RD Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine Awards 2011/2012 best buggy accessory

All the best buys to keep your pushchair safe, snug, give protection from the sun and more

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  • A buggy is a new mum's best friend, so anything you can add to it to make it even better has to be a bonus. There are so many buggy accessories out there now, from footmuffs, to sun shades and even clever things to stop your buggy getting stolen. Find out which are the best buys worth you spending your money on.

  • SnoozeShade Original

    Attach the SnoozeShade Original to your bugguy and help your baby nod off to sleep for nap time when it's still light outside. £19.99

  • The Cozyosko Footmuff

    The Cozyosko Footmuff is a beautiful and versatile footmuff that comes in a gorgeous range of styles and colours and just slots into your pushchair. Can be used up to three years old. £38.50

  • Hamster Buggy Bags

    Hamster Buggy Bags provide 20 litres of storage on the side of your buggy, ensuring no more tipping over backwards. £32.99

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  • Buggysnuggle Charcoal Toggle

    The Buggysnuggle Charcoal Toggle keeps your baby warm and snug in the pushchair and can also be used as a liner in warmer weather. £45

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  • Babymel Tool Belt

    The Babymel Tool Belt attaches to your buggy with strollerstraps and is the perfect size for carrying all those essential items when out and about with your baby. £30

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  • The Minene Muslin Sunshade

    The Minene Muslin Sunshade protects your child against the harmful rays of the sun and fits in your handbag ready for use when the sun comes out. £9.99

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  • My Buggy Buddy Lock

    The My Buggy Buddy Lock was invented by two policemen dads and it's simple to use - just put in your unique combination to release your buggy. £8.95

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  • BuggyTug

    The BuggyTug attaches to any single handle pram or buggy and around the wrist of the carer to ensure the two never become separated. £3.99

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  • Mountain Buggy Freerider

    The Mountain Buggy Freerider is a buggy board that converts into a fun scooter for your little one in seconds. £80

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