Eco-friendly toys for your baby and toddler

Make playtime greener, kinder and cleaner with one of these gorgeous ethical toys for for babies and toddlers

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  • Eco-friendly toys for babies and toddlers

    Whether you think 'organic' means a healthier choice, believe it's best for the planet or don't ever give it a second thought, there's no denying there are some super-cute organic treats and eco-goodies out there for your baby or toddler!

    We've sussed out the top toys to save you time while you save the planet...

  • Eco-playhouse

    Your child can get hands-on with what life is like in an eco-house with this miniature version from Wonderworld.

    This gem comes complete with three figures, and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture. It also has charming decorative extras like a bicycle, recycling bins, trees, solar panel and wind turbine.

    Eco-playhouse, price upon request, Wonderworld.

  • Cardboard rocket

    Children can get hours of entertainment from simple 'toys' like cardboard boxes, especially when it's crafted into the shape of a blasting rocket!

    Budding astronauts can let their imagination run wild in this rocket made from recycled corrugated cardboard. It can also be folded flat for easy storage.

    Giant cardboard rocket, £30.95, Lulu Sapphire.

  • Recycled crayons

    Every child loves to scribble, so encourage their creativity while saving our planet with these funky recycled crayons by Global Kids.

    Recycled crayons, £4.49, Global Kids.

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  • Zoo truck

    Your child can pack their favourite zoo animals into this cut-out truck, pull the string and away they go! These wonderful, ethically sourced wooden toys will keep your little animal lovers entertained for hours.

    Wooden zoo truck, £17.99, KidsToyWorld.

  • Crocodile puzzle

    Your child can learn their ABCs as well as shape co-ordination with this jazzy crocodile puzzle from Lanka Kade. Made from rubber wood and painted with non-toxic paints, this is a great example of eco meets educational!

    Crocodile puzzle, £18, Lanka Kade.

  • My Natural Collection

    These adorable teddy bears are not only cute but kind to the environment, too. Each True Love Long Legs teddy is made of all-natural cotton that's naturally dyed with plants and minerals, making it extra kind to your baby's skin.

    True Love Long Legs, £9.99, My Natural Collection by TOMY.

  • Pandabo stacking toy

    Have fun with this eco-friendly Panda bear as he tries to balance bamboo sticks on his wriggly back. All the game's parts are made of 100% bamboo, which is the world's fastest replenishable natural resource and, importantly, environmentally friendly.

    Pandabo stacking toy, £12.26, EcoCentric.

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  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit fans beware: this is so cute, you'll want it for yourself! Part of the Naturally Better range, this soft Peter Rabbit comes packed in a recycled bag with plenty of charm. Made from 100% cotton and phthalate free, take him home now!

    Peter Rabbit in recycled bag, £4.49, Peter Rabbit store.

  • Wooden push-along duck

    A classic pull-along toy packed with plenty of charm and nostagia, this duck is a great for younger children. Decorated with oils and paints that are totally non-toxic, the wood is also finished with linseed oil that protects little lungs.

    Push along duck, £25, Holz Toys.

  • Sophie la Girafe

    The teething product of the moment, this cute little gem is a celebrity favourite and is eco-friendly. Sophie is made of natural rubber and free of any nasty toxins. Flexible, slender and stylish, your baby will love getting her gums around this and it can also be used as a toy, too.

    Sophie la Girafe, £12.99 (gift pack), Sophie la Girafe online.

  • Sprig sidekick rally racer

    This little fellow is fast and fierce, but is also very kind to our planet! He's made of recycled plastic and non-toxic wood, so he's definitely more an eco-driver than wacky racer!

    Sprig sidekick rally racer, £24.99, The Natural Store.

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  • Crochet vegetable patch

    These ultra cute crochet rabbit rattles are made with organically sourced 100% cotton and are super cute to boot!

    Crochet rattle pack, £10.95 each, Treehouse Blue.

  • Wheely mouse bug

    Perfect for little ones on the go, this adorable mouse shaped wheely toy is padded with non-toxic polyurethane and is made with ethically sourced wood. It's also decorated with non-toxic paints.

    If your tot doesn't like mice, there's a ladybird or feisty tiger, too.

    Wheely mouse bug, £55.62, The Kids Window.