10 embarrassing pregnancy photos

Do you have a few pregnancy photos that make you wish Facebook was never invented? After discovering awkwardfamilyphotos.com, a site dedicated to pics you want to burn, we think you won't feel quite so red-faced...

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  • Masterpiece

    Dad wanted to perfect the art of finger-painting before the baby came along...

  • Spare tyre

    In need of roadside assistance? We're not sure how the AA would deal with this one...

  • Chillaxing

    This seemed like as good a place as any to soak up the rays.

  • Spot the difference

    And who said men can't relate to pregnancy?

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  • Peek-a-bump

    Where's mummy? There she is!

  • Beach babes

    No point in letting that baby bump steal your thunder.

  • Life drawing

    A window into the womb?

  • Who dunnit?

    We'll give you a little clue...

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  • Water birth

    Because a murky swamp is the most glamorous place for an impromptu pregnancy photoshoot.

  • Family moment

    Best leave that to the midwife, guys.

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