10 of the best pregnancy products

From maternity bras to a pregnancy pillow and bump support belt, we’ve picked 10 top products to help you have a comfortable pregnancy.

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  • Great maternity products for mums-to-be

    You’ve peed on a stick, seen some little blue lines, and suddenly it’s real: you’re pregnant! So what do you need to make your nine months as enjoyable as possible?

    To start with, a good maternity bra for your changing breasts, maternity jeans that combine comfort with style (they do exist!), and perhaps a bump band to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes.

    You might like to take a pregnancy supplement (make sure to talk to your midwife or doctor first), and while there’s no hard evidence they work, some mums swear by stretchmark creams or oils, even if it’s just to ease itchy skin.

    As your pregnancy progresses and your bump grows, a support pillow can help you get a good night sleep. And for those of you really feeling the strain, a support belt can give your bump and back a helping hand.

    Overwhelmed? Don’t be – just click through the 10 best pregnancy products we’ve hunted down for you and you bump…

  • Amoralia Nougatine maternity bra, £40

    Glamorous, sexy, comfy – this bra ticks all the boxes. The Amoralia Nougatine maternity bra has four different hook sizes to accommodate your changing breasts. It also has supportive, non-underwire soft cups feature a silky-soft bamboo lining. And good news for busy mums-to-be - it can be machine washed!

    If you need a confidence boost, check out the matching underwear, too.

    Read the full Amoralia Nougatine maternity bra review.

    Available from Amoralia.

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  • Cake Lingerie Velvet Delight maternity and nursing plunge bra, £34

    As the name suggests, Cake Lingerie’s Velvet Delight plunge bra can be used in pregnancy and then as a nursing bra, with clips that are easy to fasten/unfasten one-handed to drop the bra cup down for feeding. Gorgeous in looks and supremely comfy, with six hook and eye fastenings to accommodate your changing body, this is a worthwhile investment.

    Cake’s “plunge” style is for cup sizes B to D. For cup sizes DD to G, there’s the “balcony” style.

    Read the full Cake Lingerie MyBust Velvet Delight maternity and nursing plunge bra review.

    Available from Cake Maternity.

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  • Bravado Bliss maternity and nursing bra, £34

    With its 'flexi-fit support', which gives the support and lift of underwiring without the wire, plus its comfort and simple design that can be worn under t-shirts, our reviewer loved this bra. It's dual purpose, so can see you through pregnancy into breastfeeding too, and comes in three colours: black; white; and chai. Oh, and did we mention Olympian Rebecca Adlington reckons this is one of her top pregnancy buys?

    Read the full Bravado Bliss maternity and nursing bra review.

    Available from Bravado.

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  • Bumpband maternity belt, £16.99

    A simple yet genius idea, the Bumpband extends the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. This wide fabric band goes around your middle, covering the ever-increasing gap between your waistband and top. It gives a layered look, and it can help keep your trousers up if you need to undo your top button.

    The Bumpband can also be worn post-birth. Our reviewer found that with breastfeeding and her larger breasts, all her old tops rode up revealing her tummy, and the Bumpband help keep her skin off show!

    Read the full Bumpband maternity belt review.

    Available from Bumpband.

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  • Buyer's guide to maternity jeans

    A good pair of maternity jeans can certainly be a pregnancy wardrobe stable – pop on a shirt and blazer for a smart work look, a floaty top for a BBQ or a black embellished number for an evening out. The secret lies in getting a pair that works for you. Our step-by-step buyer’s guide to maternity jeans will hold your hand through finding the right pair and explaining the different styles

  • Vitabiotics Pregnacare, £6.35 for 30 tablets

    Vitabiotics Pregnacare has a balance of vitamins, minerals and folic acid designed specifically for pregnancy as well as those planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding. It’s widely available, well known, and – while the tablets are pretty chunky – it is the No 1 prenatal supplement in the UK - and is suitable for vegetarians.

    As always, before you go popping any pills, talk to your doctor or midwife.

    Read the full Vitabiotics Pregnacare review.

    Available from Vitabiotics.

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  • Cussons Mum & Me stretch mark cream, £9.99

    Cussons Mum & Me's clinically proven stretch mark cream contains Lupin Seed extract known to help boost skin elasticity and the moisturising complex of Tamanu and Almond oils that hydrate and help keep skin soft and supple. It impressed the judges in the Prima Baby Awards 2015 so much that it scooped a silver gong in the pregnancy heroes category, not bad!

    See what made Cussons Mum & Me stretch mark cream scoop a Prima Baby award.

    Available from Boots.

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  • Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil, £15.95

    If an oil is more your thing for stretchmarks, the easily absorbed, 100% natural Weleda oil is a worthy contender. It got the thumbs up from midwives and the scent is instantly uplifting. MFM’s reviewer says her skin feels and looks smooth and moisturised when using this oil.

    Read the full Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil review.

    Available from Weleda.

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  • Heat Regulating Cuddle Me pillow

    A maternity pillow is a lifesaver when it comes to getting comfy at night and being able to sleep for a good few hours and the  Heat Regulating Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow is one of the best.

    Shaped like a ‘9’ and designed to provide full-body support as it envelops your body from your head, through your legs and around your back. 

    The Prima Baby Awards judges loved it so much, the pillow was named a pregnancy hero in 2015.

    Read more about the Heat Regulating Cuddle Me pillow.

    Available from Kit for Kids.

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  • Cantaloop Support Belt, £14

    The Cantaloop Support Belt is comfortable enough to forget you’re wearing it. Soft, stretchy and seamless, the belt has no fastens to dig into you or poke through your clothing. Small and light enough to pop in your handbag, it provides support for your growing belly and helps with those aches and pains as you walk. 

    Read the full Cantaloop Support Belt review.

    Available from Amazon.

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