10 of the easiest to fold buggies

Folding and unfolding your buggy doesn’t have to be hard – and it shouldn’t require an engineering degree! Check out our pick of top performing pushchairs that are super easy to collapse…

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  • Buggies that fold without fuss

    Whether you prefer a lightweight stroller, funky pushchair or 3-wheeler buggy, there are buggies on the market that score top marks for ease of folding and unfolding.

    Being able to collapse your buggy without fuss is important for plenty of reasons. You might need to get on and off public transport a lot with your buggy, perhaps you and your pushchair are always in and out of your car, maybe you’re tired of wishing for a third arm to hold your baby while you faff about collapsing a pushchair. Or perhaps - lucky you - it's a holiday that sees you seeking a faster-folding second buggy.

    So whether you need a one-handed fold, a 5-second option, or something even Grandma can do, we’ve hunted down 10 of the easiest to fold buggies for you right here. We’re not just talking about the trimmed down lightweights with quick umbrella-fold mechanisms (there’s just three stand-out lightweight strollers in the mix here), but also fully-fledged buggies that all scored highly in our reviews.

    If buggy lingo has you confused, we've explained the six main buggy folding styles on the market - and the jargon to use!

  • iCoo Acrobat Shop n Drive buggy, £549.99

    A subsidiary of Hauck, iCoo is at the high-end, ultra-stylish end of the spectrum, and the Acrobat SND is definitely design-led. That also translates into the neat, genuine one-handed fold, which our reviewer said was a big plus point.

    To fold, you push the hood back and lock the wheels, then press the button on the pushbar, twist it forward and push down. As you do so, the back wheels fold towards the front ones, until it locks into place as a compact, folded frame.

    Read the full iCoo Acrobat SND review here

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  • Maclaren Quest Sport lightweight buggy, £165

    Maclaren is often regarded as king of the fast and easy fold.

    It has built a reputation for buggies with a one-handed five-second compact umbrella-fold, and the Quest Sport is a great poster-child for the brand.

    The complete ease of folding, along with its 6.4kg weight, make it ideal for those who need to collapse their buggy often or when in a rush.

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  • Stokke Crusi, £819

    Stokke has been producing quality, easy to fold nursery furniture for over 40 years. And the Scandinavian brand has had no problems transferring the decades of experience to its high-end pushchairs.

    Boasting one-hand folding systems the Crusi is “really easy to set up for use, collapse and store,” according to our MFM reviewer. 

    The pram even has two colour indicators located on either side of it that change from red to green when properly locked in to a secure unfolded position. 

    Read the full Stokke Crusi review here

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  • Mamas & Papas Armadillo City, £189

    Described by Mamas & Papas as the "slimline big little stroller with unique, easy-fold technology", this buggy really does do exactly what it says on the tin.

    Our reviewer not only found it great value for money, but found folding the Armadillo City "neat and simple" and said its one-hand fold mechanism made it perfect for quickly shoving into car boots or when you’re jumping on a bus.

    Simply twist the handle as if on a motorbike and push forward, for a fold that takes a few seconds. The Prima Baby Awards panel also loved this buggy, garlanding it with the bronze medal in the 2015 lightweight buggies category

    Read the full Mamas & Papas Armadillo City buggy review

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  • Babyzen Yoyo 0+, £445

    Not only does this buggy fold with ease and with one hand, it also folds small enough to fit in an airplane overhead locker.   

    When it was originally launched back in 2013 the Babyzen Yoyo became an instant hit as the first folding buggy to fully comply with size recommendations for cabin luggage.

    But it’s not just for travel abroad, the seamlessly easy fold system allowed our MFM tester to hop on and off of the bus in a matter of seconds, leaving fellow passengers “entertained at how quickly and easily the buggy folded up and fit onto the parcel shelf.” Its innovative design helped it scoop silver in the Prima Baby Awards 2015 lightweight buggy category.

    Read the full Babyzen Yoyo 0+ buggy review

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  • Micralite Fastfold Super-lite lightweight buggy, £220

    This buggy lives up to what its name promises.

    It is indeed super light, weighing just 6.2kg. As for the folding part, it’s so easy it involves just one simple catch.

    Once folded, the pushchair is freestanding, too. MFM’s seasoned reviewer described this buggy as the “Formula One of lightweight buggies – light, fast, nippy, stylish and sexy.” Enough said!

    Read the full Micralite Fastfold Super-lite lightweight buggy review

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  • Britax B-Agile buggy, £229.99

    This lightweight buggy is travel system compatible, comes with either three or four wheeled options and was updated in 2014 to include new colour choices.

    The Britax B-Agile pushchair features a one-handed pull-fold mechanism - meaning you simply find the handle hidden in the middle of the seat unit and pull-up. 

    Our reviewer described this as a "fantastic system" and gave the buggy five stars for its ease of folding.

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  • UPPAbaby Vista 2015 buggy, £699.99

    A top-selling buggy brand in the USA, the UPPAbaby Vista has quickly become a best-seller and celeb magnet in the UK too, and the brand launched its latest version in 2015 with more seating options (including single to double) and extras included in the package.

    Our reviewer said the Vista's one-step fold, which can be done with or without the seat attached, was "effortless to use".

    Read the full UPPAbaby Vista 2015 buggy review.

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  • BabyStyle Imp, £129

    The BabyStyle Imp is an urban stroller that’s easy to fold and ideal for popping in and out of the car boot.

    To collapse, you just push two buttons on either side of the chassis until they click and pull the closing handle upward until the legs squeeze together and engage the handy travel lock. Our MFM reviewer described the BabyStyle Imp as "ridiculously easy to fold away", a phrase we love to hear!

    Read the full BabyStyle Imp review

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  • Baby Jogger City Mini 3-wheeler buggy, £269.99

    The Baby Jogger City Mini has patented quick-fold technology, and you’ll need just one hand to activate the folding system (a quick-fold strap).

    This means holding your baby while getting this 3-wheeler buggy in and out of your car boot is incredibly fast and easy. Our reviewer loved the fact it truly is a one-hand fold, noting it's a real plus for mums recovering from birth or for those moments when you have to get the pushchair in the car quickly and go!

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