Meet our top 10 Boo look-alikes!

We ran a competition on the MFM Twitter to find a super cute Monster's INC Boo lookalike, to celebrate the release of Monster's INC 3D. See the beautiful Boos here!

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  • #10

    Nominted by @mrs_jacksparrow - we love this pretty pink outfit!

  • #9

    Nominated by @Tinkerbell0905 - those big beautiful eyes are a dead ringer for Boo!

  • #8

    Nominated by @drewwillow - even Boo herself would be jealous of those bouncy bunches - awww!

  • #7

    Nominated by @evc_star - this little one making a bid for freedom reminded us of Boo's escapades in the film!

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  • #6

    Nominated by @hollybobs - we love her innocent little face, but is she secretly mischievious like lovely Boo?!

  • #5

    Nominated by @fayerios - this little one is as cute as a button, and so similar to Boo!

  • #4

    Nominated by @bishky - her super cute hair reminded us so much of Boo, we want to take this little one home with us!

  • #3

    Nominated by @busybeeEmma - who could resist a grin this cheeky?!

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  • #2

    Nominated by @stephaniespeari - this gorgeous girlie's pose reminded of us Boo - so adorable!

  • Winner!

    Nominated by @baile1kim1 - everything about this cute cuddly picture made us think of Boo, and we are pleased to announce her as the winner of the Bugaboo Bee pushchair! Well done!


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