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In a nutshell

An excellent lightweight buggy that doesn't feel like a lightweight in terms of quality. It folds easily, is very stylish and extremely comfortable for your child.

  • Pros

    Very stylish, well padded handles, easy compact umbrella-fold, full coverage hood with extending UV visor, nicely padded seat and cushion under the head, 4-position recline

  • Cons

    Nowhere to hang changing bag safely due to dual handles, harness is fiddly to adjust, buckle is tight

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Our review

The Mothercare Urbanite is smooth to push and offers a ride that’s better than many in its class. If you’re looking for a funky, stylish and durable lightweight buggy, the Mothercare Urbanite is a worthy investment.

In addition to carrying the latest brands for everything from clothes to car seats, Mothercare has created its own range of products, which have become just as popular as the other brands it carries.

The Mothercare Urbanite is the company’s latest lightweight buggy to hit the market and is a very impressive option in a category that’s bulging with choices.

What we love

The Mothercare Urbanite is very sleek and funky in appearance. I’m impressed with the red/grey/silver colour scheme and think the buggy’s lines are very fluid and attractive.

As with most lightweight buggies, there’s not much in terms of assembly after taking the Urbanite out of the box, which is very pleasing.

The seat of the Mothercare Urbanite is quite significantly padded including a slight cushion behind the head. The leg rest extends forward to allow for your child’s legs to be fully supported, which makes for a very comfortable ride.

The hood of the Mothercare Urbanite is more than sufficient to block the sun’s rays. Most lightweight buggies have minimal hoods that only block the sun when it’s directly overhead or behind you. The Mothercare Urbanite hood comes further down in front and even has a UV extension for additional protection. In addition to the excellent coverage, there’s a zippered section on the back of the hood. This allows for a secure and warm environment when the Urbanite is in its reclined position. The flap zippers into place, keeping out the weather and sun.

The handles of the Mothercare Urbanite are padded and quite comfortable, and pushing the Urbanite is smooth and fluid. Despite the Urbanite being a lightweight, it doesn’t rattle or judder across the pavement and rolls like a more substantial buggy.

The storage basket on the Urbanite is large enough for several items and is accessible save when the seat is fully reclined. In addition to this, there’s a storage pocket on the back.

What to watch out for

The harness and buckle/clasp on the Mothercare Urbanite is a bit fiddly. Initially I found the buckle quite stiff and struggled to loosen and adjust the straps. However, the harness has lovely pads on the chest, which does make it decidedly more comfortable.

When the Mothercare Urbanite is fully reclined it’s difficult to access the storage basket under the seat.

The wheels of the Mothercare Urbanite have white centres that don’t necessarily co-ordinate with the main colour scheme of the buggy and will eventually show dirt and wear.

Who is the Mothercare Urbanite lightweight buggy best for?

Urban families after a lightweight to take them from transport to the high street with speed and agility.

MadeForMums verdict

The Mothercare Urbanite is a well-designed, stylish and sturdy lightweight buggy. Although the harness adjustments and buckle are somewhat awkward, the ride quality and comfort it offers will ensure it’s a welcome addition to any family.

First reviewed 31/01/2011. Updated 23/02/2012.