10 of the most compact folding buggies

Want a buggy that's space-efficient when it comes time to collapse and stow? Here is a definitive guide to the 10 neatest and niftiest pushchairs you need to know about…

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  • Pushchairs for small spaces

    If space is at a premium – be it a tiny car boot or limited storage space in your home – a buggy that’s compact once folded will save a lot of hassle.

    For some parents, it’s the way a buggy folds that’s key, be it the classic one-handed umbrella-fold or the innovative and unique two-way fold system of the XSS stroller. But for other mums and dads, it’s the size of the end that matters most, not how they get there. This may especially be the case if you're after a buggy that you can travel with on holiday.

    If your head's swimming with buggy specs and centimetre-measurements, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief - we’ve hunted down 10 of the tiniest when folded buggies right here.

    And, of course, you want a buggy that offers a decent performance, not just slimline stowage, so all pushchairs featured have scored well in our roadtests.

    Finally, before you spend any cash, read our no-nonsense buggy buyer's guide.

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  • Mothercare XSS Pockit Stroller, £129.99

    The Mothercare XSS Pockit is brand new to the UK and set to be one of the biggest buggies of 2016.  It weighs a teeny 3.9kg and set the Guinness World Record for being the world’s “smallest commercially available folded pram” in 2015 due to its minuscule folded-up measurements of 35 X 30 x 18cm.

    Designed by GB (an amalgamation of parenting brands GoodBaby and Cybex) Mothercare has cornered its distribution in the UK’s markets and sells the stroller in store and online at a very affordable £129.99. 

    The Pockit can be folded in two ways, both of which promise to be only two steps, meaning that it can be folded and unfolded in a few seconds.  And of course it easily fits into an overhead locker on an airplane. 

    You can check out the full XSS review here.

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  • Babyzen Yoyo 0+ buggy, £375

    The Babyzen Yoyo 0+ folds into a record-breaking package of only 52 x 44 x 18 cm, which is half the volume of a standard umbrella-stroller.

    It can fit just anywhere: in the smallest car boots or behind a front seat, under a train seat, and even in the overhead compartment of a plane. With a useful carry handle and weighing only 6.5kg, this is truly a handbag pushchair. 

    You can buy the Babyzen Yoyo from John Lewis or Natural Baby Shower

    Read the full Babyzen Yoyo 0+ review

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  • Recaro Easylife buggy, £189

    At only 5.9kg with a one hand open and fold, roomy seat and tall handlebar, it's a miracle the Recaro Easylife also folds down to a tiny 59 x 27 x 50cm.

    It also has a very robust feel for a compact and our reviewer felt it was great for holidays and day trips.

    Read the full Recaro Easylife review here

    You can buy the Recaro Easylife on Amazon, BootsArgos or Mothercare

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  • Mountain Buggy Nano buggy, £199

    Weighing in at just less than 6kg, the Mountain Buggy Nano not only folds down small enough to fit in an aeroplane overhead locker, but it's light enough to lift into one as well.

    With its cute travel case and built-in car seat adapters, this is a great little buggy for family holidays and city breaks. See the Mountain Buggy Nano's folded dimensions here 

    Read the full Mountain Buggy Nano review

    You can buy the Mountain Buggy Nano at Kiddicare, Precious Little Ones, or on Amazon.

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  • Phil & Teds Smart buggy, £194

    The Phil & Teds Smart weighs just 7kg - a feature that's partially due to the innovative new material the seat pod is made of. The Smart folds like a step ladder - with the seat attached, the rear wheels come forward to meet the front ones. Then, the handles are pushed down inline with the top of the seat. To get the folded dimensions down to 75cm x 45cm x 20cm, you just remove the wheels.

    Read the full Phil & Teds Smart lightweight buggy review

    Click here to buy the Phil & Teds Smart buggy on Phil & Teds website

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  • ABC Design Take Off Stroller, £200

    The Takeoff was the talk of the baby world in 2009 after contestants on The Apprentice were tasked at selling it for the BBC1 reality show.

    Now it’s had a 2015 re-vamp and is being sold under German brand ABC Design and distributed in the UK by OBaby.

    Suitable from 6 months up to 15kg or approximately when your little one is 3-years-old, it’s a lightweight stroller with a 5-point harness and now, it's travel system compatible.  But its the fold of the Take Off that's a winner, with petite dimensions of 50 x 49 x 39cm.

    Check out the full review of the ABC Design Take Off.

    You can buy the Take Off from Mothercare or House of Fraser.

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  • iCandy Raspberry, £460

    Although the iCandy Raspberry's fold and lock mechanism has a definite knack to it, our reviewer noted just how easy it is to store.

    Aside from being small in size (36.6cm x 54cm x 85.5cm) the buggy is also freestanding when folded, taking away the need to try and balance it against a wall somewhere, while MFM parents also commented on the buggy's easy steer.

    Read the full iCandy Raspberry review here

    You can buy the iCandy Raspberry from John Lewis and Mothercare.

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  • Mothercare Roam Travel System , £250

    The Roam is the new 3-in-1 travel system that’s replacing the ever-popular Mothercare Xpedior buggy that held this spot on the compact list. 

    Just like the Xpedior the Roam is suitable from birth, comes complete with an infant car seat and a convertible carrycot that will turn into a seat unit when your little one is old enough to sit up.

    But the major selling point of the Roam is that's a little smaller than the Xpedior. It's folded dimensions (W65xD31xH80cm) are a centimetre smaller that the Xpediors (58cm x 46cm x 73cm).

    And when folded (in two parts) it's flat.  In fact in our MFM car boot test - where we put 10 of the most popular buggies on the market in three different car boots - the Xpedior managed to fit in the boot of our smallest car, a compact Mini!  

    Admittedly it takes up all the room, but not even a Bugaboo Bee 3 or iCandy Raspberry can fit in the boot of a Mini.  So we have high hopes for the Roam.

    You can buy the Roam from most Mothercare stores or online

    Read the full Mothercare Xpedior buggy review, the Mothercare Roam review coming soon. 

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  • iCoo Acrobat SND, £549.99

    A subsidiary of Hauck, iCoo is at the high-end, ultra-stylish end of the spectrum, and the Acrobat SND is definitely design-led.

    Our reviewer loved the grown-up design, and noted the Acrobat's fold to just 33cm deep and 68cm high (or 90cm high with the hood attached) would easily fit under the stairs or in a porch, ideal if you are in a flat.

    Read the full iCoo Acrobat SND review here

    You can buy the iCoo Acrobat SND from Kiddicare.

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  • Bugaboo Bee 3, £539

    Although the folding mechanism isn’t one-handed on the updated Bugaboo Bee 3, the system does fold down in one movement and our reviewer found this one of the easiest buggies to fold, once you get the knack.

    When folded, the Bugaboo Bee 3 measures 89cm x 46 cm x 30cm and can be stored on its side, or flat when folded - easily fitting in the boot of all but the very smallest cars.

    Read the full Bugaboo Bee 3 review here

    You can buy the Bugaboo Bee 3 from John Lewis or on the Bugaboo website.

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