Whether your child is running around the playground, playing sports, or heading off on a school trip, GoGo squeeZ’s smoothie snacks are great to have on hand whenever there’s a break. They can just unscrew the lid, squeeze out the fruit, then reseal it if they want to save any for later.


From tropical Apple Mango to delicious Apple Strawberry, each pouch contains a delicious blend of 100% real fruit that counts as 1 of your 5 a day. Plus, if you pick up one of the limited edition Paddington packs from Tesco or Morrisons, you could be in with a chance of winning an exciting Paddington-themed prize* for your family!

To see if GoGo squeeZ’s pouches are as good as they seem, we asked our network of parent and child testers to give them a go. Their feedback has confirmed they really are an easy, tasty snack that kids can enjoy anywhere, making them Parent Approved by MadeForMums. Here’s what the families loved most about them…

“They’re accessible for my son”

A boy sat on a sofa and drinking a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“It was something he could easily put down without fear of it spilling. Then, when he wanted it again, he could continue where he left off without me having to step in and help him, which was great. It definitely satisfied his appetite without me having to reach for the crisps.”
Laura, mum of a 3 year old

“They worked very well as a portable snack”

A girl sat on a sofa and drinking a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“Unopened, the pouches can be stored at room temperature, so they’re made for days out. We took one out with us for a trip to the park, and another on a day out to the miniature railway. The secure packaging meant I was confident they weren’t going to leak in our picnic bag.”
Isabelle, mum of a 3 year old

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“There was no mess or fuss”

A girl squeezing a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“These smoothie snacks are a really handy way to get fruit into little ones in a way that’s more appealing to them than normal fruit. They’re also convenient when you don’t have any cutlery, as my daughter usually insists on having her apples peeled and cut. It was amazing that she didn't make a mess when she tried to squeeze one open without taking the lid off – a definite bonus to have strong, childproof packaging!”
Kirstie, mum of a 4 year old

“I like the colourful packaging”

A boy drinking a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“The fruit characters are nice, as well as the games printed on the box – which is also recyclable. The main points about the pouches, such as them being 1 of your 5 a day and made with vegan-friendly ingredients, are clearly signposted. As a vegan family, it's great to find natural, ready-to-go snacks that look appealing for little ones.”
Lyndsey, mum of a 6 year old

“It tastes so good”

A girl opening a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“I like it because when you try it, it tastes like the real flavour of the fruit. My favourite is the mango one because it tastes so sweet and yummy. But the other one tastes so juicy and fruity as well. Thank you for letting me have it as a treat.”
Child tester Kaliyah, 4

“I love that it’s literally just fruit”

A girl sat in a child car seat and drinking a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch

“They don’t contain any added sugar, sweeteners, artificial colours or preservatives. I struggle with getting my daughter to eat at mealtimes, but she always eats a lot of fruit. So, these pouches are easy snacks for her.”
Andrea, mum of a 5 year old

“They’re great at home and on the go”

A boy drinking a GoGo squeeZ fruit pouch in the back of a car

“We took one on a 2-hour drive and it went down a treat in the car when my son was peckish! At home, he loves spending time outdoors so they’re fantastic grab-and-go snacks for him to have in between playing football and riding his bike. They’re also a brilliant lunchbox idea, so I will definitely be buying more.”
Nadia, mum of a 7 year old

Shop GoGo squeeZ’s Paddington packs now in the home baking aisle at Tesco or Morrisons, and for more information, visit the website below

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*UK residents +18 only. Promotion pack purchase and receipt required. Enter 14/08/23 – 30/11/23. T&Cs apply. For full details on how to enter, please visit www.gogosqueez.co.uk/paddington.