Week 12 pregnancy symptoms

See what your pregnancy symptoms for the 12th week of your pregnancy will be

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  • Your pregnant body

    Your hair growth speeds up during pregnancy and so for many mums-to-be their hair becomes glossier and thicker. If your hair is naturally dry, it may become drier. For those of you with naturally greasy hair, you may find this increases. Some women also find the hair on their body becomes darker and more noticeable too. Make sure you have a hair cut to show off your new glossy locks!

    Your nails too are likely to be affected. You may find that your nails grow more quickly than before or that they split and break easily. Try to give yourself a weekly pedicure and make sure you put lots of conditioner on.

    Now find out what you should do this week…

  • What should you do this week?

    Expect to have a scan this week or next. The person carrying out the scan (the sonographer) will measure your baby and calculate how far pregnant you are and when your due date is likely to be. The scan will also check for a heartbeat and that your baby is developing normally.

    You may also have a nuchal translucency (or nuchal fold) test, where the fluid under the skin at the back of your baby's neck is measured, and incredibly this can give an indication of the risk of your baby having Down’s Syndrome. There won’t be a definite answer, just a feel of the likelihood.

    Once you’ve seen your baby at your scan, you may feel a lot more confident about telling people, including your boss. Think carefully about how your pregnancy may affect your work (for example if you have a long, difficult journey into work each day, would your boss let you work a day at home?). Also check that your working environment is safe for you now you’re pregnant. If you’re unsure, talk to your employer.

    Also, remember to make a point of having a wee before you go out anywhere, as you are likely to find you need to wee a lot more and you don’t want to be caught short!

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