How to breastfeed

Follow our picture guide to help make breastfeeding work for you and baby

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  • How to breastfeed

    Sit comfortably before you start breastfeeding. Choose a supportive chair and lay your baby across your lap.

    Rest him on a cushion or pillow to raise your baby to the same level as your breasts.

  • How to breastfeed

    Hold your baby along the length of your arm. As his mouth opens wide, roll him towards your breast.

    Bring baby to breast rather than taking your breast towards your baby.

  • How to breastfeed

    His whole body should face your nipple, with ear, shoulder and hip in line.

    His bottom lip should curl, taking in more of the areola (the dark patch around the nipple) than the top lip.

  • How to breastfeed

    Another good position for breastfeeding is with baby lying on a cushion beside you, with his legs pointing behind you.

    If feeding from your right breast, support his head with your left hand, or vice versa.

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  • How to breastfeed

    If your baby has finished breastfeeding, or you need to stop, don't pull your breast away as he has a strong grip and you could hurt your breast.

    Instead, slide a finger into the side of his mouth to break the vacuum.

  • How to breastfeed

    Having problems getting that breastfeeding position right? Check that your baby is lying with his entire body facing you rather than on his back with just his head turned towards your breast.

Last updated on 27 July 2007