8 of the best co-sleeper cots and cribs for safe sleeping

A brilliant way to sleep closely and safely with your baby - by having a bedside cot or crib with an open side

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  • Co-sleeping safely

    Co-sleeping cots are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to keep your baby close, while following the NICE guidelines to have your baby in a separate crib or cot.

    Effectively, you're lying next to your baby, as the cot-side is down, but you're not sharing bed coverings.

    This means you and your baby can maximise the breastfeeding and soothing benefits that proximity brings, while minimising the increased risk of suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that's associated with actual bedsharing.

    This is especially useful if you've had a difficult birth and find getting out of bed to feed painful. Co-sleepers attach to the side of your bed, so you can just reach over as opposed to getting up and walking anywhere. Some also double up as a moses basket, giving you more sleeping options away from the bedside.

    The Lullaby Trust (formerly known as the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths - FSID) says the safest place for your baby to sleep is on his back, on his own sleep surface, in the same room as you, for at least the first six months.

    Here we have chosen our top seven for you to compare. If you have twins, check out the world's first bed designed for twins to sleep together.

  • Chicco Next2Me

    This bedside crib is versatile.  

    It's sturdy and spacious, has six different heights, a semi-recline position and can be used as a travel cot, which is probably why it scooped the top spot top in the 2015 Prima Baby awards. 

    Our MFM review says the Chicco Next2Me is brilliant as it allows ease of access for mums who have had a C-section and want to avoid lifting and getting in and out of bed. 

    £149.99, Chicco

    We've got the full Chicco Next2Me review here.

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  • Guether Aladdin Co-Sleeper, £262.75

    For a more traditional feel, Geuther prides itself on timeless designs with a modern twist. The wheels on the Geuther make moving it a dream.

    It’s made from high quality German beech, and the paints and lacquers are baby-friendly. Our reviewer found it great for reassuring her baby at the stirring stage, before her child was really kicking off and crying.

    Read the full Guether Aladdin Co-Sleeper review here

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  • Snuz Pod, £169

    The Snuz Pod has a unique 3-in-1 design; a bedside crib with a zip-down wall, a stand-alone crib for the nursery, and a removable rocking bassinet that can be used around the home, which helps to make the £199.95 price tag (including mattress) good value.

    Read the full Snuz Pod review here

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  • Mothercare Bedside Cot, £200

    The Mothercare Bedside Cot is a traditional-looking cot, which is both affordable and versatile and comes with protective teething rails.

    With its 8-position mattress base, this cot should fit snugly up against most beds. With four lockable castors, the Mothercare Bedside Cot is also easy to manoeuvre. 

    Read the full Mothercare Bedside Cot review here

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  • Cosatto Close to Me Bedside Cot, £229.99

    Made from long-lasting materials, with a full-size mattress, this cot could last you all the way to 24 months.

    This means you can use it as a co-sleeper cot to start with and then use it as a traditional cot in your baby's room after 6 months. The side slides handily under the bed, so it's easy to adapt.

    Read the full Cosatto Close to Me Bedisde Cot review here

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  • BabyBay Convertible Beside Cot, £249

    "Easy to assemble, fully adjustable mattress height, excellent for bonding and makes night-time feeds easier," all great features of the BabyBay Convertible Beside Cot highlighted by our PBA judges.

    What's more, our MFM reviewer says this bedside cot is "deceptively robust, compact and so comfortable it makes the transition to a larger cot less intimidating when the time comes."

    Check out the full review of the Babybay Convertible Bedside Cot here

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  • Halo Bassinest Co-sleeper, £199.99

    This innovative bassinet is a little different from other ‘co-sleeping’ products, as it doesn’t actually attach to the bed.

    Instead, it swivels 360 degrees so that it can partially sit ‘over’ the bed, meaning your baby can be even closer, without actually being in bed with you.

    As well as giving you easy access to your little one, via a push-down side, the Halo Bassinest also has two vibration modes and a music function, which plays lullabies, white noise and nature sounds.

    Our reviewer gave the co-sleeper a brilliant 4.5 stars out of 5 for comfort, ease of use and sturdiness, although she also noted that it is very heavy and not very portable.

    You can buy the Halo Bassinest from Kiddicare or Amazon.

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  • Knuma Huddle 4-in-1 Co-Sleeper Crib, £190

    The Knuma Huddle is a versatile piece of kit; it can be used as a bedside co-sleeper cot, standalone crib, portable bassinet and then when your child is old enough a child’s desk and bench. 

    Our MFM mum says it's "comfortable, roomy and fits in nicely to our bedroom, Having my son so close, yet in his separate space is fantastic.  I’m a more rested happy mummy for both my newborn and toddler."

    The mesh sides of the co-sleeper means it's breathable and see-through, and the base rocks - literally.

    Read the full Knuma Huddle review here.  

    You can buy the Knuma Huddle from Kiddicare.

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