsize every few years.

Given its weight and upfront cost, it’s probably not the top choice for a seat you plan to switch between cars or keep at a relative’s for occasional use.

Is the Motion All Size 360 worth the money?

I do think this is a good value car seat. You can find cheaper, perfectly safe alternatives if you’re willing to forgo helpful features like 360 rotation, for example. But given the Motion All Size 360 has these, but also covers 0-12 years, it’s a fantastic option if you can afford the upfront cost.

How does it compare to similar car seats?

Product nameWeightFor ages:RRPRotating?
Silver Cross Motion All Size 36014.4kgNewborn to 12 years£375Yes
Joie Baby i-Spin 360 i-Size13.9kgNewborn to 4 years£280Yes
Cybex Sirona S2 i-Size14.1kg3 months to 4 years£269.95Yes
Maxi-Cosi Titan Pro11kg9 months to 12 years£269No

Where can I buy the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360?

Argos and Natural Baby Shower

MadeForMums verdict:

I really like this seat and love the fact it lasts from birth right up until 12 years, without losing some of the best features available for younger-stage seats, like rotating and being rear-facing for longer. I wish the rotation wasn’t so stiff, and it’s certainly a bulky seat to fit into our car. It’s also not cheap.


Overall, I think it does a good job for all stages and is a great investment to grow with your child.


MadeForMums Consumer & Reviews Editor Christy McGhee
Christy McGheeHead of Consumer Content

Christy is MadeForMums’ Head of Consumer Content

Product Specifications

BrandSilver Cross
ModelMotion All Size 360
Dimensions & Weight
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 12 years
Child Height40cm to 145cm
iSize compliantYes
Car seat installationIsofix base
Travel system compatibleNo
Removeable cover for washingYes
Side crash protectionYes
Recline positions3
Height adjustible headrestYes
  • The ONLY R129 approved 360 rotating, all stages car seat
  • Extended rearward facing mode with effortless rotation to forward facing
  • Removable newborn insert, 8 head rest positions and 3 recline positions
  • Soft and breathable natural bamboo fabrics
  • ISOFIX and support leg for simple and safe installation
  • Side Protection System (SPS) keeping little one protected on every journey