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In a nutshell

A multi-functional buggy that will grow with your family and has a huge shopping basket - but it does have wide rear wheels

  • Pros

    Intuitive to use, easy to build, chic design, luxe fabrics and details, enormous basket, comes with Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptors

  • Cons

    Expensive, wide rear wheels, chassis is a bit bulky when folded, small carrycot

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Our review

US-based UPPAbaby was set up by a husband and wife team and has a range of award-winning pushchairs, that first reached the UK in 2010.

Since then, the UPPAbaby Vista – and its little sister the Cruz – has been spotted out and about with celebrities including Lily Allen and Drew Barrymore choosing the brand.

A few upgrades down the line and the UPPAbaby Vista is a beautiful and highly practical model which allows for transporting a second and third child with the addition of its Rumble seat (£229.99) and a standing board (£99.99).

At £899.99 for the single Pascal buggy (grey and black) colourway, the Vista is a high-end product at a similar price point to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 (£949) and Babystyle Egg (single - £968) and the iCandy Peach (single - £895)

Like all of these luxury pushchairs, it’s stylish and well-made, but the Vista has the added benefits of its extra large basket and being a little lighter, at 9kg for the chassis alone or 12.4kg with the seat.

As a mum of a five-month-old baby boy living in a city. I tested the Vista 2017 a a single pushchair on streets, public transport, parks and wooded areas.

Buy the UPPAbaby Vista single pushchair from John Lewis, Baby Nest, and Kiddicare.

We've also tested the UPPABaby Vista in its double/tandem version, for parents with two or more children

First impressions of the UPPAbaby Vista

The UPPAbaby Vista pushchair and carrycot are a joy to use. Not only is it pretty much ready to use straight out of the box, but the instructions are easy to follow and everything is so intuitive I barely needed to consult them. The quilted fabrics are stylish and chic, and I like the Pascal colour option with its neutral grey colour and off-white carrycot interior, since it goes with any accessories you may be using.

Among my favourite things about this product are its large and easily accessible basket, which quickly became the envy of all my mum friends. There are few things that count against it, but the carrycot is already rather small for my five month old.

What's different on the new UPPAbaby Vista, how does it compare to the older version?

The UPPAbaby Vista is around half a kilo lighter than its 2015 predecessor due to new solid polyurethane wheels instead of the AirGo hard rubber wheels (also making them more robust), and is an inch narrower due to the decreased width of the rear wheel span.

The sun shield material has been upgraded, but it still doesn’t get taut or lock into place when extended as the photos would suggest.

There are four new colour ways: Austin Hunter Green, Henry Blue Marl, Dennison Burgundy, and Loic White. Real leather handlebar and bumper bar covers are now available for the Austin, Henry and Loic.

Shock-absorbing front and rear wheel suspension has been added.

Watch 5 best things about the UPPAbaby Vista 

1. Easy to use and intuitive

2. Huge basket

3. Spacious seat

4. Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping

5. Chic colours and choice of real leather trims

What is the same on this buggy?

Even though it’s a bit smaller and lighter, it’s still quite bulky when folded. The sun shield still offers the same SPF 50 protection and like the older version, this buggy can be converted to a twin pushchair.

What's the difference between the UPPAbaby Vista and the UPPAbaby Cruz?

The Vista is the wider (by 10cm), heavier (by 2.6kg) version of the Cruz, it can also convert from a single to a double buggy, while the Cruz can only be used as a single buggy. 

Is it easy to push the Vista?

Yes, it is.  The latest Vista has new suspension, which means the buggy seems to cruise over rough terrain, grass and gravel with ease. My baby always seemed secure when strapped in to the seat unit with the tight harness.

Younger babies like my five month old fit snugly in the seat unit and the carrycot is cosy too so I always feel peace of mind when travelling over bumpy ground.

Can the UPPAbaby Vista buggy be taken on the train or fit down a bus aisle?

Yes, the older version of the Vista was one inch wider, so it has slimmed down. The last time MadeForMums reviewed the 2015 Vista we found that it had some difficulty getting into smaller shops without double doors, and onto some smaller buses, but it's now a little easier.  

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How compact is the UPPAbaby Vista? 

When in use, it is quite wide at 67cm due to the rear wheels which makes smaller aisles a bit of a challenge, though these can be removed when not in use for easy storage.

When folded, the footrest can be folded for extra compactness, though I do feel the depth is still quite wide even when folded ‘flat’ which makes it quite bulky. For quite a large pushchair though, its size when folded is not bad.

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How easy is it to store?

As the carrycot comes with its own storage bag, it is easy to store away until you need to use it, for example with your next baby. The chassis stands on its own, but is still quite bulky even when you remove the rear wheels because it doesn’t fold completely flat.

Is it affordable for what it is?

The Vista is an expensive, high-end model, but I think the price is justified due to the build quality, beautiful fabric and finishes, and features such as the magnetic peekaboo window on the seat unit, large basket and ease of use.

Is the UPPAbaby Vista suitable from birth? 

Yes, the pushchair can be used from birth with the carrycot, which is included with the buggy. 

The carrycot is on the small side, so you may find a larger baby will outgrow it before they reach six months of age. This is fine though, as the seat unit has a very secure fitting harness even for little babies and six reclining positions so can lie quite flat if necessary.

I found the seat unit a little tricky to remove at first because you have to press down on the buttons as you lift it up, so it’s not a smooth action where you press and lift in the same direction. The same goes for the carrycot, though at least this is a one-handed action.  It does get easier with time, as with any new product, it needs wearing in. 

Is the UPPAbaby Vista carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping?

Yes, it allows for overnight sleeping when used with an UPPAbaby carrycot stand (£144.99).

UPPAbaby Vista 2017 has wide rear wheels

What do you think of the seat size?

It’s a nice compact size, but also large enough to accommodate a three year old. I also like the easily adjustable footrest.

It is a good size for toddlers, as it’s quite tall and has an upper weight limit of 50 lbs (23kg).

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When can you use the Rumble/sibling seat from?

You can add an extra carrycot to accommodate newborn twins, use the chassis with two toddler seats for two children aged between six months and three years old, or add a sibling seat alongside a carrycot for an older brother or sister at any point.

What footmuffs can you use with the Vista?

There is no footmuff included with the pushchair, so you’ll have to purchase one separately if you live somewhere that is cold most of the year like the UK! These are available specially made for the Vista from a number of outlets starting at around £10.

Where is the serial number on the Vista?

The serial number is on the rear wheel arch which passes through the shopping basket.

UPPAbaby Vista 2017 carrycot

What do you think of the height of the buggy?

The carrycot sits nice and high, allowing for easy access to the basket below and great interaction with your baby. The seat unit also sits high up, so interacting with your baby is nice and easy.

Is the frame strong, durable?

The frame seems very strong and sturdy, and doesn’t rattle around like cheaper models. It is quite easy to mark and scratch, so extra care should be taken to avoid wear and tear.

What do you think of the fold system?

It’s really easy to fold and unfold. It clips into place when fully folded and stands on its own (as long as the handlebar is fully extended).

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Is it a one-hand fold?

No. You need to use two hands to push the levers on each side of the handlebar, and when the chassis begins to fold you have to reach down and grab the lower part of the base. However, it’s really easy to do and the click of the clip lets you know you’ve folded it completely.

What do you think of handle? 

The handle can be positioned at four different heights, and it’s really easy to do so by pushing the button on the inside of the handlebar in the middle.

It comes in a choice of foam or leather covering, which looks really smart.

How comfortable does it feel for your little ones?

My five month old is quite big at over 7kg, and the carrycot is so soft and seems very comfortable for him, albeit very cosy. I think it will just about last until he is six months old.

The seat unit is already also an option for him though, as the harness is adjustable using the loops on the backrest and he seems really snug and secure in there. As he grows, I’m sure the generous size will continue to accommodate him until he’s ready to leave his pushchair days behind him!

How is interacting with your little ones when in the buggy?

Since the buggy sits high up, it’s really easy to hand them a toy or comfort them whether they’re in the carrycot or the pushchair.

What do you think of the hood?  Can it be used as a sun protection?

UPPAbaby Vista 2017 hood has sun protection

The carrycot hood is very easy to put up and down and locks into its highest position with a sharp tug, making sure it stays taut. Both the seat unit hood and the carrycot hoods have additional sun shields built in, but even when fully extended they don’t go taut or ‘lock’ into place.

I really like that the peekaboo/breezy window on the seat unit hood is secured with magnets though, and the fact that’s a zip up mesh ventilation window on the hood of the carrycot for more air.

What are the storage pockets and basket like?

My changing bag easily fits in the basket, along with plenty of shopping. It’s dangerously big!

It's the largest I’ve ever seen, making shopping trips a breeze. The carrycot also comes with its own storage bag. With two separate frames and hoods for the carrycot and seat unit, unlike the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 which just comes with one hood and one frame, you can convert the buggy to a double pram and pushchair with the purchase of the adaptors.

You can detach and swing the bumper bar to one side which is really handy when you want to take your baby or toddler out of the seat quickly.

UPPAbaby Vista 2017 has a huge basket

What do you think of the tyres?

The tyres, which are now made of solid polyurethane for the Vista 2017, seem very strong and hard-wearing.

Tell us about the brakes

I like that the brakes are so easy to apply and take off. It’s a case of simply pushing down on the lever with your foot to put it on and take it off again, so you can use it comfortably no matter what you’re wearing on your feet! There is also a handy red and green indicator so you can be sure when the break is applied.

Does it fit in the boot of your car?

It may be bulky with the wheels on, but it does easily fit into a good-sized boot such as the one on a Skoda Yeti when folded.

What age child is it best for?

The cosy Vista carrycot would suit a baby from newborn age until they outgrow the bassinet or are able to lift themselves up.

The toddler seat can then be used until the child is ready to go it alone. A rumble seat and piggy back board can be purchased separately, converting this pushchair into a ride for up to three children.

What’s in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Basket
  • Carrycot and storage bag
  • Seat unit
  • Wheels
  • Rain covers x 2
  • Insect nets x 2
  • Car seat adapters for Maxi-Cosi or BeSafe

Is it easy to build the Vista buggy?

Yes, it’s practically ready to use straight out of the box. The basket is already attached to the chassis and the fabrics are already on the seat unit frame. All I had to do was insert the poles into their clips to set up the carrycot.

Within around 20 minutes, I had put everything together and had also practiced folding and unfolding it and detaching and re-attaching the various components. It’s very intuitive so it’s easy to pick up how it all works.

How much does the UPPAbaby Vista cost?

This Vista in Pascal will set you back £899.99 which is pricy, but I think you’re paying for the amazing quality and convenient features missing on lower end products like the brake indicators, built in sun shade and a seat that can accommodate all babies, from small to large!

Is the UPPAbaby Vista good value for money?

Yes, I believe it to be worth the price if your budget will allow it, because it’s such a stylish, intuitive and practical pushchair. It’s easy to fold and to attach and detach the carrycot, seat unit and wheels.

The basket is large and the buggy comes with Maxi-Cosi adaptors, two rain covers and two insect nets, as well as a storage bag. It’s also pretty much ready to use straight from the box, with no awkward and stressful building process!

MadeForMums verdict

For parents that can stretch to a higher budget, I would definitely recommend the Vista 2017. It is an elegant, intuitive and compact system that’s fully compatible with a Maxi-Cosi car seat (and comes with the appropriate adaptors), should you wish to convert this into a travel system.

For those who have more than one child or plan to have more children, it’s also easily transformed into a tandem pushchair for up to three children if you add a rumble seat and a standing board.

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