Learning toys for pre-schoolers

Fun educational ways to give your child a headstart as they prepare to start school.

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  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Got a child who’ll soon be starting nursery or pre-school?

    There's no need to worry if they can't recognise letters or numbers yet - that's what pre-school is for.

    But if you are looking for fun educational ways to give your child a little bit of a headstart when it comes to the classroom, try the following to get them used to the idea that learning can be fun.

  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Ladybird Minis

    A set of beautiful little books that cover almost every subject – grab one that interests your child and use that to kickstart their learning.

    They have sweet pictures and include early counting and literacy exercises. The sort of little books that your child will love to carry round and work their own way through once you've helped them out the first time. Titles include the following:


    Mad about…Bugs

    My Best Book About… Farms


  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    CBeebies magazines

    You might already be familiar with the weekly CBeebies magazine that always comes with stickers and a free gift or toy. BUT have you seen the CBeebies Animals magazine? It is a monthly publication, cost £2.25, that focuses on learning activities through the animal stars of your child's favourite CBeebies shows.

    It is beautifully put otgether and has something for pre-schoolers of all ages. From colouring and pen control to simple counting and craft projects, it's a great way to help encourage early literacy and number skills.

  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers


    Even nursery class children get a chance to use computers at school. Get your child used to using a mouse and performing simple keyboard commands with age-appropriate software.

    EducationCity.com costs from £29.95 for a year’s subscription, with programs for children from pre-school to Key Stage 2.

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  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Fifi and Roary flashcards

    Flashcards are a great way to help your toddler become more familiar with their sounds and letters.

    Fifi and the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car themed cards will make learning even more fun for your little pre-schooler.

    Sets cost £4.99

  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Activity books

    Look out too for activity and sticker books based on your child’s favourite TV characters. They are packed with activities that will encourage pencil skills, comprehension and phonics.

    Activity books are handy too for journeys and holidays – pop one in your bag to entertain bored youngsters when tempers start to fray.

  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Leapster and Leapster 2

    All children love computer games, and the handheld Leapster consoles are a fantastic educational - and fun - way of satisfying their love of computing while reassuring yourself that they are learning at the same time.

    Your child will make progress through the various levels by solving problems in areas such as science, maths and literacy.

    Suitable for little ones aged three and above, it’s a gadget that will grow with your child, and is a fabulous travel toy too.

  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Learn About Your Body

    This super new stick-up poster from Velcro is a bit like pin the tail on the donkey – but with body parts instead!

    A fun way to teach your child about their digestive system and how it all fits together.

    Learn About Your World is a more advanced version to help teach the basics of world geography and flags.

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  • Learning toys for pre-schoolers

    Peter Rabbit Wipe-Clean First Letters Book

    Wipe-clean books such as this one are great for helping your little one practise pen control and letter formation. Really handy for keeping them entertained on journeys, and educational too.

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Last updated on 4 September 2008