10 of the best dairy-free baby recipes

From first weaning through to toddler meals, try these tasty recipes for your milk-allergic baby

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  • Chicken with sweet potato, swede and carrot

    This tasty casserole, with its trio of root vegetables, is a great first meat dish for your little one. Puree for first weaning, or mash for older babies who are established on solids.

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  • Baby dhal with pitta

    If your baby is milk-free, you'll need to provide her with calcium from other sources. Lentils are rich in calcium, and this mild baby curry will also supply her with protein and carbs for energy and growth.

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  • Slow-cooked beef stew

    Rich in iron and packed with veggies, this one-pot casserole will simmer away in the slow-cooker while you get on with your day. Delicious served with mashed potato or rice.

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  • Pork and paprika

    A great introduction to mild spices, this tasty recipe also includes baked beans - a good source of calcium for dairy-free tots.

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  • Cod creole

    Combining sweet and savoury flavours is a good way to encourage babies to try and enjoy a broader variety of foods. This tasty fish stew includes mild spices and tinned pineapple for sweetness.

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  • Home made haddock fish fingers

    With many processed foods containing milk or milk traces, making your own is the best way to avoid triggering your little one's allergies. These haddock fish fingers are easy to make and guaranteed to appeal to toddlers.

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  • Lamb rice casserole

    Cooking for a dairy-free child often means preparing two separate meals - one for your tot, and one for everyone else - but the whole family will happily tuck into this super-easy, all-in-one hotpot.

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  • Sweet and sour chicken

    Oriental cuisine tends to be low on dairy ingredients, making it ideal for children with milk allergies. This colourful stir fry is delicious with noodles or rice.

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  • Peach pudding

    A tasty alternative to yoghurt that is made with your baby's usual milk - whether that be dairy-free formula or an alternative like soya, rice or oat milk.

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  • Aubergine and red pepper curry

    A mild curry that's big on flavour. Serve with rice or fingers of naan bread. Try adding some cooked chicken to the recipe to boost the protein content.

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