Feeding equipment

Feeding equipment that mums can’t do without

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  • Mums vote on the best feeding equipment

    The best bottles, cups, bowls that make a mum’s life that little bit easier.

  • Finalist: Brother Max 4-in-1 Cup

    This funky looking cup is designed to take your baby from bottle to cup, so you don’t have to buy lots of different cups. The ‘open’ cup mode has a handy sipper ring because learning can be messy at times!

    Read the review. £5.99

  • Finalist: Amadeus 360º Toddler 2nd Generation

    This spill-resistant cup helps a child progress from a spouted cup to a beaker. Made with an anti-bacterial additive to help give extra protection from germs. £3.49

  • Finalist: Brother Max Milk Powder Dispenser

    This dispenser has an extra-long spout, so you can pour powder straight into a bottle. Plus, it turns on its side, rather than upside down, so the powder pours straight out rather than into difficult-to-clean corners. £4.99

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  • Bronze Award: Vital Baby Un-believ-a-bowl Suction Bowl

    The super-suction means this bowl sticks fast to a highchair limiting spillages. From £3.99

  • Silver Award: NUK First Choice BPA-free Learner Bottle

    Available in four colours, this bottle has large grippable removable handles. £4.85

  • Gold Award: Tommee Tippee Explora Active Sipper

    This beaker allows the liquid to flow as soon as your child puts his mouth to the spout and then it seals when he lets go. Perfect for learning to drink without sucking too hard.

    Read the review. £3.99