Baby boy’s adoption photos go viral

If you're going to take photos of your new baby, take a lesson from these...

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  • Sam and new mum

    A photographer who followed the journey of her newly-adopted nephew Sam, has watched as the photos she posted on Facebook have gone viral around the world.

    Kate T Parker took the amazing photos of Sam after he was adopted by her sister and brother-in-law. She then took more pictures as he met the rest of her extended family in Atlanta, Georgia.

    “We are so in love with this amazing little man who has brought such joy into our lives,” she told Buzzfeed.

    “There are so many wonderful and interesting things I am documenting: the power of love, the agonising wait (and then elation) of adoption, the welcoming of another life into our clan, and what it means to be a bi-racial family.”

    Click through the gallery to see some of our favourite pictures from Kate’s Blended series...

    Photos: Facebook / Kate T Parker Photography

  • Sam meeting his cousin

  • Cuddle with mum

  • Hello Grandma!

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  • More cousins to meet

  • Full of wonder

  • What do you think of Grandad?

  • Tears before bedtime

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  • Big sofa

  • The whole family

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