In a nutshell

This lightweight and easy-to-use stroller, which prides itself on creating a comfortable journey for your child, is ideal for travel and city-based families on the go, but may struggle on more rural terrain

What we tested

  • Fold/unfolding
    A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.
  • Manoeuvrability
    A star rating of 4.6 out of 5.
  • Comfort for child
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Style
    A star rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • Durability
    A star rating of 3.9 out of 5.
  • Worth the money
    A star rating of 3.8 out of 5.
Overall Rating
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.


  • Easy set up, lightweight, compact design which fits in an overhead locker, comfortable


  • Small storage basket, less suited to rough terrain, no safety strap, outward-facing only

The Metro+ stroller is touted by Ergobaby as one of the most comfortable yet compact buggies on the market, delivering all the comfort you’d expect from a full-sized stroller in a package small enough to fit in most airplane overhead lockers.


At a relatively affordable £299, compared to the equally travel-friendly Joolz Aer stroller, £389, the Metro+ claims to offer the most padding of any premium, ultra-compact stroller around and is the only stroller certified ‘back-healthy’ by the AGR of Germany.

Unlike a lot of strollers, this one arrives ready-built and weighs just 7.8 kg, With a simple to use one-handed fold that compacts to just 54 cm x 44 cm x 25 cm, the Metro+ is ideal for city dwellers with limited storage space.

Tested by

Bianca is a mum of one living in Clapham, South West London. She tested the Metro+ stroller with her 6-month-old daughter on urban walks, navigating busy pavements and across the uneven common terrain.

What were your first impressions of the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

I hate building baby equipment so I’ll be honest in admitting I was dreading opening the stroller and spending hours setting it up with my baby around. Thankfully, I was incredibly relieved when I opened the box to find it was already built and in one piece - all I needed to do was unfold it!

As someone who lives in a small flat with little room (and patience!) to build a buggy, this stroller is absolutely ideal. It took me three minutes to unfold and prepare, before popping my baby straight in – she immediately seemed at ease. The quality is great; it’s sturdy, ergonomic and has a nice, sleek design.

Ergobaby Metro+

How easy was the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller to assemble?

It literally took me three minutes to set it up - you just have to unfold it and adjust the straps. There weren’t any instructions but I actually didn’t need them because it was that simple and self-explanatory.

Fellow MFM parent tester Bethny also loved the ease of set-up - stating “you can go from box to street in about five minutes - including adjusting the straps for your small one”.

I did, however, have to refer to YouTube tutorials to figure out how to adjust the seat.

What age is the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller suitable for?

The Ergobaby Metro+ is suitable from birth using its cleverly integrated ‘newborn nest’ – you just lie the seat flat and adjust the flaps inside the footrest using poppers to make it into a bassinet shape.

The stroller can be used through to 22kg in weight (around 4 years of age).

How does the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller compare to previous models?

The Metro+ is a newer version of the original Metro pushchair, boasting a host of new features. Perhaps the biggest change for parents is its extended lifespan, now being suitable from birth without any additional accessories, right up to 22kg (compared to the 6 months - 18kg range of its predecessor).

Other changes include an adjustable faux leather handlebar, added car seat compatibility, a near-flat recline, increased seat padding, a reshaped adjustable leg rest buttons for easier operation (although I still found these tricky to use) and an updated under seat basket with night-reflective branding.

How easy is the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller to push and steer?

Weighing just 7.8kg, I found the stroller to be really lightweight and easy to push and steer (much sturdier and more lightweight than some buggies I’ve tried).

I used the Metro+ when dashing around the city and it was perfect for nipping in and out of cramped spaces, swerving people on crowded pavements, navigating kerbs and steering one handed. I would have prefered the addition of a safety strap for reassurance, however, to ensure I didn’t lose control of it near a busy road.

Ergobaby Metro+

I also tested the Metro+ across the bumpy, muddy common and, despite coming with Spring Suspension, it didn’t handle the rougher terrain as well as my Bugaboo Fox 2 (which admittedly is triple the price).

Whilst it was a little bumpy and moved around a fair amount, I always felt reassured by the extra padded straps, knowing my baby was safe and secure.

How lightweight is the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller to carry around?

The Metro+ is very light, weighing just 7.8 kg and folding with one hand to a compact 54 cm x 44 cm x 25 cm. MFM parent tester Bethny agreed saying“‘this pushchair could not be lighter to carry and can even be carried with one hand.”

The Metro+ also has a handy carry strap, however, MFM Judge Christy found that it was a “very tight fit” that did rub her skin.

I did struggle to get the footrest as compact as I would have liked. I also like to carry a lot of stuff in the basket and had to remove it all to ensure it was fully folded down.

Does the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller lie flat?

The Metro+ has a 175-degree near-flat recline, which is ideal for me as I’m on the go a lot so my daughter has her big midday nap in her buggy. She seemed very comfortable lying flat and I loved the adjustable footrest. I often find that straps can dig in whilst they sleep, but these are so padded that I didn’t need to worry.

How easy is the Ergobaby Metro+ seat to adjust and recline?

To recline the seat, there are two straps located behind the seat which you simply need to pinch and pull to lower like a lever. I found the leg rest adjustment buttons quite concealed so I had to refer to a video to locate these (they’re on the side of the footrest). I also found them quite stiff to push.

How easy is the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller to fold?

Folding down the Metro+ involves sliding and pushing quite forcefully on the buttons located on the handlebar. It took me a few attempts and it wasn’t the most graceful process, but you quickly get the hang of it after a few goes!

Once familiar with the folding method, the Metro+ is super easy and quick to unfold, which is ideal for city dwellers living in flats with no lift and those who use their cars a lot. I would recommend emptying the basket before folding, as your stuff may fall out.

How compact is the Metro+ stroller once folded?

I live in a small flat so the compact size (54 cm x 44 cm x 25 cm) was great for tucking away in a corner rather than having it block my corridor (as my bigger pram does). A lot of prams take up the entirety of your boot but the Metro+ only used a small segment, leaving plenty of room for my boyfriend’s golf clubs!

Ergobaby Metro+

How well does it work on public transport?

The Metro+ is ideal for public transport because it’s small enough to fit in the designated space on the bus next to another buggy (I can never fit my Bugaboo alongside another buggy).

The same goes for the tube; it was light enough to lift onto the tube myself without begging strangers for help (my nightmare!).

Folding down small enough to fit in the overhead cabins, the Metro+ is also an obvious choice for plane travel – with one John Lewis reviewer stating “I bought this primarily for travel, and it's great, fitting nicely in every overhead bin for the 4 flights I've used it on so far”.

What’s the chassis like on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

Design is paramount to me and I prefer something quite sleek and low-key, which the Metro+ absolutely is.

The matte black finish looks expensive and durable (it’s also available in slate grey). I prefer darker colour buggies - someone once told me they’re better for babies to sleep in because they blackout the light.

Is the handlebar adjustable on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

The handle on the Metro+ is comfortable and can be adjusted to suit different heights (from 96 to 105 cm). I wish it had a safety strap on it like the Bugaboo, just to add an extra element of reassurance when pushing the pram near busy roads.


What do you think of the seat unit on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

My daughter has just moved out of the buggy carrycot, so I would much prefer the seat to be parent-facing for my own peace of mind. Unfortunately the Metro+ is forward-facing only, however she did seem happy enough watching the world go by.

The brand says the Metro+ has the most padding of any premium ultra-compact stroller on the market and delivers all the comfort you’d expect from a full-size stroller – I am inclined to agree.

My baby seemed extremely comfortable and secure thanks to the ergonomic padding and robust safety straps. I believe it will last my baby well into her toddler years as there’s plenty of room for her to grow into.

What’s the hood like on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

My daughter has a lot of naps in her pram as we are always on the go, so I wish the hood came completely down to block out light and distractions. A great feature is the ventilated section of the hood, which you can unzip to keep your baby cool whilst keeping an eye on them (ideal for subtly checking if they’ve finally fallen asleep!).

What are the wheels like on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

The rubber wheels are pretty robust for such a lightweight stroller and not air filled, so you don't have to worry about punctures or them going flat.

They have Spring Suspension which has been designed to tackle any bumps in the road, making your ride as smooth as possible. The suspension wasn’t as good as some Bugaboo strollers I have tried, but I was impressed considering how compact the buggy is.

How easy were the brakes to use on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

I struggled a bit with the brakes and found them to be so tucked so far under the buggy that I had to really lean in to push them. I also had to physically look for them when I was aiming my foot, which isn’t ideal when you’re navigating busy streets.

How big is the basket on the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

The basket can hold up to 2.2kg in weight, but I am a hoarder, so I found the basket too small for my liking. I could just about fit my nappy bag, muslin and a spare blanket in the basket, but as the front of the basket is open, they weren’t totally secure so my stuff kept sliding out.

Ergobaby Metro+

MFM Judge Christy agreed, finding that “the front and back are very shallow and I would worry about items falling out.”

There is also however also a small pocket on the back of the Metro+ pushciar seat, which could be used to store smaller items.

What’s in the box?

Just the buggy and a rain cover.

What are the additional accessories that you can buy?

  • Footmuff £107.88
  • Support bar £24.90 (for baby to hold onto while strolling)
  • Carry bag £24.90
  • Car seat adapter £34.90, compatible with Cybex, Nuna, Besafe, Maxi-Cosi
  • Yellow sunshade £34.90

Can the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller be used with a car seat to create a travel system?

Yes, you can buy a car seat adapter for £34.90 that makes the Metro+ compatible with Cybex, Nuna, Besafe and Maxi-Cosi car seats.

Now you’ve tested it, what would you have wanted to know before purchasing the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller?

How easy it is to set up! Anyone who hates building buggies or is time-poor would love the ease of getting started with this buggy. I do wish I’d known the seat wasn’t parent-facing, however, as I’d prefer this design with a younger child.

Who would the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller be most useful for?

The Metro+ is ideal for city dwellers who have limited space to store a huge buggy or who are travelling and need a compact fold pushchair they can store in the car boot or a plane’s overhead locker. One John Lewis reviewer described the Metro+ as the “perfect travel stroller” stating “We travel a LOT with my 10-month-old and this stroller fits the mould of everything we wanted”.

The Metro+ is also ideal for people who are time-poor and don’t have time to spend hours setting the buggy up. It isn’t robust enough to handle rougher terrain however, so I wouldn’t advise it for families living in a more rural setting.

Is the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller worth the money?

I absolutely think it's worth the money. Not only is it incredibly easy to set up, but it's lightweight, easy to store and great for quick dashes around the city.

How does the Ergobaby Metro+ compare to other strollers on the market?

Ergobaby Metro+ stroller comparison table

Where can I buy the Ergobaby Metro+ stroller from?

The Ergobaby Metro+ stroller is available at John Lewis and Kiddies Kingdom


MadeForMums Verdict:

Ideal for city dwellers, the Ergobaby Metro+ is a lightweight and compact pram where comfort is key. It' so easy to set up, easy to store away and a dream for travelling – either on public transport or flying. If you can overlook the fact the storage basket is on the smaller side and the hood doesn't extend particularly far, it's a fantastic, premium stroller that will work from birth right through the toddler years – making it good value for money.


Bianca London is a Website Director at British GLAMOUR and mother of a one-year-old. Bianca, who previously worked as Assistant Femail Editor and Fashion and Beauty Commerce Editor at MailOnline, has ten years' experience writing about all things parenting, beauty, wellness and feminism.

Product Specifications

ModelMetro+ stroller
Dimensions & Weight
DimensionsH:96cm W:44cm L:87cm
Dimensions (folded)H:43cm W:44cm L:21cm
Suitable for
Child age (approx)Birth to 4 years
Child weightUp to 22kg
Travel system compatibleYes
Compatible car seats

Remove the Metro+ seat and dock select Cybex®, Nuna®, BeSafe® or Maxi Cosi® Group 0/0+ Car Seats (all sold separately) 

Seat facing directionForward facing
Front wheelsWheel suspension
Recline positions3
Lie flatNear-flat
  • Compact meets comfort - Still small enough to fit in most airplane overhead bins, the metro+ stroller folds with 1 hand and fits big comfort in a small package.
  • Re-designed, ergonomic bucket seat - Angled ever-so-slightly to allow baby to sit back and be enveloped min comfort, Metro+ new seat delivers even more padded support and additional side wing support.
  • For parents tall and small - Metro+ now offers an adjustable height handle bar that extends from 95cm to 105cm
  • Useable from Birth, No accessory needed - A near-flat recline, adjustable leg rest and hidden 'newborn nest' flaps makes Metro+ newborn-ready. Now parents can enjoy compact convenience from Day 1.
  • Premium detailing - Upgrade harness covers, branded buckle, night-reflective details and a perforated vegan leather handlebar give Metro+ and ultra sleek look
  • Extra storage - Metro+ offers 16% more under-seat storage space then original Metro