Guess the celeb: can you tell whose baby pics these are?

Test your celeb knowledge with our 'Guess Who?' baby picture game...

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  • Mystery celebrity 1

    She's a Hollywood actress and first time mum, she's no Desperate Housewife but her hubby sure knows a few.

    Can you guess who it is? Answers revealed at the end...

  • Mystery celebrity 2

    This blonde beauty was a Disney regular, so your children would know her as Lizzie. But to son Luca, she's just mummy.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Mystery celebrity 3

    This mum-of-two has two little boys, Harry and Archie, in tow and is married to a footballer. She's a model and once did a stint in Celebrity Big Brother.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Mystery celebrity 4

    Having had this as her Twitter picture since she joined the social networking site, we're pretty confident this is a picture from her youth. Her childrens' dad is definitely not Retired and Extremely Dangerous - more likely to be found filming yet another action film.

    Can you guess who it is?

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  • Mystery celebrity 5

    Another Twitter regular, this celebrity has two daughters, Ava and Hero, and is often to be found carrying a rather large musical instrument.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Mystery celebrity 6

    With legs longer than the river Nile (kind of) this model sure knows how to work the camera. Her husband is best known for being an elf, but that's another story.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Mystery celebrity 7

    It's no suprise this family album is groaning, given that there's so many of them, a surname will earn you a point for this one.

    Can you guess who it is?

  • Answers

    Did you get them all right? Check your answers below...

    1. Megan Fox
    2. Hilary Duff
    3. Danielle O'Hara (or Danielle Lloyd)
    4. Demi Moore
    5. Myleene Klass
    6. Miranda Kerr
    7. The Kardashians

    How many did you get right? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook #throwbackmonday


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