Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine Awards 2011/2012 best nursery buy under £30

We all love a bargain, particularly when it comes to fitting out your baby's nursery. Here are the best value best buys for the smallest room in the house

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  • Trying to have a baby on a budget without blowing too much cash is a tricky thing to manage, especially when you realise just how much the average nursery costs...ouch! Half of the trick of saving money on your nursery is knowing what those essentials are that you need to buy before your baby arrives. The other half is checking out these best nursery buys for under £30

  • The Gro Company Grobag

    The Gro Company Grobag removes the need for sheets and blankeets, providing a simple, soft and safe way to guarantee a restful night's sleep for babies. From £28

  • Safe Dreams Cot Wrap

    The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap is the perfect solution to the age-old problem of little arms and legs becoming trapped between the cot bars. £29.99

  • Hippychick Mattress Protectors

    Hippychick Mattress Protectors are 100% waterproof but still luxurious cotton bedding that means accidents in cots or beds no longer need to be dreaded. From £18.50 for a flat sheet.

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  • Mothercare Humphrey's Corner Changemat

    Mothercare Humphrey's Corner Changemat is  a wipeclean change mat with a towelling liner and lots of fun things to distract baby come changing time. £29.99

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  • Kiddicare Funky Cot Top Changer

    The Kiddicare Funky Cot Top Changer is simple to attach and comes in ten colours to suit any nursery scheme. A great space-saving item. £29.97

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  • Widgey Nursing Pillow

    The Widgey Nursing Pillow is a 4-in-1 product that wraps around mum. It brings baby to nipple height and there's no abdominal strain so it's perfect for post-caesarean births. £29.95

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  • Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

    The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System has a unique push and lock system which means disposing of your nappy is even easier and bad smells are kept at bay. £14.99

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  • Onaroo OK to Wake! Nightlight and Sleep Trainer

    The Onaroo OK to Wake! Nightlight and Sleep Trainer is the clock that teaches kids to sleep in so you can too, glowing green when it's time for young kids to get up in the morning. £29.99

  • Snugabub Baby Sheets

    Snugabub Baby Sheets are specially designed with babies in mind to ensure that your baby stays in the safe sleeping position. £14.99

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