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Mums reveal their favourite health products

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  • The top health products for 2010

    Making sure you have all the essentials for your baby’s health is important. Our mums tell us their favourites...

  • Finalist: Infacol

    Infacol helps to relieve pain in babies who are suffering from colic and wind and it comes with an integrated dropper so there’s no need to struggle with a spoon.


  • Finalist: Colief Infant Drops

    Rather than attempting to treat the symptoms of colic, Colief breaks down most of the lactose and makes the feed more easily digestible. £9.99

  • Finalist: Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules

    Nelson’s Teetha eases the pain of teething in your little one and simply dissolves in his mouth. In a handy pouch it’s perfect for popping in your bag too. £4.80

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  • Bronze Award: Dentinox Teething Gel

    A convenient soothing gel that can be used every 20 minutes to provide fast, effective relief from teething. £2.25

  • Silver Award: Perfectly Happy People Baby’s First Toothbrush

    This toothbrush has a bumper guard preventing your baby from putting it too far into his mouth. It also helps him learn to gently massage and clean his teeth and gums. £3.99

  • Gold Award: Graco One-Second Ear Thermometer

    Really easy to use thermometer that can take your baby’s temperature in only one second. It also has a backlit LCD so you can still see its reading in the dark. £24.99