10 eco-friendly gifts for children

Here are some great gift ideas for eco-friendly, ethical and organic loving families

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  • Giant Panda Vintage style T-shirt, £16.95

    Animal lovers can help raise money for the creatures on these shirts including this colourful Panda t-shirt, as well as red squirrels, monkeys and  the Siberian tiger. In sizes 5-10 years.

    Available from WWF

  • Hobby Horse, £24.95

    These classic hobby horses encourage active and imaginative play. Made from bright cotton with light stuffing and a hollow bamboo stick, they're light-weight and a perfect to ride the park.

    Available from Utala

  • Kathe Kruse Organic Blue Dog Comforter, £21.99

    A perfect eco-friendly gift for babies, this cute comforter is bright blue colour for young babies whose eye focus is still developing, and the knots give safe, non-toxic, feature for teething tots to chew on.

    Available from The Organic Toy Company

  • Stacking Monkeys, £10.95

    A cute game for your cheeky monkey. Encourage your child to practice her hand-eye co-ordination and patience by stacking up these wooden monkeys. Suitable from 3 years.

    Available from Natural Collection

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  • GeoPuzzle, £12.95

    Great for teaching your tot about the world, this multi coloured map helps him see where countries, capitals, lakes are rivers are. Suitable from 4 years.

    Available from Ethical Superstore

  • Fair Trade Tooth Fairy Pouch, £4.99

    How adorable is this little tooth fairy pouch? It even comes with a tooth fairy poem. Children will love waking up to find what treat the fairy herself has left in the pouch in exchange for their tooth.

    Available from Oxfam

  • Duck Quacker, £2.50

    Make trips to feed the ducks extra fun with this duck quacker, lettling your little ones communicate with their feathered friends.

    Available from Daisy Daisy

  • Wooden Handled Castanets, £4.99

    Music-mad little ones can go Spanish with these tradtional castanets! Ole! Suitable from 12 months.

    Available from Ethical Babe

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  • Wooden Farm Cottage in a Suitcase, £42

    This gorgeous wooden farmhouse, complete with 31 wooden farm pieces, includes pigs, cows, hens and a tractor. Perfect for Christmas day away, as it can be easily packed up and carried by its handle. Suitable from 3 years.

    Available from Toys to You

  • Green Toys Dump Truck, £14.99

    Who knew how much fun children could have with a dump truck? Made from entirely recycled products, the truck has easy to grab handles and a moving rubbish load. Suitable from 12 months.

    Available from Ideal World