10 of the best nightlights

We've found the best nightlights for newborns, babies, toddlers and older kids, to give their room a comfortable, safe and gentle glow

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  • 1. SkipHop Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother, £40, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

    What’s not to love about this cute owl nightlight, that scooped the gold spot in the MFM Awards 2017.

    The glowing nightlight belly has dimmer control, while the stars and moons projection will light up the nursery with a serene bedtime show.

    The volume-controlled nightlight plays 4 melodies and 4 nature sounds, and it’s possible to choose any combination of light/sound that will keep your little one happy!

    Set the auto-off timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or have this nightlight and soother on continuous play for a whole night of blissful sleep.

    What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the SkipHop:

    “Well made nightlight with numerous combinations of lights and sounds. Starlight projection looks lovely and glowing tummy can be adjusted to different light strengths - great addition to the nursery and looks good.” Mum of 2, Magda

    “A practical nightlight, with a lot of functions, including a nice light show.” MadeForMums Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

  • 2. White Rabbit England Children’s Rabbit Lamp, £70, MadeForMums Silver Award Winner

    Beautifully handcrafted from bone china in the famous Staffordshire potteries, this is a gorgeous nightlight that wouldn’t look out of place in a boutique hotel.

    The softly glowing rabbit uses an LED bulb and provides a gentle light to reassure babies and children all through the night.

    Each lamp comes securely packaged in a white gift box, ready to use with a low voltage white cable, and white transformer plug.

    What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the White Rabbit England Rabbit lamp:

    “Great to look at.” MFM Reviews Editor Hazelann Williams

    “Gorgeous design would fit perfectly in a more luxurious nursery. Can be used beyond the baby years and stunning design.” Mum of 2, Magda

  • 3. Chicco Next2Stars Projector, £22.99, MadeForMums Bronze Award Winner

    With three different modes, the bronze award-winning Next2Stars nightlight can attach to a crib or travel cot and is battery-powered, making it perfect for holidays.

    It projects a starry sky across the ceiling, can be used as a regular bedside lamp, and has a musical button for choosing between classical, new age or nature sounds, with volume control settings.

    It comes in pink or blue, and has a sound sensor to activate the music or lights if your little one cries.

    What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Chicco Next2Stars Projector nightlight:

    “Lots of functions including projector, good value.” Mum of 1, Kat

    “Battery operated so ideal for travel, and multiple functions including star light projection and sounds.” Mum of 2, Magda

  • 4. Cozyglo nightlights, £39.99

    The MFM team have spotted these lights at various parenting shows around the UK and, quite frankly, we're in love. They give off a lovely soft glow and the characters are adorable. 

    Of course your little one will think they're pretty great too.

    Available from Cozyglo

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  • 5. Gro-egg Shell, £4.99 each

    Turn your Gro-egg, £21.99, into a cute creature with a Mikey the Monkey, Percy the Penguin, or Orla the Owl Gro-egg Shell, to choose from.

    Available from The Gro Company

  • 6. Personalised butterfly nightlight, £39.50

    If you're looking for an individual touch in your little one's nursery, why not go for one of these lovely butterfly lamps with your child's name on it?

    Not On The High Street is great for the personal effect - this little beauty's no exception.

    Available from Not OnThe High Street

  • 7. Lumilove - various characters, £26 - £30

    These cute characters will help you little one to fall asleep.

    They are not hot to the touch so can be picked up safely. When you take them off their base they light up - so if your child wanders in the night, it's worth placing it by their bedside so they can take it with them to light their way.

    Available from Amazon

  • 8. Boon multi-coloured nightlight, £45

    We love these glow balls - and your kids will too. They glow alternating colours, or you can choose just one colour for a more calming effect.

    The balls don't get hot and the light from them fades after 30 minutes.

    Available from John Lewis

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  • 9. cloudB Twilight Turtle, £25.95

    These lovely nightlights come in a range of colours, and project real star constellations on your little one's ceiling in amber, blue and green. They are set to go dark after 45 minutes.

    Just be sure to get the real thing: phoney versions have been appearing that are less than safe.

    Available from The Baby Farm

  • 10. Moon Cordless Nightlight, £25

    The Moon Cordless Night Light gently glows and changes colour to comfort any restless buba. Plus, the cute character never gets hot, so baby can cuddle it in bed or pick it up if they need to get up in the night.

    Available from Kiddicare

  • 11. Peppa Pig Go Glow Light, £19.99

    This oh-so-cute Peppa Pig glow light is fun and functional. Once picked up from its base, it becomes a handy torch that can be carried around if your tot needs to go to the bathroom at night or search for a lost toy.

    Available from Amazon

  • 12. Aloka SleepyLights, £39.95

    Aloka have made a collection of over 30 different, low heat LED night lights that can switch between 12 different colours.

    Each light comes with a colour co-ordinated remote that allows little ones to change them to any colour they want and parents change the brightness of the SleepyLight with the remote dimmer and set a one-hour timer. 

    Available from: John Lewis

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  • 13. Leeluu nightlights, £55

    If you're looking for something unique - these lovely soft, touch-controlled nightlights could be it.

    Each one is hand-crafted with a machine-washable cover. Hug them to turn the light on, and gently pack their backs to lower the light.

    Real one-offs - we love them.

    Available from Indeigogo

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