Myth buster – how NOT to treat a burn

Burns specialist Joanne Atkins explains what not to do if your child gets burnt and reveals the oddest treatments she's seen

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  • Don’t use butter

    “Many people think you should put butter on a wound. Don’t use butter. You’re basically basting your child and frying them a bit more!” explains burns specialist and British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) member, Joanne Atkins.

  • Don’t use egg whites

    “Whatever your granny said was probably inaccurate. Don’t put whisked egg whites over a burn, this is an example of first aid not being given appropriately," says Joanne.

  • Don’t use corn flour

    Covering a burn in corn flour creates a paste and, as Joanne says, “Is not going to help start the healing process.”

  • Don’t use ice

    Ice is a big no-no. Joanne says, “Ice ultimately will damage the tissue more. Stick to cold running water.”

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  • Don’t use grated carrot

    “The strangest treatment I've seen was when a lady had covered her burnt child in grated carrot. We see a lot of strange burn remedies, but grated carrot certainly isn’t going to help,” says Joanne.