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Useful and practical best buys to make taking care of your baby easier

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  • Once you've found your perfect buggy there are loads of fabulous accessories on the market to make pushing your baby around even more easy. From security devices to buggy sunshades we've got the pick of the best buys right here

  • Snoozeshade Original

    Attach the Snoozeshade Original to your bugguy and help your baby nod off to sleep for nap time when it's still light outside. £19.99

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  • LockIt

    LockIt is designed to stop your expensive stroller being stolen. Fits all pushchairs and is easy to attach and release. £9.99

    How thieves are targetting designer pushchairs

  • Sangenic Wrap n Go

    The Sangenic Wrap n Go contains scented, anti-bacterial wraps for nappy changing on the go. Clips onto your pram or pushchair. £4.99

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  • The Original Dooky

    The Original Dooky fits in seconds to any pram and is an easy and effective way to protect your baby against the sun, rain, wind and light. £17.99

  • Koo-di Stroller Lock

    The Koo-di Stroller Lock is small enough to attach to your key ring, along with your car keys and includes a generous steel cable so you don't have to be too close to what you're trying to lock your stroller to.

  • iCandy Palm Stroller Sunshade

    The iCandy Palm Stroller Sunshade offers protection from harmful rays up to UPF50+ but also allows air to circulate to prevent overheating. £35

    Summer sun safety for little ones

  • Nuby Ding-a-ling

    The Nuby Ding-a-ling is pefect for amusing your little one while out and about. Simple to attach and easy (for mum) to remove. £4.49

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  • ProtectiShade

    ProtectiShade is the only 360 degree protection sunshade. Also fits car seats up to group 2. £39.99

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