Best children and parenting books April 2015

April is packed with royal babies, burping bottoms and busy airports!

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  • Tummy Time

    Age: 0+

    In the Night Garden continues to be one of the most popular programmes on CBeebies and this clever, carousel book from Ladybird features all the favourite characters. Tummy Time is designed to keep your child stimulated while they spend some time on their tummies. Simply open the book and fasten the covers together to reveal three sturdy, interactive scenes. Place the book on the floor and the baby on their tummy and lead them towards the bright colours, peep-through holes and touch-and-feel pictures.

    Published by Ladybird Books, 2nd April, £7.99

  • Airport Playtown

    Age: 18-months+

    Airport Playtown is a book with so much going on, it'll keep your toddler amused for hours. It's another busy day at the airport – and there is so much to see and do. From the workers in the shops and restaurants at the bustling terminal, to the ground crew preparing for take-off, children will be fascinated to find out how the airport works. This is a highly detailed, illustrated board book. Each page is packed with things to look for and find, plus there are more than 70 flaps to lift which reveal cross-sections of the action.

    Published by Roger Priddy Books, 1st April, £9.99

  • Hippobottymus

    Age: 2+

    Hippobottymus by Steve Smallman is a funny, rhyming story all about the special noises that animals and insects make. But when it comes to the Hippopotamus he plays a tune of a very different kind! Poor old Hippo’s bottom burps, trumps, wobbles and it can even blow bubbles. This is a very cheerful book, with bright and lively illustrations from Ada Grey. Great for an afternoon singalong.

    Published by Little Tiger Press, 6th April, £6.99

  • The Usborne Little Children’s Rainy Day Activity Book

    Age: 3+

    The Usborne Little Children’s Rainy Day Activity Book has plenty to keep your child occupied on not-so-sunny spring days. This book is packed with puzzles, pictures to colour, things to spot and sticker scenes to create. Not just for rainy days, this book will keep little ones busy during quiet times, car journeys and holidays too. Bright, colourful and accessible.

    Published by Usborne, 6th April, £6.99

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  • Hooray It’s a New Royal Baby

    Age: 4+

    Hooray It’s a New Royal Baby by Martha Mumford is the follow-up to Shhh! Don’t Wake the Royal Baby and Happy Birthday Royal Baby and welcomes the new addition to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family. The palace is in turmoil as the royal rocking horse has to be found and the nursery decorated for the new baby. Luckily Prince George is on hand to help. This is a funny and warm story for young royal fans everywhere.

    Published by Bloomsbury, 9th April, £6.99

  • Migloo’s Day

    Age: 5+

    Migloo’s Day by William Bee follows Migloo the little dog with a big heart. Migloo spends his day in search of tasty treats. One day Migloo is asked to join the children of Sunnytown on their journey to a very special concert but when the bus breaks down, it looks like their day is ruined. Luckily Migloo is on board and he just might be able to save the day! There is so much to do and see in this book and it’s perfect for sharing with your child.

    Published by Walker Books, 2nd April, £11.99

  • The Secret Language of Your Child

    Ever wondered what your toddler is trying to say by touching his ears or tilting his head? In The Secret Language of Your Child, Dr David Lewis explains his theories of how young children communicate with each other using gestures and facial expressions. This is a very interesting book designed to help you understand what your child is trying to say to you. It also teaches you how to communicate with them in the same way. It will make every reader look at under-fives in an entirely different way.

    Published by Souvenir Press, 6th April, £11.99

  • The Beautiful Toddler Expert: The Complete Guide to Calm Parenting and Happy Toddlers

    If you are about to hit the ‘terrible twos’ then Lisa Clegg’s The Beautiful Toddler Expert: The Complete Guide to Calm Parenting and Happy Toddlers could be just what you need. In this book maternity nurse Clegg guides you through all the issues that can cause a lot of stress during this stage of your child’s development. Topics include: potty training, tantrums, feeding, learning and the next steps – getting your child ready for nursery or pre-school. There’s also a very useful Q&A section that can ease your concerns instantly.

    Published by Vermillion, 16th April, £10.99