10 of the best mad-mum quotes from singer Pink

Rock chick Pink shocks, delights and amuses with her thoughts on being a mum

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  • Stumbling through

    "It's been amazing watching my man stumble awkwardly into love with his baby daughter," Pink tells Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Freak show

    "And it's just a dance party and now my husband can't call me a freak cause somebody's dancing with me," Pink tells Ellen DeGeneres.

  • Prescious moments

    "Now that Willow's so rambunctious and doing her own thing, nursing is the only time I can get her to stop and star longingly into my eyes," Pink tells Fabulous magazine.

  • Mummy momentos

    "My life was once whiskey, tears and cigarettes... now it's snot, tears and the colour of poop," Pink tweeted.

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  • Pitter patter

    "You realise one day, Holy s**t, she's running away from me!" Pink tells Entertainment Tonight Canada.

  • Turning tables

    "I'm glad that I waited until I was 31 to have a baby because, honestly, how many tables can you dance on? I've pretty much claimed them all and so I don't feel like I've missed anything. And right now is the best part of life," Pink tells Fabulous magazine.

  • On being mum...

    "It's surprised me how good I am at being a mom," Pink tells Fabulous magazine.

  • The practicalities

    "Sippy cup? Check. Rubber squeaky froggie? Check. Teething necklae? Check. Crackers? Check. Teething cookie? Check. LET'S MOVE!!!" Pink tweeted.

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  • What a hangover...

    "F**k me. Babies do not respect hangovers. That's the last time I'm ever going out again until she's in college," Pink tells Fabulous magazine.

  • Changing faces

    On Willow: "She's got the one-eyebrow thing and she's working on her attitude face, except her timing is all off. So, she'll wake up and I'll say: 'Good morning!' But then she'll give it the face and then start laughing. I'm like: 'You gotta wait. You gotta save it for when I tell you to do something you don't want to do!'" Pink tells Fabulous magazine.