12 of the best children's sunglasses

Designer and high street brands, styles for girls, boys and unisex, we pick the finest shades for toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary schoolers

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  • If you're heading abroad or having a 'Staycation' this summer, be sure to invest in a decent pair of sunglasses for your child - and even for your baby (See our 10 of the best sunglasses for babies).

    Recent research has shown that it's vital to keep your little ones' eyes protected more than ever. According to the American Optometric Association, children as young as 3 should be wearing sunglasses when playing outside - as up to 80% of exposure to the sun’s rays takes place before the age of 18.

    We've picked out some great sunnies to shield your child's eyes from the harmful rays.

    Here comes the science bit

    Sunglasses for children should provide virtually 100% UVA protection and conform to European safety standards, EN 1836:2005. Look out for those marked as UV400, which means they block a minimum of 99.9% UVB and 99% UVA.

    Another important factor is to make sure your child’s sunglasses cover a good proportion of the eye area. That said, it is also important to invest in a pair that your child actually likes, otherwise they won’t wear them at all.

    We present our favourite UV400 children's sunnies...

  • Monkey Monkey sunglasses, £10-20, MadeForMums Gold Award Winner

    Your little one won’t want to take off these stylish sunglasses, which come in 16 fashionable designs and have been created to be super easy and comfortable to wear.

    Suitable for babies and children up to age 11, Monkey Monkey has created its sunglasses to be ultra-safe for children’s eyes, with UVA and UVB protection, as well as a special blue-light filter that can protect against irreversible sun damage.

    What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Monkey Monkey sunglasses:

    “Great product. Brill for kids when they are on the beach.” MFM celebrity judge and dad of 3, Neil Sinclair AKA Commando Dad

    “Great value for money with lots of protective features. Not sitting on pressure points so ideal for children.” Mum of 2, Zoe

    Suitable for: 5-10 years

    You can buy the Monkey Monkey sunglasses here.

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  • JoJo Maman Bebe, £6

    Available in a range of colours - fuschia (pictured), black, blue and red - these good value sunglasses have rigid frames for a firmer fit. You can also buy a strap for £2.50 extra to secure them on your toddler's head if your child has a habit of taking them off.

    Suitable for: 0-2 years, 2-4 years and 4-6 years

    Baby & toddler sunglasses, £6, available at JoJo Maman Bebe

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  • Julbo Looping III Kids sunglasses, £23

    Julbo first designed innovative glasses in the 19th Century to protect eyes from bright mountain light.

    The company become renowned for ski and sports glasses, and over 20 years ago branched into sunnies for children. The Looping glasses offer protection with style.

    Suitable for: 2-4 years

    Julbo Looping III Kids sunglasses, available from Amazon

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  • JBanz, £15

    From the makers of BabyBanz, the innovative baby sunglasses, JBanz offer a wraparound style with polarised lenses, offering high sun glare reduction as well as full UV protection. They come in many colours to suit boys and girls.

    Suitable for: 4-10 years

    JBanz, available from BabyBanz

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  • Bolle Kids – Anaconda Junior, £25

    Perfect for sporty children on the go, the Anaconda Jr is a mini version of the adult favourite. With an ultra-light nylon frame, they're designed to be impact resistant and feature nosepad and temple tips to stop them slipping.

    Suitable for: 4-7 years

    Bolle Anaconda Jr sunglasses, available at Select Specs

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  • Children's Way Out Wayfarer sunglasses, £4.99

    We love the funky frames on these sunnies - they come in a great range of colour and have 100% UV protection. Plus - they're a really good price too.

    Suitable for: 3-10 years

    Wayfarer sunglasses, available at World of Glasses

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  • Uvex Sportstyle 509 Junior sunglasses, from £12.14

    These sunglasses are based on the adult Uvex sunnies, and fit closely to your child's head. This helps to provide protection from the wind as well as the sun, plus 

    mirror lenses provide  high anti-glare protection against bright sunlight.  It has 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection, litemirror lenses and a headband.

    Suitable from: 7-10 years

    Uvex glasses available from Outdoor GB

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  • Zoobug – Bluebell blue, £50

    These flower-tastic gems provide the maximum UV protection and are fun for wearing on the beach.

    They are designed to stay on with and come with paediatric curly arms and come with a funky Zoobug case and personalised name tag.

    Suitable for: 2-5 years

    Bluebell blue Zoobug glasses, £49.95, available at Zoobug

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  • Polaroid Junior 8015n, £35

    Classic silver Aviator style sunglasses from iconic camera company Polaroid. These glasses are super stylish, have UV400 lenses and come with a one-year warranty.

    Suitable for: 7-10 years

    Available from Sunglasses Shop

  • Boots sunglasses for girls and boys, £12

    Choose from a range of fab designs - like these Spiderman specs. There are Frozen ones too. Full UV protection at a good price.

    Suitable for: 3-8 years

    Boots sunglasses available from Boots

  • Cebe Kanga sunglasses, £18.74

    A sleek ultra-wrapped style, with brown lenses to protect young eyes from powerful sun, these Manga sunnies are flexible and robust enough for toddlers and pre-schoolers

    Suitable for: 1-3 years

    Cebe Kanga, available from Outdoor GB