Gok Wan Fashion Advice

Celebrate your pre and post baby curves with Goks advice for new mums everywhere!

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  • Gok Wan Fashion Advice

    Celebrate your pre and post baby curves with Gok's hot fashion advice for new mums everywhere! 

    "Pregnancy might sometimes feel like an alien body invasion, but I can guarantee that everyone else is thinking you’ve never looked more gorgeous. Of course, you know it’s my personal crusade to get women to celebrate their curves; and that includes your luscious baby bump!

    "Comfort and support are going to be essential for your growing belly. Say hello to your two new best friends: the elasticated waist and the empire line.

    "The latter is fabulously stylish and seriously flattering for the bigger belly. And for showcasing those new voluptuous bangers, watch out for v-necks.

    "Stock up on some belly-friendly basics; a good pair of jeans with an elasticated waist, some smart trousers, a stretchy pencil skirt, and lots of empire-line tunic tops and dresses.

    "Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘it’s only for a couple of months’. Oh honey, you wish! My Gokmotherly advice: invest now, so that your capsule wardrobe of brilliant baby-friendly basics see you through from baby bump to post-baby bulge in style."

  • When you're pregnant...

    1 If you can't give up your heels when you're pregnant, ankle boots will provide extra support.

    2 An eye-catching bag is a Gok-send when all else fails.

    3 Large earings will keep focus on your face not your booty. 

    The ‘ready in 10’ mum

    "Your legs will look slimmer than ever in pregnancy: so work those slim jeans!

    "Honey, there’s no better time to be pregnant: there’s no reason why you can only wear maternity clothes when you’re expecting. There are loads of empire line and smock-style dresses and tops in the shops, like this funky printed top."

  • Printy pregnancy

    A big busy print keeps you in proportion.

    This look is endlessly versatile; you can wear it with ballet pumps for day, flip-flops for the beach and heels for evening. A sleeveless dress will still accommodate the thicker straps on your maternity bra.

  • Chic shrug

    A print top works when the fabric drapes gently over your beautiful bump.
    Little tops work best when your bangers are blooming!

    A bright bolero or shrug like this will emphasise your shoulders, while disguising upper arms, if you’re conscious of them. Dark skinny jeans will elongate that silhouette.

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  • Post baby mums

    1 Go for a maxi bag. They’re big enough for paperwork, lip gloss and all those assorted baby things!

    2 Cinch that silhouette with a contrasting belt.

    3 Flat strappy sandals are chic, easy and stylish.

    Twinset and trousers

    A bowling bag is a great option for working mums: sling everything in and it still looks smart!

    For busy mums who still need to look ‘on it’ at the office, the twinset and trousers look is a lifesaver. Comfortable enough to get the kids off to school in, and still smart and stylish for work – maybe you can have it all!

  • Post-pregnancy chic

    A sleeveless top shows off those slim arms

    You barely need to accessorise a busy floral print top like this; just match your bag to one of the colours. Flare jeans are a figure-flattering option and add some funky wedge heels for leg-lengthening height with added foot support!

  • School-run mum

    Cute corsages like this one are perfect for adding lightness to a smart black jacket.

    What you need right now is a bold, confident and stylish print like this one, lady! A glorious print is easy to pull off, just keep the rest of your outfit super-simple and you’ll look chic and confident. Monochrome is easy to find matching accessories for, but keep them simple with a bold print. And for an ultra-fresh look for work, try flat sandals (but check those tootsies are smart enough for work!).

Last updated on 26 May 2009