Best Royal baby names

Treat your baby like a prince or princess with a royally regal name, see our pick of the best…

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  • Following the exciting annoucement that Prince William and Kate are expecting their first child, take inspiration for your new arrival from these royal baby names that have been used by the British royal family for over a thousand years.

  • William

    William has been a royal name in the UK for nearly one thousand years. A strong and ever popular name, which could be thanks to Prince William the son of the current Prince of Wales. Means “resolute protector”.

  • Catherine

    This is a classic girls name and it has many spellings and nicknames. The most famous royal Catherine at the moment is the ever-stylish Catherine Middleton who is Duchess of Cambridge.

  • Edward

    The name Edward appears throughout Royal history and it is the name of the current Queen’s youngest son. It means “happy guardian”.

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  • Elizabeth

    This is a name rich in royal history and ever popular with parents. Two of England’s most famous Queens have been Elizabeth I and II. It can be shortened in many ways like Lizzie, Eliza and Beth.

  • Henry

    Is a popular and timeless royal name. There have been eight King Henrys with the last being one of the most famous, Henry VIII. It is said to mean “estate ruler”. Prince Charles’ son is called Henry but is affectionately known as Price Harry.

  • Ann

    The name Ann, which is said to mean “grace”, has been common among royalty. Two queens of England have been called Anne, most famously one of King Henry VIII’s wives Anne Boleyn. The English spelling is Ann and the French spelling is Anne.

  • Richard

    This name has a rich royal history in England, with the most famous King Richard nicknamed “Richard the Lionheart”. He was best known for his courage so it’s not surprising that Richard means “brave and strong”.

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  • Beatrice

    This name has a lot of royal history. It’s becoming more popular with parents as it can be shortened to trendy nicknames like Bea, and Beatrix can be shorted to Trixie. It is said to means “bringer of gladness”. The Duke, Prince Andrew, and Duchess of York, Fergie, named their eldest daughter Beatrice. 

  • Philip

    Philip is a very popular boys name and is the name of the current Duke of Edinburgh. There have been several King Philips throughout Europe. It is said to mean “friend of horses”.

  • Matilda

    This classic name is very cute for a baby girl and is said to mean “little battle maiden”. Although it might be more famous from Roald Dahl’s book it was also the name of a Queen of England, nicknamed “Matilda the good”. Although she only ruled for a few months in 1141 she was the first female ruler of the UK.

Last updated on 3 December 2012