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In a nutshell

A unique chair for babies ready to move on from a bouncer. It gives your baby a little independence and can be used when your start weaning

  • Pros

    Baby can sit as soon as she can support her head, supports baby's posture, great for weaning, a good options for babies that are too old for a bouncer/rocker

  • Cons

    Your baby can slip down in the seat, can have a short lifespan depending on your baby's size

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Our review

Your baby has reached that all-important milestone - she can hold her head and wants to sit, but still needs help. The unique Bumbo baby seat allows your baby get a new view of the world and can act as an early highchair. Just be sure your baby’s not too big or small.

The Bumbo is a foam seat for babies, which can be used as soon as your baby can support her head. It was introduced to the UK market in 2001. Although it looks a bit like a potty, it’s cleverly designed according to your baby’s posture, which enables her to sit upright by herself.

The seat itself is actually lower than the leg openings so there’s correct support for the lumber area and it assists in the correct spinal development of your baby. The Bumbo has no straps, which means a lot more freedom for your baby. It’s a natural transition from being strapped in a bouncy chair, and some babies love it.

What we love

When I put my daughter Tippi in the Bumbo she found it very funny. I’m not sure if that’s because she enjoyed the freedom of sitting on her own or because the sight of my husband and I cooing over how cute she looked in it was quite a sight.

It was great to have an alternative to the bouncy chair, which Tippi had loved, but had now outgrown. I could just put Tippi in the Bumbo and she could watch me going about my work without feeling frustrated at being strapped in.

The seat really came into its own for weaning. Around the time we bought the Bumbo, Tippi was ready to be weaned. This little seat was perfect as she could sit upright in it and we could hold her attention. At an extra cost we also bought the Bumbo play tray, which gives some babies more security. We bought this as we did find Tippi could slip down in the seat. We weaned Tippi in the Bumbo for a month or two before we bought a high chair, but I do know one of my friends who fed her baby in the Bumbo until she was nearly a year old.

Because it’s so lightweight and portable you can move the Bumbo from room to room with ease or even take it out with you to visit friends. It’s very versatile.

The Bumbo play tray is also great for putting toys on, especially ones with suction pads on the bottom. Tippi had both her hands free to spend time focusing and playing. It was lovely to watch, and felt like a real milestone. It certainly gave Tippi a new sense of independence.

What to watch out for

Although Tippi enjoyed the Bumbo for a while, it didn’t last as long as it did for other babies. Tippi tended to slide down in it, and unless I put the tray on I found she slipped down so much she was uncomfortable. I think Tippi was a little small for the Bumbo when I bought it, and by the time she’d grown into it she was ready to sit on her own. On the other hand, a couple of Tippi’s friends grew out of the Bumbo very quickly as they were too big for it. I would definitely try before you buy. It seems quite individual whether or not this seat is right for your baby.

The Bumbo play tray helped Tippi a lot, but then it does become quite an expensive seat. If it lasts as long as my friend’s did with her baby that’s great, but unfortunately for Tippi it didn’t have a very long life span.

Who is the Bumbo baby seat best for?

Mums after 10 hands-free minutes who have babies eager to sit up and see the world.

MadeForMums verdict

A unique seat, cleverly designed to support your baby once they can hold their head. A perfect step on from a bouncer or rocker, giving your baby independence and you free hands to get things done. The Bumbo play tray is a handy addition, but does put the price up. Make sure you try before you buy though as the Bumbo doesn’t suit every baby.