Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012 best baby/toddler snack

We've all been warned about the damage snacks between meals can do to a baby's health, but there are some snacks out there that get a major thumbs up. Here are the best of the best buys

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  • We all know the scenario, you're in the supermarket, your baby is playing up and you know he or she needs something to eat. But what's healthy and what's not? You want something that's going to give your child energy without making him or her hyperactive. You've heard about the dangers of too much salt, you don't want to reach for the chocolate. Try one of these yummy baby snacks, all vying for a Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine award.

  • Plum Multigrain rings with Cheddar and Plum Multigrain rings with tomato

    Ther are no artificial flavourings, additives or any nasties at all in Plum Multigrain rings with Cheddar and Plum Multigrain rings with tomato. 59p each

  • Organix Goodies Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar

    Organix Goodies Raspberry & Apple Soft Oaty Bar are packed with the goodness of organic juicy raisins and wholegrain oats which provide slow release energy. £2.25

  • HiPP Organic Little Nibbles Range

    There are a variety of delicous snacks to choose from in the HiPP Organic Little Nibbles Range. Suitable from seven months onwards. From 90p.

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  • Benjoy unsalted root vegetable mini crisps

  • Benjoy crunchy strawberry slices

    Made from 55g of fresh strawberries, each pot retains all the nutrients of the fresh fruit. £2.89 for 4.

  • Organix Multigrain Hearts

    Organix Multigrain Hearts are delicious organic cereal puffs with added vanilla extract. A healthy, light snack. 59p

  • Benjoy Multigrain Bites Strawberry & Apple

    All the goodness of the two fruits in a handy one-portion cup that won't spill. £2.69 for 4

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  • Benjoy Crunchy Grape Slices

    Benjoy Crunchy Grape Slices are 100% pure fruit in a handy single portion cup. Contain 55g of fresh grapes per portion. £2.89 for 4.

  • Benjoy Multigrain Munchers: tomato and red pepper

    A healthy alternative to breadsticks with all the nutritional value of these two fabulous veggies. £2.69 for 4

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  • Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites

    The Benjoy Wholesome Multigrain Bites: carrot and tomato are a handy way to give children all the nutritious grains and vegetables they need. £2.69 for 4 portions.