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Mmmm! Our mums rate the best toddler food products

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  • Growing tots mean growing appetites – our mums love these products…

    We’d all love to make our meals from scratch every day but often our little ones need something ready made. These are the products that hit the spot for our tester mums.

  • Finalist: Plum Baby 10 months+ range, £2.09 each

    The combinations and ingredients get more adventurous with Plum’s 10+ range, including French bean with beef and apple, Carrot, Lentil and Cheddar and Summer Pudding.

  • Finalist: Annabel Karmel Eat Fussy range, £2.29

    Any mum with a fussy eater on her hands will know how hard it can be to find a ‘favourite’. This range aims to tackle the problem head on and includes pizzas, meatballs and spaghetti and cottage pie.

  • Bronze Award: Little Dish toddler food range, £2.29 (

    Passed by Monty, the chief taster (he’s a baby!) Little Dish’s toddler meals are simple but wholesome choices such as pasta Bolognese, cottage pie and fish pie.

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  • Silver Award: HiPP Organic Toddler Tray Meals, £1.73 (

    These “one pot organic meals” range from risotto and pasta dishes to a hearty casserole (lovely for chilly evenings) and are suitable from one to three years.

  • Gold Award: Organix Goodies, from 46p (

    100% organic and don’t contain any nasty additives, so you can rest assured your toddler is getting a nutritious snack.