6 best lie-flat car seats from birth

Expert guide to innovative Group 0/0+ car seats that enable babies to sleep safely when out and about

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  • Why lie-flat?

    Research shows that it's essential for healthy development that newborns lie flat for the majority of the time when they're sleeping or lying down.

    What does that mean for car seats?

    In normal car seats, babies sit in a fairly upright position. Therefore, it's recommended that babies stay in them for no longer than two hours at a time as their breathing may be compromised.  This 2 hour rule includes travel systems too.

    Lie-flat car seats can solve this problem by being a safe car seat that allows your little one to lie as completely flat in the car as he would in a cot, and we've listed two types in our round up;

    1 Group 0 lie-flat car seats

    2 Group 0+ lie-flat car seats

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  • Kiddy Evo-Lunafix, £319.95

    German manufacturer Kiddy introduced the first lie-flat infant car seat in the UK back in 2013 with the Evolution Pro.  Transforming from the carrying position to a lie-flat mode in one swift move made the Evolution Pro one of the most innovative seats in the market. 

    Replacing Kiddy’s groundbreaking lie-flat seat is the Evo-Lunafix, which has all the original Evolution Pro features (five-point safety harness, rocker function, travel system compatibility) but takes safety to the next level with an addition of the Kiddy ISOFIX base.  

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  • Stokke Izi Sleep, £269

    Well known for its landmark highchair and iconic buggies, the Scandinavian brand Stokke has now moved into lie-flat car seats with the Izi Sleep.     

    The Sleep can be used from birth to 12 months rearward facing, has a 5-point safety harness, side and front impact protection and safety indicators to ensure correct installation in both the car and on Stokke buggies.

    Read our full Stokke Izi Sleep review here

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  • Jane Matrix Light 2, £230

    As the name would suggest, the Matrix Light is a lightweight lie-flat car seat and carrycot. 

    Suitable from birth to 12 months the Group 0+ chair is travel system compatible with most Jane buggies and has a built in shock absorber. It can also be used with the Matrix Light 2 platform, which works like a secure base to fix the seat into the car, and also has a swivel base. 

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  • Cybex Cloud Q, £220

    Cybex launched its first lie-flat car seat, the Cloud Q at the 2014 Kind & Jugend baby and toddler trade fair, where it received positive reactions.

    Due to hit the shops the middle of 2015, the Group 0+ seat can be used up until the age of 18 months. It has an 11-position height adjustable headrest and Cybex’s Linear Side Impact Protection system as featured on its Sirona car seat. It's ISOFIX compatible with the Q-Fix base.

    The Cloud Q is travel system compatible with the brand-new Cybex Priam buggy.

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  • Britax Baby Safe Sleeper, £149

    The Britax Baby Safe Sleeper is lie-flat only car seat and can be used up to 6 months, so you'll need to buy a Group 0+ seat at 6 months.

    Featuring a 3-point safety harness and adjustable backrest, it has an energy-absorbing interior to protect your little one in a 360-degree cocoon. It can be used as a very comfy carrycot. 

    It's also very easy to attach to any Britax Click & Go pushchair chassis - with its single-handed release mechanism.

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  • Jane Transporter 2, £200

    A leader in the lie-flat car seat industry, Jane has enjoyed growing success with this award-winning lie-flat only car seat, so much so that it is in its second generation. 

    The Transporter is a combination of car seat and carrycot and is travel system compatible with all Jane buggies, including the Trider Extreme, Slalom Pro and Mumm pushchairs. 

    However, like the Britax Baby Safe Sleeper it is a Group 0 and only holds your baby up to 10kg (around 6 months). It's therefore an expensive choice unless you plan to frequently use the carrycot or travel system set-up.

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  • Lie-flat car seat safety explained

    1 Group 0 lie-flat car seats -  Your baby lies completely flat in the car as he would in a cot. There's a safety restraint holding him in, and a safety mechanism to keep the seat fixed in the car. These car seats can also be used at home as carrycots

    Sounds great, but the main drawback is that these car seats will only last until your baby is 6 months (they're called Group 0). This means you then have to buy an expensive rear facing Group 0+ seat for a few months, until your child is able to move to a Group 1 seat.

    Best for: Parents who are going to be travelling on a lot of long car journeys with their baby and want to use the car seat as a carrycot too.

    2 Group 0+ lie-flat car seats - These car seats act like traditional ones in the car, but then have a mechanism to change to a lie-flat position. You can make them lie-flat either when you take your baby out of the car and into your home, or when you want to attach your car seat to your buggy.

    These Group 0+ car seats can last from birth up to at least 12 months, some even last until 18 months. 

    Best for: Parents who frequently use their travel system, enabling them to keep their baby safely in the car seat for longer periods than 2 hours.

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