Celebrity children's hair styles - boys

Check out the funky hairstyles of celebrity kids Kingston, Levi and the Beckham boys.

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  • Celebrity children - how they style it

    We know how celebrities like to keep a step ahead in the style stakes, and now it seems their children are becoming style icons in their own right, too.

    Sporting uber-cool hair styles even an adult wouldn't be brave enough to experiment with, these celebrity children are fast becoming trend leaders before our very eyes!

    Check out the blonde locks of Gwen Stefani's little boys, the hair styles of the Beckham trio and Peter Andre's son Junior.

    Who is your favourite?

  • The Beckham brothers - bowl, crop and buzz

    Having style icons as parents must have rubbed off on the three Beckham boys as they all have their individual styles. Romeo (far left), 8, is rocking a quirky old-school bowl cut, which emphasise his cute face and gap-tooth smile. The eldest brother, Brooklyn, 11, looks cool with his side sweep fringe and little Cruz, 5, keeps it real with a short and shaved buzz cut.

  • Junior Andre - mohawk

    Peter Andre and Katie Price's son, Junior Andre, 5, has his blonde-tinged hair set off by his big brown eyes. His choppy, mohawk style rules with its edgy, punky appeal. The added boost of cool comes from keeping it shorter round the sides to emphasise the top layers.

  • Levi McConaughey - luscious locks

    This little carefree dude has taken a few style tips off his bohemian daddy Matthew McConaughey and is looking like quite the beach babe. Letting his wavy long locks hang, this low maintainance look isn't traditionally a boy's style, but we think 2-year-old Levi McConaughey looks pretty cool.

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  • Kingston and Zuma Rossdale - beach blondes

    These two little beach blondes keep it low key and ever so cute with their wavy hair styles. Super blonde Zuma (right), 18 months, looks adorable with his side sweep baby locks, whilst his mini-fashionista brother Kingston, 4, goes all rocker on us with his highlighted waves and flicks.