Practical Parenting & Pregnancy magazine Awards 2011/2012 toilet/potty training product

Getting your toddler potty trained can be stressful but the right best buys can really help

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  • Potty and toilet training can be a stressful time for mums and babies. When's the right age to potty train? And did you know there are different approaches when it comes to potty training girls and potty training boys? It's worth trying to understand what your toddler's really thinking while he or she is potty training.

  • Potette Plus

    The Potette Plus  is a full size travel potty and a handy trainer seat. It's perfect for transporting as the whole thing folds flat and fits neatly into its hygienic carry bag. £14

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  • Brolly Sheets

    Brolly Sheets have a unique 100% cotton top to sleep on with a soft, breathable waterproof backing. Innovative tuck-in wings mean they stay in place and are easy to remove when wet. £24.95

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  • Dry Like Me

    Dry Like Me is a toilet training tool to help the transition from nappies to pants. the pads protect clothing from accidents and are designed to be worn in a number of different ways. £3.49 for a pack of 18

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  • Fisher-Price Ducky Fun Potty

    The Ducky Fun Potty friend plays four musical ditties and fun sound effects to reward toddlers on their progress. £32.99

  • Quack Quack Moo Dribble Bubbs Bed Protector

    The Quack Quack Moo Dribble Bubbs Bed Protector fits on top of the bed sheet saving you time and hassle when your baby has an accident. £24.99

  • My Carry Potty

    My Carry Potty has a clip shut lid and rubber seal, making it completely leak and odour proof. £24.99

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  • Mothercare Potty in white and lime

    The Mothercare Potty in white and lime incudes a removable insert for easy cleaning and a wider seat for added comfort £6.99

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  • Tippitoes Boy's Toilet Trainer

    All boys want to be like dad and now they can with the Tippitoes Boy's Toilet Trainer. Clips over the rim and no more need for a step stool. £14.99

  • Pourty - the potty that pours

    The Pourty potty is easier to empty and clean than a normal potty and its wide, flat seating area makes it comfortable for a child to sit on. £9.99

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  • Close Pop-in training pants

    The Close Pop-in training pants have been created to ease the transition from nappy to potty. Designed to look like grown up pants they can be pulled up and down easily. £19 for two

  • Mothercare Trainer Pants Range

    Mothercare Trainer Pants have cute designs to make potty training fun and use quality towelling for its absorbent properties, plus a cotton outer. £12.99 for 2 pack

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  • Bambino Mio Reusable training pants

    Bambino Mio's Reusable training pants allow toddlers to feel wetness, allowing them to learn about potty training, but prevent leakage onto clothes. £5.49

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  • Dribble Bubbs Seat Protector

    The Dribble Bubbs Seat Protector is perfect for potential accidents when you're on the move. It can also be used to store small toys, books, drinks and snacks. £24.99

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  • B.sensible 2-1 Fitted Sheet & Bed Protector

    Using the B.sensible 2-1 Fitted Sheet & Bed Protector means you don't need another mattress protector. It's waterproof, breathable and comes in a selection of sizes and a full range of colours. £23.99 for a cot bed, From £31 for a single sheet

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