Week 8 pregnancy symptoms

You’ve hit week 8 of your pregnancy, so what symptoms can you expect?

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  • Your pregnant body

    There are few less savoury pregnancy symptoms coming your way, including excessive saliva and drooling! The cause is not known, but does seem to be more common if you’re suffering from morning sickness – what a double whammy. To combat the drooling, try to cut down on starchy food and increase the amount of fruit you’re eating.

    You may also notice that your saliva suddenly tastes a bit unpleasant. If so, try sucking on a lemon (we’re serious!) or regularly clean your teeth with minty toothpaste (as long as this doesn’t set off a wave of nausea)

    You need to keep taking your daily folic acid supplements (you need 400 micrograms a day), plus make sure you’re eating plenty of iron-rich foods, such as pulses, green leafy vegetables, red meat, dried apricots, raisins and dark oily fish.

    Now find out what you should be doing this week…

  • What should you be doing this week?

    It’s time to make that first antenatal appointment with your GP or midwife, if you haven’t already done so.

    Also, take the time to have a browse of the range of pregnancy books in your local bookshop. There is everything from practical, fact based guides, to chatty and humorous ‘bet you didn’t think it would be like this’ handbooks. There will be something for every mum-to-be out there!

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